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Meet the Team

Corey Kelly CEO

Corey Kelly

Chief Executive Officer + Co-Founder

"CK" (short and to the point, like he is)

Corey’s name should have been Jack -- as in “Jack of All Trades.” It’s probably better his parents decided against that one though since JOAT isn’t as cool of a nickname as CK.

Appropriately named or not, Corey’s multi-talented knack and vision for helping small businesses (and every single member of #TeamTriton) succeed says so much about who he is. A risk taker that’s far smarter than he’ll ever admit (or that we’ll admit to him) -- which could be an admission in itself right there.

  • Strengths
  • - Seeing the reward over the risk
  • - Subscription to Stitch Fix
  • - Steel trap memory
  • - His revolving style of beer t-shirts
  • - Big idea generator
  • Weaknesses
  • - Snickers
  • - On camera interviews
  • - Social Media
  • - Not working 24/7
  • - Clowns
Nick Kelly CDO

Nick Kelly

Chief Design Officer + Co-Founder


You know the guy that is friends with everyone, brings the best beer to the party, wins all your money during a night of poker and you still can’t imagine disliking him? No, no, not Matthew McConaughey . . . close though; we’re talking about Nick!

Known around the office for his quick wit and growling stomach, Nick is usually the last to arrive each morning (avoiding breakfast hours) and the last to leave each night. He’s like a ninja of sorts -- stealthily quiet and staying out of the limelight, hard at work on secret (extremely impactful) projects he’s busy perfecting before their rollout.

  • Strengths
  • - Gentle criticism
  • - His before-work golf game
  • - Strategically detailed designs
  • - Off the cuff ideas
  • - Heck of a listener
  • Weaknesses
  • - Eating breakfast
  • - Emails
  • - Sitting at the kids table
  • - Looking his actual age
  • - Rabbit holes
Matt Ashley VP Client Operations

Matt Ashley

VP Client Operations + Partner


If Matt had a spirit animal, no doubt it’d be a golden retriever: always excited, always loyal, and always ready to hype you up to be in a similar mood. In fact, if you look up the qualities of a golden retriever, they desire to get along well with others (including strangers) and have an endearing love of life. They seek the middle ground and eagerly pursue compromise when conflicts come up.

Now that's Matt!

Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients -- even those he hasn’t met yet -- are taken care of and that they feel our team’s excitement and commitment to their success. He loves learning just about as much about our clients as they know about themselves, and then telling everyone he can about the cool products or unique services they offer!

  • Strengths
  • - Talking
  • - Product hypeman
  • - Shop talk
  • - Offering solutions
  • - Getting distracted
  • Weaknesses
  • - Processes
  • - Squirrel moments
  • - Crashing drones
  • - Lists
  • - Not talking about cars
Caryn Butler COO

Caryn Butler

Chief Operations Officer

Office Mom

Need a sounding board? An event planned? A pep talk? A raise or a snack? Caryn is all that, and a bag of chips (literally . . . probably all while she’s drinking a Pepsi and singing 80’s R&B). Her ability to thrive best with a jam-packed schedule, and her past career experience, is the perfect foundation for all she does on the daily for #TeamTriton, and our clients too!

Never at a loss for words or solutions, Caryn is a walking billboard promoting all the people, places, and things she loves. Just make sure she’s had her morning coffee -- specifically from Caribou -- before you get her going.

  • Strengths
  • - Food photography on Instagram
  • - Corralling the troops
  • - Talking loudly
  • - Celebrating even louder
  • - Promoting others strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • - Bloedow’s Donuts
  • - Whispering
  • - Whip being added to her mocha
  • - Not helping everyone
  • - Sitting still
Shianne VerNess - Director of Marketing & Strategy

Shianne VerNess

Director of Marketing & Strategy

Shi Town

A natural born salesperson, who craved adding marketing (and sugar) to the mix, Shianne excelled at taste testing most of the lemonade at her neighborhood stand while charging variable rates to her paying customers.

To this day, sweets are still her weakness -- while creating a variety of custom strategies and solutions for our paying customers is one of her strengths we can’t get enough of. Even if we have to feed her more than a dozen donuts and bags full of candy along the way!

