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What Is SEO Link Building?

Trying to find a place to eat can be a drag. What do you do when you’re searching for the business that’ll hit the spot? Do you look up Yelp and Google reviews? Do you send a message to your friend about that one place they went to that one time for their nephew’s third cousin’s bar mitzvah?

When it comes to refining your choices, there’s a solid possibility that whoever’s opinion you trust the most will ultimately sway your judgment. Search engine algorithms operate in a similar fashion; They take a list of qualities or attributes that indicate what constitutes a useful resource, which impacts how Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines rank websites and information.

So, you might be wondering, “How do I prove to Google that my website is a legitimate source?”

That’s where link building comes in.

Link Building Services & Strategies

Link building is instrumental to any comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy. In simple terms, link building is getting other websites to link to your website. When other “good” websites link back to yours, it shows algorithms that you are a reliable source of information, positively impacting your rankings and overall SEO.

As you might’ve guessed, numerous methods exist to accomplish a link building strategy. Getting other sites to link to yours isn’t as straightforward as it sounds unless you know the person who owns the other site (and even that can be a hassle sometimes).

While it’s tempting to pay for software or a subscription that creates backlinks for you, which often puts you into Black Hat SEO scenarios, you’ll be much further ahead earning links manually. This way, you have a lot more control over who links back to your site, even though it can be a tedious process.

External Linking Strategies

External linking refers to when another website links back to yours. A few suggestions for obtaining external links include:

  • Content
  • Testimonials & reviews
  • Ask


One way to show search engines that you are a credible source is to have quality content that gets added regularly to your website. The great thing about this is that it should be a part of your inbound strategy anyways. If your content acts as an excellent resource for your industry, other sites might start organically linking back to yours.

You can also look into publishing articles on sites relevant to your business (Forbes, UpCity, etc.), as they are credible sources to search engines and should include a link back to your website.

Testimonials & Reviews

There is an online audience for every niche and industry. Do your research and work towards getting prolific people in your industry to review or share your products and services on their social media accounts.

Sharing your new content and linking to your site from your social media accounts is also helpful.


It never hurts to ask the owner of another website to include a link to your site. Chat with people in your professional or personal networks and brainstorm what giving backlinks to each other could look like.

A few examples might include:

  • An organization with whom your company has some of partnership
  • Subcontractors
  • Charities or nonprofits to whom your company has donated money or time

Internal Linking Strategies

Another way you can grow your link building strategy is by incorporating internal linking into your website content. Internal linking is the practice of hyperlinking one page on your website to another. In addition to some basic links between different service or product pages, you can hyperlink blog posts to others in your archive.

While this helps build your website’s credibility, having a solid internal and external linking strategy is ideal.

Build Links & Organic Results with Team Triton

At Team Triton, our SEO experts dedicate themselves to the constant improvement of your website’s organic search traffic and rankings. From backlinks and directory management to cultivating winning inbound marketing strategies, we implement the best practices that draw your target audience to your business.

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