Gassen Companies - Digital Marketing Case Study


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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in leads


Increase in organic traffic

Gassen Companies - Digital Marketing Case Study

Project Brief:

As one of the largest Minnesota-based association management companies, Gassen Companies prides itself on being “just the right size”, family-owned, with a guaranteed 12-minute response time on all emergencies. Their proven track record of doing the right thing for their clients and staff before the profits of the company has brought them great success overall. Property management as a whole is a tricky industry to navigate due to the complexity of relationships and communication between homeowners, renters, and board members. Gassen Companies is well-known for their innovation while they’re on-site managing their properties and building relationships with clients and vendors. They want to keep this polished reputation and their brand top-of-mind for current clients and future leads.


Our first step with Gassen, beyond gathering as much information on their ideal clients, industry, and obstacles, was to evaluate their brand. Through a brand audit, we found that over the years, their brand had been diluted and manipulated into many different styles, colors, fonts, and forms. Creating a brand standard booklet, we provided guidelines for the use of their logo, branding, imagery, and messaging across all mediums that could be used by any internal team member to help strengthen their brand through consistent use.

Next, we progressed by making sure that any and all online leads for Gassen landed on a website that’s strategically designed, developed, and fully optimized to convert them. Prior to their initial site launch with Triton Commerce in 2016, we had diagnosed a number of problem areas on their previous website. They didn’t have unique value propositions or calls-to-action, too few opportunities to convert, and a clunky interface that made navigating their site difficult for users. We implemented best practices as we rolled out a freshly designed and developed site, so that we were able to take their online performance to heightened levels!

Through custom paid ad campaign on Google, Gassen has been able to reach potential decision makers looking for a new or a replacement for their existing association management company. Focusing on key search terms related to the service they provide, Triton has been able to attract new leads as they actively search for association or property management.

Beyond reaching individuals who are actively searching for association management online, Gassen Companies also wanted to increase awareness among individuals who might not be ready to hire them just yet. To reach these prospective, often younger customers, we developed a social media strategy designed to increase brand awareness and encourage prospective decision makers to visit the Gassen website to learn more. Pairing their Google paid campaign, with an organic and paid social strategy, we’ve been able to help them reach new customers both efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • - 72% Increase in website conversion rate
  • - 38% bounce rate for organic traffic
  • - 117% increase in leads
  • -14% increase in new organic traffic
  • - 12% increase in overall organic traffic


  • - Over 2,811 PPC leads to date
  • - $675.51 Cost Per Lead over last 30 days
  • - 4.76% of clicks on ads become leads past 30 days


  • - 3.5% Increase in total fans (The increase in total fans doesn't seem super impressive (less than 4%) but they also only have 587 total. Also, Loomly separates Total Likes and New Likes.. new likes are up 450%)
  • - 2,345.8% Increase in total impressions
  • - 2,095.3% Increase in total engagements
  • Organic reach: 3,231.1% increase Paid reach: 2,333.1% increase


  • - 267 new reviews
  • - 0.90% increase in rating
  • - 46% of all reviews are positive
Gassen website redesign

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