How To Best Pair Inbound Marketing With Digital Marketing


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How To Best Pair Inbound Marketing With Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing versus outbound marketing: it’s sort of a matchup of the new wave of digital marketing versus the old school approach to advertising. For decades, businesses of all industries tried their hand at various outbound marketing tactics, such as radio or TV advertisements, billboards, newspaper classifieds, etc. But the new era of digital marketing has ushered in the rise of inbound marketing strategies, and when you start to consider all the advantages inbound marketing has to offer, it’s clearly no contest between the two!

At the end of the day, inbound marketing is what makes it easier for your target audience to find you online, specifically attracting them toward your products or services the moment they are actively searching online for them. Using a variety of digital marketing tools and techniques, businesses of any size or industry can drive higher quality traffic to their website, while also ensuring that the website is specifically optimized to convert leads.

Batman and robin, macaroni and cheese, inbound marketing and digital marketing; these are the duos that truly make a difference in our world! Here are a few tips on how to best pair your inbound marketing plan with your digital marketing strategy, and be sure to listen to our latest Near Me Podcast episode for a deeper dive into the benefits of digital marketing.

Long-Term & Short-Term Approaches

One of the best benefits of any digital marketing strategy is picking and choosing between various tactics that can adhere to your budgetary needs or scheduling requirements. Pairing inbound marketing with digital marketing starts with implementing both long-term and short-term approaches to driving more traffic and converting more leads.

From a persistence perspective, long-term inbound marketing tactics include implementing proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your digital marketing plan, which works toward ensuring your website ultimately appears in the top results for specific keywords and phrases your preferred customers are actively searching for. For immediate results, short-term approaches such as paid ads will boost your brand and quickly target your ideal consumer and start growing your customer base. Balancing both of these approaches ensures that your inbound marketing plan starts seeing results right away and maintaining them.

Let Them Come to You (Not the Other Way Around)

The lengths that businesses used to go just to generate a few leads are astounding when considering them in hindsight. It’s crazy to think that not too long ago, knocking on door after door was a fairly common outbound marketing tactic!

Which is why we’re thankful that inbound marketing strategies do all the lead generation work for you, so you can stay better focused on all your other tasks at hand. People are constantly searching for the products and services you offer long after your store or office hours have closed. Having the right inbound marketing strategy in combination with other essential digital marketing tactics (SEO, Paid Ads, etc.), and you can literally be generating leads in your sleep!

Inbound Marketing Done Right With Triton Commerce

Of course, the only way to perfectly pair inbound marketing tactics with an effective digital marketing strategy is through vast knowledge and experience. At Triton Commerce, we boast both of those qualities and more when it comes to offering custom digital marketing solutions applicable to your company’s needs and goals!

If you’re ready to start finally reaching more preferred customers in your community and surrounding areas, contact Triton Commerce today to get in touch with our inbound marketing specialists. And don’t forget to tune into our Near Me Podcast for more information and tips on nailing your digital marketing strategy.

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