What You Need for a Content Marketing Strategy


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What You Need for a Content Marketing Strategy

We see it everyday. Eyes glued to smartphone screens, scrolling endlessly through their feeds, tapping their thumbs away to summon the next source of online content. This isn’t an exaggeration; studies literally show that the average person consumes just under 7 hours of visual content every day (wait, that can’t be right… My word, it is, carry on)!

We often think of digital content as viral videos, selfie uploads, or other visuals we routinely find on our social media feeds. But the majority of digital content we consume is of the commercial variety, which plays a significant factor into determining who comes across which businesses when performing any given Google search.

That’s where Content Marketing comes into play, offering businesses of all industries the opportunity to share enlightening, brand-conscious content that’s relevant to their target audience while also helping enhance their online presence. If you're a business owner with a website, Google is constantly searching through and assessing the content of your website, social media, etc. And if you’re not putting yourself out there, telling the world how great you are and why your products or services are imperative to their well being, then Google will start to wonder why they need to share your brand with the world if you aren’t.

A content marketing strategy is the backbone of every successful digital marketing campaign. In this episode of our Near Me Podcast, we breakdown what exactly your brand needs when it comes to establishing an effective, lead-generating content marketing plan.

Consistency Is King

The first thing you need to consider when developing your content marketing strategy is that consistency is king when it comes to engaging your target audience and appeasing Google’s algorithms.

Taking months off between sharing blog articles or making social media posts only dissuades your preferred customers from your brand. And if your website and social media presence is stagnant, then Google will stop promoting your brand, meaning your website can lose its standing in search engine result rankings while the content of your competitors can help them rise above the rest of the pack.

This is where creating a content marketing schedule can help you not only plan ahead for consistently sharing content, but make things easier on yourself when it comes to thinking about content topics you’ll be producing further down the road.

Share Your Strengths

Many small businesses are weary of committing to a content marketing plan simply because they’re not confident in their skills associated with different forms of content. A basic rule of thumb when considering what forms of content to create are just to stick with whatever it is that you do best, be it writing, instructing, filming, animating, etc.

You don’t have to have a Nobel Prize in literature to produce engaging, informative blog content, especially if you’re willing to share your vast knowledge and experience within your industry. Over 75% of internet users read blogs, which means you have plenty of opportunities to write something that draws more attention to your brand and can ultimately be shared across multiple social media platforms. Whatever your strengths are, finding ways to incorporate your interests, hobbies, and passions (as well as your consumers’) into your content will only work toward establishing more credibility for your brand, and ultimately enhancing your online presence.

Emphasize Visuals

The most influential, engaging form of content your business can create is, hands down, video content. As of 2022, online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than what it accounted for in 2017, and you can only expect that number to rapidly increase.

You don’t need to hire a professional videography company to produce compelling, engaging content to share across all your digital platforms. All it takes is that smartphone in your pocket to start shooting anything from product tutorials, how-to lessons, Q&A sessions, or any other video-related form of content you can think of. Just be sure to host any vital video content you publish across social media on your official website, so more people can be directed to your website and ultimately be converted from a lead into a sale.

Custom Content Marketing Solutions From Triton Commerce

For some business owners, finding the time to consistently create and share content can prove to be quite a trying task. That’s why we here at Triton Commerce offer custom content marketing solutions that are intended to enhance your brand, engage your followers, and improve your overall online presence.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of effective content marketing, and be sure to keep tuning into our Near Me Podcast to hear all the in’s and out’s of successful digital marketing strategies!

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