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Social Media Management

Your customers use it. Your competitors use it. Heck, even your crazy Aunt Joanie uses it! But if you’re not utilizing proper social media marketing services, you can rest assured you’re missing out on some serious business to your competition. Stop wasting your time with inefficient social media marketing and let Team Triton give you the social media management tools your business needs to thrive!


of adults have accounts on multiple social media platforms.


of Millennials are active users of social media.


of marketers credit social media for in increase in traffic to their website.

Let us boost your social media presence.

Our team of social media strategists will build you a strong social media marketing campaign to help increase brand awareness plus generate more leads. Stop wasting your time with lackluster social media marketing and let Team Triton execute the social media strategy your business needs to thrive!

  • BrandBrand awareness. Be top-of-mind when someone needs your product or service.
  • Web TrafficIncrease website traffic. Bring customers away from the social media page and to your website, capturing their full attention.
  • Lead GenerationLead generation. Grow your business by capturing leads & referrals.
  • SalesIncrease revenue. The more leads you generate and convert, the more revenue for your business.
  • ShowcaseGain credibility. Showcase your abilities to build trust.
  • Low CostCost effective. Social media can be less expensive and provide better ROI than traditional marketing.

Confidence is power... we'll help you kick a$$ with the power of social media.

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Be a Leader in Your Industry With Social Media Management

  • Increase brand awareness with customized social media services.
  • Manage and improve your online presence.
  • Build an audience with social media marketing campaigns.
  • Easily add content with our exclusive app.

Building and maintaining a social media presence for your business takes time, but it can provide major benefits. Luckily for you, our team of digital marketing experts can manage your social media platforms and build your online presence, allowing you to focus on your business.

From creating content to interacting with your fans and followers, we'll grow your brand’s digital platforms, which will ultimately help cultivate new leads.

Social Media Management Services

Social media can have a major impact on your brand’s bottom line. Regardless of which platform best suits your industry and brand, our social media strategies will garner outstanding results.

If you’re unsure how to best engage with your target audience online, our in-house experts can develop a social media marketing campaign designed to your business’s unique needs and goals.

At Triton Commerce, we realize that building out content calendars takes a lot of time, so we came up with Feature to help streamline the process for busy companies.


Our app allows business owners like you to send photos directly to our digital marketing team, who then schedule the best content on your social pages for you. It’s a low-effort way for you to stay engaged with your social media audience without worrying about hashtags, scheduling posts, or knowing what to say!

Facebook Management

The most common must-have social media platform for local businesses is Facebook. Don’t have an account yet or haven’t updated it in years? Our team can set up or refresh your profile, develop a customized strategy, and create engaging content on a consistent basis to help you connect with your target audience.

Facebook offers your business a great deal of insight into your audience, making it an ideal social platform for brands that want to:

  • Cultivate a sense of online community.
  • Launch ads for a variety of different objectives.
  • Obtain detailed information about their current audience.

Google My Business

Most customers use Google to search for the services and products that your business supplies. Therefore, it only makes sense that your company has an updated Google My Business account.

We’ll make sure your company’s information is accurate and up to date to help potential customers find you more easily. We will also add quality content and photos to show customers what makes your business unique.

Google My Business management can:

  • Help more local customers find your business.
  • Gather customer reviews for your business.
  • Ensure that current information is being shared with potential customers.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a fast-paced platform that provides users with the ability to share thoughts and information quickly. Twitter offers the opportunity to increase brand awareness and connect with customers more effectively.

We can manage your account setup, share unique content and graphics, and engage with your followers to help you grow your audience and impact.

Our Twitter management services will help your business:

  • Connect with and respond to your customers in real-time.
  • Stay on top of industry trends.
  • Drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn provides businesses and individuals with unique networking opportunities. We can create a LinkedIn profile that will help you build connections and drive quality leads to your business.

LinkedIn is a vital platform for businesses who want to:

  • Establish themselves as an industry thought leader.
  • Connect with other businesses and build their professional network.
  • Promote products and services to a specific LinkedIn audience.

Pinterest Management

Sharing your products, services, and ideas on Pinterest allows your business to reach a wide audience searching for the specific products and services that match what you have to offer.

Pinterest is a highly visual, search-based platform that’s ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Drive customers to their website.
  • Increase product sales.
  • Build brand awareness.

Youtube Management

Video has become increasingly important in social media, making YouTube an effective marketing tool for many businesses. We can take care of content creation, uploading videos, keyword research, and online community management on your YouTube profile.

YouTube allows businesses to:

  • Reach a large audience affordably.
  • Showcase specific products and services.
  • Encourage people to engage with your business.

Community Management

If your customers are talking about your business on social media, it’s crucial for your company to take part in the conversation. A lack of response can give your followers the impression that you aren’t listening. Our community management services ensure that your customers feel heard and keep them coming back and interacting with your content.

Giving your customers a voice on social media helps them feel more connected with your business, but it also provides you with valuable insight about your audience, as well as industry trends. Our team will carefully monitor your online audience, stay on top of any emerging conversations about your brand, and take note of any trends.

Targeted Social Paid Ads

Through paid social media campaigns, we can target the specific audience your business wants to reach. Our paid media specialists will develop a custom strategy based on your goals and designed to get your content in front of the right audience.

We can utilize social media advertising to:

  • Reconnect with your past customers or website visitors.
  • Increase website traffic and conversions.
  • Increase in-store traffic.
  • Increase your social following.
  • Spread the word about promotions and sales.
  • Increase brand awareness.

Professional Photography Services

Custom, professional photos can help your business stand out on social media. Eye-catching content can help you stand out from your competition.

We provide professional photography services that produce high-quality images you can share on social media to:

  • Share relevant, engaging content with your customers.
  • Build brand recognition.
  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Connect with your customers.

Social Media Video Production

Video provides businesses with an engaging way to connect with their target audience. Sharing video content is a highly effective way to reach a broader audience of potential customers on social media.

With the right message and audience targeting, your business can use video content to drive real results!

Triton Commerce: Your Go-To for Social Media Marketing Services

Social marketing doesn’t have to be an afterthought or a confusing hassle. Allow our digital media experts at Triton Commerce to develop and execute high-level social marketing campaigns that will help grow your online presence, bolster your company’s reputation within the community, and ultimately cultivate leads.

For more information on our social media marketing services, contact us online or give us a call at contact us online or give us a call at 651.321.0578.

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