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KBS Companies - Digital Marketing Case Study

The Challenge:

As a large company, with five separate pillars of business, KBS was in need of a consistent brand for each, and a new website that could attract new customers without becoming an overwhelming maze to initial end-users. Based out of Plainview, MN since the 1920s, their fourth-generation owners and managers were also experiencing the pull from their average customer (and job prospects) to provide more and more information and options online.

Proposed Solutions (Strategy):

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Since the initiation of our partnership in 2019, KBS Companies have been an ideal client in that they have fully handed off all components of digital marketing to our team -- trusting that we will treat their business and budget as if it were our own, and have seen the success of their strategy expand fully because of it. With the launch of their first new website in over 10 years, they’ve seen an expansive increase in the amount of onsite traffic and conversions.

Encompassing their brand, and the team that makes KBS who they are today, all aspects of their digital marketing have included personalization from imagery to content, to quotes, and stories. An extension of their brick-and-mortar showroom in Rochester, and storefront in Plainview -- their website provides this same feeling of small-town familiarity.

Through a robust, ongoing paid ad campaign KBS Companies has attracted not only new leads for their building supply division but also new employees searching for a career change of their own. Pairing both social media ads and Google ads accordingly, we’re able to make the necessary adjustments proactively to meet the goal of each of their campaigns, continuing to increase their visibility in SERPs and conversion rates overall.

Web + Inbound Stats

  • - 23% Increase in new organic traffic
  • - 11% Increase in website conversion rate
  • - 34% increase in goal completions
  • - 22% increase in overall organic traffic

PPC Stats

  • - 8.44% of clicks on ads become leads
  • - $8.97 Average CPC

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