4 Holiday Digital Marketing Tips


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4 Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

4 Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

Oh no. It’s almost here again: that time of the year when you can’t escape hearing the same songs over and over again, and you start to stress over which family members deserve a gift and which ones you pray can’t make it to the big family dinner.


Okay, for most people, the holidays are a joyous occasion. Everyone, for the most part, is in a giving mood. There’s a rush of excitement to end the year on a good note, and there’s food! Lots and lots of tasty food!

But perhaps the most significant tradition of the holidays (for better or worse, depending on your perspective) is opening up the wallet and spending big bucks on the ones you care about the most. And maybe yourself, if you haven’t been naughty.

And with so many consumers spending their hard-earned dollars, it’s time for your business to break out the checkbook and boost that digital marketing budget to cash in on all the spending action!

Let these holiday consumer statistics sink in before you become a Scrooge at the thought of increasing your digital advertising budget:

  • In 2021, holiday retail sales exceeded $843 billion in the United States
  • In 2019, over 114 million U.S. consumers shopped on Black Friday alone
  • In 2019, the average American shopper spent an average of $942 on holiday gifts
  • 85% of consumers shop online for holiday gifts

Okay, so people spend tons of money during the holidays. What’s that got to do with your business?

If online shoppers can’t find your company in their online pursuit of purchasing, you’re losing business to your competitors. The holidays are the perfect time to crank up your digital marketing efforts and generate more leads and sales heading into the new year.

Here are four essential holiday digital marketing tips to remember this year. (Sorry, we can’t help when you feel like pulling your hair out over your own holiday gift shopping list!).

#1 | Early Bird Gets The Worm

You know that house in your neighborhood that puts up its holiday decorations WAY too early? Well, that’s the dedication and energy you need to put into your holiday digital marketing plan.

The earlier you plan and prepare for your online presence during the holiday season, the less time you’ll spend scrambling to whip up social media posts or email marketing campaigns during what’s arguably the busiest time of the year for your business.

Don’t be afraid to start preparing holiday-themed content, posts, and schedules at least a few months in advance to ensure your digital marketing plan is ready.

#2 | Boost Brand Awareness With Paid Ads

During the holidays, time is always of the essence. Everyone has their shopping and spending deadlines to abide by. This means that when consumers actively search online for the services or products your business provides, they rarely make it past the first page of Google search results.

If there’s any time of the year to invest in paid advertising, it’s definitely during the holiday season.

Boosting brand awareness with holiday-themed ads that cater toward your target audience and demographics will be sure to catch plenty of eyes that have itchy clicker-fingers, ready to pounce on their next holiday purchase!

#3 | Show Your Appreciation to Your Existing Clientele

Despite all the spending that takes place during the holiday season, at the end of the day, people want to feel loved during this vulnerable period! That’s why you can’t forget to show your appreciation to all your past customers to let them know how much their support means to your business.

Here are just a few digital marketing ideas you can incorporate into your holiday season to let your customers know how much they mean to you:

  • Email marketing campaign thanking them for their support and offering exclusive discounts or deals.
  • Social media posts sharing your thoughts and feelings toward your customers, accompanied by custom photos or videos of your business interacting with clientele.
  • Paid ad campaigns promoting free gift cards when customers spend a certain amount on your products or services.
  • Holiday-themed contests across social media channels or email subscribers encouraging engagement in exchange for exclusive offers.

Even the tiniest gestures can go a long way to show admiration for your loyal, supportive customer base. It will also show prospective clients how much your company gives back to its customers.

#4 | Get in the Holiday Spirit!

You know what’s worse than that house down the street that puts holiday decorations up before Halloween is even over? That one house on the street that’s completely void of decorations during the holiday season. It sticks out like a sore thumb!

Look, you don’t have to go overboard with holiday-inspired social media posts or email marketing campaigns. But if your online presence is severely lacking holiday spirit, that can quickly come across as your business being a Scrooge, especially when all your competition is embracing this time of the year.

Bottom line: Be as festive and merry as you can be with all of your digital marketing efforts this holiday season!

Boost Brand Awareness This Holiday Season With Team Triton!

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