  • Strengths
  • - Crossing “t”s, dotting “i”s
  • - Four letter words
  • - Donuts
  • - Thinking outside the box
  • - RBF
  • Weaknesses
  • - Hiding her feelings
  • - Not eating candy
  • - Clutter
  • - Shipping trade show collateral
  • - Watching or talking about football
Amanda Happy - Content Specialist

Amanda Happy

Content Specialist


Even if you didn’t know Amanda’s middle name is Joy, or her last name is Happy -- after spending even just 5 minutes with her, you’re bound to know why both are a perfect fit. Backed by her captivating smile and ongoing curiosity for life (and our clients’ businesses); she’s a bundle of joy . . . pun intended. And she lives up to her name, always enjoying life and encouraging others to do the same, whether eating poke bowls, collaborating on projects, pruning her houseplant jungle or hiking along the St. Croix!

In all seriousness, providing clients with high-performing SEO optimized content that generates the leads they need to build their business does make her happy. When you’re happy, she’s happy. It’s all in the name.

  • Strengths
  • - Being happy
  • - Creating houseplant jungles
  • - Utilizing precise diction
  • - Solving content crises
  • - Drinking coffee with milk + honey
  • Weaknesses
  • - Being sad
  • - Falling into research rabbit holes
  • - Having multiple tabs open at any time
  • - Not jumping into the next project
  • - Growing her houseplant collection; literally
Amanda Happy - Front End Developer

Andrew Midthun

Front End Developer


Passionate about all things related directly to web development and dogs, Andrew’s perfect day starts with a strong coffee, leading into coding & developing sites, devouring Cajun Chicken Pasta for lunch, and spending time with his small dachshund Ollie outside in the evening!

While he lives and breathes technology professionally, he thrives outside of the office spending time with his family, friends, and of course Ollie too.

  • Strengths
  • - Googling
  • - Drinking coffee like a champ
  • - Practically a pro disc golf player
  • - Dogs
  • - Tackling challenges
  • Weaknesses
  • - Notifications turned on
  • - Sitting in one place
  • - Taking pictures
  • - Running
  • - Cats
Brittany Beckmann - SEO Specialist

Brittany Beckmann

SEO Specialist


If you’re looking for someone to figure out a difficult equation or solve a formula—look somewhere else. Brittany has a creative soul, whether that means writing, making music, analyzing a television show, or finding innovative digital marketing solutions for her clients. But put a mathematical equation in front of her and all of her creative juices freeze.

While she might be slightly absent-minded in other aspects of her life, (you ever lose the remote and find it in the fridge?) Brittany is on top of her SEO game. When she encounters a challenge, she hyper-focuses on finding a solution and collaborates with her colleagues to execute a killer strategy.

  • Strengths
  • - Trying new things
  • - Finding creative solutions
  • - Swearing like a f*&%ing sailor
  • - Easily distracted by new projects
  • - Binging an entire season of a TV show in 24-hours
  • Weaknesses
  • - Meals other than coffee
  • - Finishing lists
  • - Small talk
  • - Math (thankfully teachers were wrong & calculators are with us all the time!)
  • - Organization (a pile for everything & everything in its pile, amirite?)
Brandon Kemboi - Front End Developer

Brandon Kemboi

Front End Developer

Charlie Hustle

Brandon is a self taught Web Developer with a passion for problem solving and creativity. Self-driven because of his love for web development and what he can do with it in the future, he’s known to get into the zone at his desk and be unreachable behind his ever-present headphones.

Properly nicknamed “Charlie Hustle”, Brandon goes the extra mile to accomplish his goals only stopping to look for what could be his next great challenge along the way!

  • Strengths
  • - Taking on new challenges
  • - Problem solving
  • - Madden
  • - Missing an important 3-PT shot
  • - Binge-watching
  • Weaknesses
  • - Forgetting to eat meals
  • - Acting skills
  • - Remembering to text back
  • - Changing his tires
  • - Video editing
Chelsea Krings - Designer

Chelsea Krings

Graphic + Web Designer


It doesn’t take long to feel the positivity and energy radiating off of Chelsea. A self-described introverted extrovert, she injects her enthusiasm for life into every website design and photography shoot she’s leading. Don’t let her quirkiness fool you . . . she’s incredible at taking a vision and bringing it to life in a way that will have you wondering how’d she do that?

