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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You see them every day: generic, boring emails that embarrass brands and head straight to the trash. In today’s world of digital marketing, not all emails are created equal. A well-crafted email marketing strategy will increase brand awareness and connect your business with customers, new and old. Stop letting your emails be dragged to the spam folder and trust Team Triton to get your customers to read them!


of companies have experienced an increase in email engagement in the last 12 months.


of businesses say that email marketing is absolutely critical to their success.


of consumers buy from marketing emails at least once per month.

Let us deliver on your email marketing strategy.

Professionally designed & written emails allow us to communicate personalized content to contacts likely to react!

  • Personalized content. Customize emails to match the individual's interests.
  • Increase conversions. Reach them at the right time, by staying in touch.
  • Acheive long-term ROI. Track real-time advertising costs and revenue numbers for precise ROI.
  • Increase revenue. The more leads you generate and convert, the more revenue for your business.
  • Measure + track. Track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click through rates, open rates and conversions.
  • Cost effective. What else gives you instant communication with hundreds qualified buyers, with a click of a button?

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Stay Present with Elite Email Marketing Services

  • Maintain a direct line of communication with your target audience.
  • Launch timely campaigns that drive sales.
  • Increase return sales with product and event promotions.
  • Capitalize on newly captured leads.
  • Track your email marketing campaign’s success rate.

Targeted Email Marketing Solutions

In addition to Triton Commerce’s all-encompassing digital marketing services, we also create detailed and well-crafted email campaigns for clients who will benefit from this strategy. Email campaigns help you connect with potential prospects while simultaneously maintaining a connection with previous leads and customers. Whether you’re in need of monthly newsletters to promote your top-notch services or automated drip campaigns, Triton Commerce delivers on cultivating a strategy that fits your unique branding and messaging to help increase your overall sales and conversion rate.

What to Expect from Our Email Marketing Services

Triton Commerce excels at providing small business email marketing services. We will design the initial template for your monthly newsletter with customized sections that best communicate your offerings, branding, and voice to previous and new clients alike. Each month, we will compose a newsletter based on the information you’ve provided, whether that includes upcoming sales, announcements, industry or company news, team features, or recent videos.

What Is the Purpose of Email Marketing?

The main advantage of email marketing is maintaining previous clients or prospects by staying at the forefront of their minds. Let’s say someone signed up to be on your email list but hasn’t taken any additional steps to pay for your products or services. When you have a direct line of communication with these leads, you have the unique opportunity to build a rapport by educating them on your superior offerings. Triton Commerce helps you accomplish these by providing consistent and engaging messaging as well as captivating visuals.

Retain Previous Customers

Email marketing services also help you stay in contact with past clients who have already benefited from your company. As your business grows and evolves, keep your audience in the loop by engaging in regular communication with them, which will inevitably increase your return ratio.

Some examples of information that might be covered in your emails include:

  • Discounts and promotions
  • Industry + business updates
  • Topics from your blog
  • Reviews + testimonials
  • Employee spotlights
  • Videos and images of your products or services

Email Marketing

Regardless of your industry, our digital marketing professionals at Triton Commerce will construct a winning email marketing campaign that best fits your needs. Cultivate a positive community that believes in your company every bit as much as you do with a monthly newsletter that encapsulates your brand and builds trust in existing and potential customers.

Contact us online or call us at 651.321.0578 to learn more about how our email marketing services can play an integral role in your overall digital marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing FAQs

Have some questions? We definitely have the answers. Contact Triton Commerce today for any email marketing questions.

FAQHow frequently should I send marketing emails?

A simple general rule of thumb that’s easy to follow: send emails whenever you have something new to share that can drive action. Maybe it's a new product, promotion, exclusive discount . . . etc. Overall, ideally each individual in your email database should receive between 2 to 4 personalized emails with new, valuable information from your business per month.

FAQHow do I design a template for my email campaign?

Typically you have three options:

  1. Use a template provided by the email campaign software you’re using.
  2. 2. Learn HTML to design and build your own custom template.
  3. 3. Hire an agency with experience at designing and executing effective email campaigns.

FAQ Is email marketing still an effective form of marketing?

Yes! The more personalized you make each of your email campaigns, the more effective they will be. For example, if a potential customer expressed interest in your outdoor camping gear, sending them emails inclusive of camping gear promotions would have far more impact than sending them a general eBlast on home decor. They are also less likely to unsubscribe.

FAQCan I do email marketing myself?

Technically yes, but if you're asking this question maybe you should think about looking for a professional. Many small businesses start off doing email marketing themselves, but after the business grows, they come to realize the time commitment it takes to launch successful email campaigns. Overall, leave it to the experts to see a better ROI and return on time.

FAQWhat does email marketing cost?

The average mid-sized company can expect to spend $300 to $600 per month for an agency to write, design, send, and manage their email marketing. If you’re wanting to go the self-managed route, you can expect to spend between $0 and $300 (depending on the number of eBlasts you send and how many email addresses you’re sending each email to.).

FAQHow do I grow my subscriber list?

First of all, DO NOT BUY EMAIL LISTS. Trust us, you're far better off having fewer emails of leads you’re certain want to know about your products or services, and having it grow over time than spamming random inboxes (with the risk of being blacklisted).

Now that we got that out of the way . . . the most effective options for growing your list include providing an opt-in for customers as part of your online quote requests and contact forms. Beyond that, ask for your lead or customer’s email address while you’re talking with them. Most customers want to know of upcoming promotions so it’s a win-win all around!

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