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Search Engine Optimization is what gets your website to show up in search engines and is vital to your digital marketing strategy. We pride ourselves at the depth we go to learn your company and its services to make sure we utilize the best keywords and meta descriptions to help you outrank your competition. Your success is our success, so you better believe we’ll take care of you as our own!


of all searches on Google are for a local business or local service.


more traffic to sites go through search engines than social media.


of all online experiences begin with the use of a search engine.

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Careful keyword research and optimization allows us to get your company and its services ranked.

  • Google RankOutrank competitors. Get your website on the first page of local Google search results.
  • Website TrafficMore traffic. Increase your organic website traffic and start converting more leads.
  • ROIGet long-term ROI. Track real-time advertising costs and revenue numbers for precise ROI.
  • RevenueIncrease revenue. The more leads you generate and convert, the more revenue for your business.
  • Keyword ResearchQuality keywords. Incorporate the right keywords your customers are searching with in your content.
  • ADA CompliantADA compliant. Ensure that your website is as accessible and inclusive as possible.
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Targeted Local SEO Services for Every Niche

Our search engine optimization (SEO) philosophy is centered around one specific goal: to generate leads for your business through organic search.

To accomplish this, we implement best SEO practices into your custom web design, which attracts potential leads to your website.

Local Keyword Research Strategies

Quality keywords are the cornerstone to an effective SEO strategy. The relevance of your keywords has a major impact on your site’s ranking.

Rather than leave your SEO to chance, we complete thorough research to determine which keywords best fit your niche. With more than 15 years of experience creating websites that generate leads, we’ve developed keyword strategies tailored to help customers connect with your site as they search for the specific products or services your business provides.

Through in-depth research and ongoing maintenance, we create highly effective, keyword-optimized websites that generate leads.

It takes several steps to find the right keywords for your website:

  • Discover what words and phrases your potential buyers are using when they search for your product or service.
  • Compile a list of the top keywords for your business, and then optimize your site structure, content, and calls-to-action based on these keywords.
  • Track, test, tweak, and repeat. We review analytical data consistently for a precise, focused approach and are always adjusting our approach to best optimize your site.

Steps that Help Your Website Rank

To determine your ranking in key search results, search engines crawl through every component of your website.

From the content on each page down to the very structure of your site, we integrate great SEO practices:

  • Structuring your website to be fast, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.
  • Sharing unique, relevant content on an ongoing basis.
  • Using mobile-friendly, responsive design.
  • Including critical name, address, and phone number information.
  • Optimizing meta and title tags.
  • Integrating schema data to enhance your site’s rankings.

SEO Content Writing & Blogging

Continuing to share fresh, unique content on your website is good for your customers, but it’s also good for your SEO. As part of your content marketing strategy, our team of in-house copywriters will produce and publish blogs for your site monthly. These content additions keep your site fresh and current, which increases its appeal to search engines.

Our team of in-house copywriters will produce original content that will help your business:

  • Attract high-quality traffic to your website.
  • Improve your rank in key search results.
  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

We also take care of sharing your blog content for you, promoting it throughout the web and on your social media channels.

Local SEO Services

Local search optimization increases the odds that the right customer will notice your business at just the right moment. To accomplish this, we set up your website with the proper on-site signals, update key directory listings, and claim your Google My Business—all of which help improve your local optimization.

In addition to creating and optimizing your business profiles on key platforms, our team will also optimize your website for local search. We use geo-targeted keywords to help improve your rank for the local search terms that offer the greatest impact for your business.

We will increase your visibility through keyword research and ongoing strategy and help you maintain your ranking!

Triton Commerce: Your Local SEO Specialist

Our digital marketing experts at Triton Commerce collaborate to produce a beautiful, responsive custom web design integrated with the best SEO practices. When you invest in our local search engine optimization services, you’re setting up your website for success for the long term.

Our efforts to improve your site’s organic standings will continue to build credibility over time. Plus, our experts dedicate themselves to the constant improvement of your website’s SEO, so we check in on a regular basis to make tweaks and updates as needed.

To learn more about our local SEO services, contact us online or give us a call at 651.321.0578.

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FAQWhat is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of strategically improving a website to achieve a higher rank on relevant searches, with the goal of increasing the number of visitors to your website.

FAQHow much does SEO cost?

There is no set price for SEO, but on average business can expect to pay between $500 to $2000 per month. Many agencies charge based on factors ranging from the number of keywords included in a website (or the number of pages in a website), keyword competition within your industry + market, and your website’s current rank. Also, many times your business will pay for the reputation of the agency performing the services which goes right along with the saying, you get what you pay for.

FAQ What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to optimizing your business for search engine rank within your local community and target market. For example, a plumber may want to rank within a specific service area and local SEO can help achieve that goal.

FAQCan I do SEO myself?

Technically yes, but if you're asking this question maybe you should think about looking for a professional. Many small businesses start off doing SEO themselves, but after the business grows they realize it's extremely time-consuming and outsourcing provides a much better ROI and return on time.

FAQWhat do I do if I think my SEO Company is ripping me off?

First, check their online reviews to see if they have similar complaints. Second, ask for a meeting to review year-over-year traffic, conversions, and monthly deliverables. SEO takes time to show quantifiable results, so being patient and also having realistic expectations is important. And third, if you still feel like something isn't right, request a proposal from another agency. Keep in mind, all SEO agencies know how to pick apart a competitor's work -- just to make a sale. This doesn't always mean they’ll do a better job in the long run.

FAQI redesigned my website and lost all SEO rank.

Oh boy, you picked the wrong web designer - we've seen it many times. If you happened to hire a designer with little SEO experience they can fail by changing URLs but not 301 redirecting, removing important content, leaving a noindex meta tag, disallowing on the robots.txt, or not setting the SEO title properly.

Fortunately, not all is lost if you act quickly enough. A good SEO agency can rescue parts of the damage done by identifying and fixing what was missed.

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