When Chelsea’s not indulging in the occasional scoop of Blue Moon ice cream or having a slice of pie for breakfast as a natural in the kitchen, she’s often teasing our team with wafts of leftovers she’s warming up in the microwave from her dinner the night before. Bon appetite!

  • Strengths
  • - Being cold + wearing mittens
  • - Culinary concoctions
  • - Motocross knowledge
  • - Design versatility
  • - Keeping houseplants alive
  • Weaknesses
  • - Never being warm
  • - Math
  • - Toning down her Minnesota accent
  • - Corn dogs
  • - Packing a sweater
Chad Schrandt - Director of Video Production

Chad Schrandt

Director of Video Production

Chad "I have no nickname" Schrandt

Director. Cinematographer. Storyteller. With years of experience in work spanning corporate, narrative, and commercial projects, Chad helps bring stories to life by setting visions into action. Multi-talented, and an admitted over-analyzer and over-thinking . . . he’s been known to tire himself out preparing for an upcoming shoot that the rest of us already know he’ll do incredible at!

Can he remake Star Wars from scratch? Probably not (Star Wars takes hundreds of people to make. Chad's just a man, a super awesome man, but a man nonetheless). But can he make your company look totally freaking awesome in a video? Absolutely!

  • Strengths
  • - Storytelling
  • - Drinking coffee
  • - Not crashing drones
  • - Rock climbing
  • - Spending company money on cool video equipment
  • Weaknesses
  • - Donuts
  • - Over analyzing everything
  • - Limits on spending company money
  • - Writing a self-biography
  • - Overthinking lighting for video
Evan Clark - Content Specialist

Evan Clark

Senior Content Specialist

Clark the Shark

It’s safe to assume that when Benjamin Franklin said, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” he was directing that quote specifically to Evan. A man of many words -- both written and spoken as smoothly as if the narrator was Matthew McConaughey, Evan is a client favorite often remembered as “the guy who said he'd off my competition for me”.

Having escaped the cornstalk-clutches of Iowa, Evan’s coolness continues to ooze outside of the office walls as he tours the area playing in bands, producing podcasts, and providing voice-over narration for the everyday trials and tribulations of his dog Tegan.

  • Strengths
  • - Stringing together one ingenious sentence after another
  • - Typing faster than humanly possible
  • - Watching Lifetime movies without blinking
  • - Impersonating Billy Corgan
  • - Dropping smartphones on the ground
  • Weaknesses
  • - Short, stale sentences
  • - Saying “no” to projects
  • - Being let down by Wisconsin sport teams
  • - Replicating recipes from award-winning chefs
  • - Disciplining his way-too-cute dog Tegan
Jace Bresina - Creative Director

Jace Bresina

Creative Director

Pep Squad Captain

If Triton had a mascot, there’s no doubt who it’d be tailor made for: Jace! Full of passion for our company and our clients, he’d be the first in line to get a Triton tattoo -- temporary of course (you know the ones that you peel the back off and transfer with a wet paper towel) because you gotta draw the line somewhere). A self-taught web and graphic designer starting as far back as Middle School, Jace has made a full fledged career out of what he once thought could only be a “hobby”.

When asked about his current hobbies, family, and passions he naturally responded, “I really just love life and everything about it!” Hello . . . how can you not want a guy like Jace filling your office and Google Hangouts? He’s a team player and a full on jokester, which one has to be as a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

  • Strengths
  • - Dad jokes
  • - Creatively being creative
  • - Themed office potlucks
  • - Sports + Wrasslin' talk
  • - Triton apparel model
  • Weaknesses
  • - Dad jokes
  • - GB Packers Fan
  • - Chocolate cake
  • - Apple products
  • - Chili cookoffs
Jared Wilaby - Senior Search Marketing Analyst

Jared Wilaby

Senior Search Marketing Analyst


You know the scenes in action movies where some tech-savvy savant is able to hack into the mainframe or unlock the security codes so Tom Cruise can save the world? Yeah, that’s pretty much what Jared does on a daily basis, except instead of hacking mainframes, he’s researching keywords and performance analytics to boost our clients’ website’s online visibility. Still cool, right?

