SEO Considerations Before Redesigning Your Website


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SEO Considerations Before Redesigning Your Website

You’re nearing the starting line of launching our website redesign. Branding consistency, mobile-responsive design, banner videos; you got all facets of your gameplan ready to go. But wait… There’s just one thing you’re forgetting… 

OF COURSE! The three letters that determine your online visibility: SEO

Search Engine Optimization is arguably the most overlooked component of any website redesign project, as it’s easy to get caught up in the graphic design side of things. But as beautiful as your new website might look, unfortunately, nobody is going to see it if you don’t take the proper SEO considerations into account before diving into your redesign. 

In our latest episode of our “Near Me” podcast, our SEO aficionados at Team Triton dig deeper into all the SEO factors you need to take into account before approaching your website redesign. Check out their SEO tips below! 

Listen To Your Analytics 

The first SEO consideration you need to make regarding your website redesign is combing through all the performance analytics of your existing website to see what’s ranking or generating significant web traffic. It’s important to implement an, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach with your existing content, that is to say you need to carry over any and all existing content that’s currently performing well with SEO rankings. 

It’s important to pay attention to all the analytics on all of your web pages. You’d be surprised how much hidden, deep, old content somehow ranks well (blog articles, location pages, etc.), so be sure to check on how well all your content is performing to see if it’s worth updating into your new redesign. 

The flip side of that coin is gauging performance analytics to see what pages on your existing site aren’t performing well, so you can get a better understanding of what needs to change for your redesign. Are slow page speeds and loading times holding your SEO rankings back? Are there numerous pages that are generating absolutely zero website traffic? These questions can be easily answered through performance analytics and will give you keen insight into what was working with your old website, and what needs to be fine tuned for your next one. 

Restructuring Content 

A website redesign is the perfect time to take a step back and reevaluate your site’s relationship between content management and SEO. Let’s start with all the services or products your business offers. If your current website only has a single page that lists off all of your services, maybe it’s best to break up or build out all those services into individual pages to try and boost overall traffic. 

Writing out more pages and expanding upon service pages, service areas, and location pages are a great way to boost your SEO rankings, because you’re covering more searchable “ground” than before. Let’s say you’re a roofing contractor who also specializes in siding repair. If you’re only mentioning you perform siding repair services within another web page, that buried content won’t show up on anyone in your area searching for “siding repair services”. Take the time to branch out and restructure your content before diving straight into your website redesign. 

Sweat the Small Stuff 

There are so many seemingly minor changes that can occur during a website redesign that can ultimately result in significant consequences. Perhaps the biggest example of this is switching out your Content Management System (CMS). While implementing a new CMS is a common website redesign process, it can automatically wipe out any previous content that was already ranking well, so be sure you’re carrying over any content of value when swapping out Content Management Systems. 

You should also be on the lookout for any little SEO factors that can pay dividends in the long run. For example, keeping an eye out for any link building opportunities can provide quick boosts to your SEO rankings, such as finding any inbound links from third party websites. If you’re not paying attention to stuff like that, you could be missing out on important SEO-rich content that will go undetected during your website redesign. 

Nail Your Website Redesign With Team Triton! 

There are so many elements to consider when approaching your website redesign that incorporating them all can prove to be quite the intimidating task! That’s why you can always count on the digital marketing professionals at Triton Commerce to help you nail your website redesign and boost your SEO rankings along the way! 

Contact us today to get started on plotting out your website redesign, and stay tuned to all of our “Near Me” podcast episodes to learn more about all the latest digital marketing trends! 

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