When he’s not crunching numbers and processing data, you’ll probably find Jared basking in the great outdoors with his family, taking a much needed break from the grit and grind of crafting another successful digital marketing strategy, and refusing to share his plethora of junk food and snacks with his coworkers.

  • Strengths
  • - Analyzing and adjusting
  • - Body by junk food
  • - Navigation
  • - Cooking Minute Rice in 56-seconds
  • - Graphic T collection
  • Weaknesses
  • - Sharing his Skittles or Gardettos
  • - Collared shirts
  • - Texting Back
  • - Home Depot lumber aisle
  • - Drawing
Kaleh Sapp - Content Manager

Kaleh Sapp

Content Manager

Kay-lee, Kah-lay, Kay-lay – pretty much anything but Kay-luh (the correct pronunciation)

Born in a small town and raised by Minneapolis, Kaleh has a story to tell about pretty much everything, but prefers to write it down first (if possible). Right-brained to the core, she brings a background in creative writing, journalism, and digital media production to #TeamTriton and leads our Content Team with a heavy hand of "Let me know how I can help!"

Self-proclaimed as “Prince’s Biggest Fan”, Kaleh herself is an incredible singer. Don’t go searching for her around the stages of Minneapolis (yet), you’ll have better luck catching her vocals when she doesn’t know you’re near or as a passenger in her car while she’s driving.

  • Strengths
  • - Epic vocal performances in her car
  • - Voicing a brand's core message
  • - Making a killer playlist of 90s jams
  • - Spreadsheet queen
  • - Understanding customer pain points (thanks to a decade of service industry experience)
  • Weaknesses
  • - Over-committing
  • - Tipping 20%+ even if her order is wrong
  • - Iced lattes
  • - Nostalgia
  • - Still an emo kid in her mid-30s
Ken Suarez - Web Developer

Ken Suarez

Web Developer


Since the early days of Triton Commerce, we knew it would be important to find employees who were talented in multiple aspects of web design, including front and back end development. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to a man who has been all that and more since joining #TeamTriton in 2012: Ken! The man, the myth, the legend - he brings the designs of our clients to life.

Never one for turning down an adventure, Ken spends his time outside of the office exploring the nature surrounding him as he chases the landscapes of the Philippines. And lucky for us, he captures his expeditions wearing a go-pro fixed to the front of his mountain bike, scuba gear, motorcycle and more!

  • Strengths
  • - Adrenaline junkie
  • - Wearer of many hats
  • - Web design + development skills
  • - Work life balance
  • - Drone pilot
  • Weaknesses
  • - Only having 24-hours in a day
  • - Slow pokes
  • - Limits and boundaries
  • - Safe is boring
Nimrod Calotes - Search Marketing Analyst

Nimrod Calotes

Search Marketing Analyst


As one of the original employees of Triton Commerce, there aren’t many roles that Nimrod hasn’t held himself or directly effected with his day-to-day knowledge and skills. Always willing to jump into a project, using his web and marketing experience he’s helped find solutions for many of our customers, especially when it comes to search marketing.

Don’t let Nimrod’s tougher stance in his headshots fool you: he’s quite the softie when it comes to doting on his family -- especially in the kitchen. His Filipino cooking skills put a grin on his family faces, particularly when it comes to his Filipino style Adobo -- which he’s still promising to come cook in the office “someday soon”.

  • Strengths
  • - Hulk like search marketing skills
  • - Creative cuisines
  • - Living on the edge
  • - New adventures
  • - Embracing his roles as husband + dad
  • Weaknesses
  • - Sitting still
  • - Listing weaknesses
Selma Erickson - Account Manager

Selma Erickson

Account Manager

AKA: Sully

Minnesota born and raised, Selma graduated from the U of MN with experience in digital marketing already under her belt. Passionate about digital marketing, copywriting, and social media since, she’s been immersed in coordinating the success of small businesses through online marketing whether at a single business, or while working at a marketing agency.

The busier, the better -- that’s Selma’s MO. Always one to be juggling 5 or 6 things at once, she’s a natural born multi-tasker! As a past coach for highschool swim teams and an active athlete in kickball, rollerblading, bowling, and curling, she knows what it takes to lead a team to winning . . . which is great for any #TeamTriton accounts that she’s managing.

  • Strengths
  • - Dinosaur trivia
  • - Devouring Annie's white cheddar mac & cheese
  • - Winning: both in sports & life
  • - Maneuvering Minneapolis bus routes
  • - Attention to detail
  • Weaknesses
  • - Buffalo Wings on a Sunday
  • - Gummy candy
  • - Keeping a conversation on topic
  • - Laundry
  • - Extreme cute aggression towards all animals
Tiffany Losselyong - Senior Account Manager

Tiffany Losselyong

Senior Account Manager

Glorified Babysitter

Growing up, we all remember our favorite babysitter -- the one we begged our parents to call first when they were threatening us with a “kid-free night out on the town”. The fun one, the cool one . . the one that makes even the worst chore or frozen TV dinner seem like a really good time.

Tif's that babysitter!

Could be her bubbly personality, her sweet way of asking (even on the 17th request in a row), or how she brings your favorite treats in when you least expect them (like after her beloved Packers crushed the Vikings). She’s definitely the one you don’t want to let down and risk getting added to her “do not answer” list the next time your parents need a night off. Because then you’ll be stuck being babysat by your mom’s great-aunt Bessie, whose idea of fun is teaching you how to properly clean her dentures.

  • Strengths
  • - Staying on task
  • - Harlem Globetrotters Superfan
  • - Running Triton’s Florida office
  • - Hawaii Poke Bowl tour guide
  • - Pestering CK about a task
  • Weaknesses
  • - Packers Fan
  • - Duck Donuts
  • - Missed deadlines
  • - Meetings to discuss having meetings
  • - Squirrels
William St George - Paid Marketing Specialist

William St George

Paid Marketing Specialist

“Any form of William you prefer”

Will, William, or whichever you like to call him, is the perfect combination of your childhood best friend and your college roommate: nonchalant, dependable, always up for a good time yet competitive enough to make you want to improve to beat him at the task at hand. From video games to TLC Network trivia, Will will give you a run for your money.

Will’s competitive nature is an asset for #TeamTriton and our clients alike -- it keeps him determined to execute the most effective paid marketing campaigns, all the while letting others think they’re winning thanks to his nonchalant demeanor. Don’t get too comfortable though, he’s bound to veere off quickly and pull ahead at the end!

  • Strengths
  • - Making people laugh
  • - Competitive
  • - Love for animals
  • - References to iCarly + shows on TLC
  • - People pleaser
  • Weaknesses
  • - People pleaser
  • - Gets hot very quickly
  • - Having something sweet after meals
  • - Tablet kid
  • - Posing for pictures
Vlad Kosmala - Project Specialist

Vlad Kosmala

Project Specialist


With ever-growing knowledge and skills as silent and stealth as a ninja, Vlad has been part of Corey and Nick’s companies as far back as 20 years ago. A man of few words (except when it comes to the topic of Star Wars), he prefers to let his top-notch quality and speed of work do the talking.

A true team player, Vlad is the first to offer to jump in and help with projects across all divisions of Triton. His can-do attitude mirrors a quote spoken by none other than the Grand Jedi Master, Yoda: “No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • Strengths
  • - Attention to detail
  • - Getting shit done really fast
  • - Dynamic work environment adaption
  • - Star Wars trivia
  • - Oldest ('most experienced' sounds better) guy in the company
  • Weaknesses
  • - Unable to generate list of weaknesses
  • - Doesn't like having pictures taken
  • - Unable to lift 500 pounds
  • - Bad 'dad' jokes
  • - Easily swayed to the Dark Side of the Force

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