How Does SEO Improve Your Online Presence?


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How Does SEO Improve Your Online Presence?

A lot can impact your company’s online presence. If a website takes forever to load or looks like it was created 20 years ago, it’s not going to attract or retain many potential clients.

It’s common to think of online presence in terms of aesthetics and design. While website design is essential, implementing a strategic search engine optimization strategy has an immense impact on your overall digital impression.

What Defines a “Good” SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization cover multiple areas, both on-site and off-site. While keyword research is at the top of the list, it’s not that straightforward anymore.

We’ve long since passed the days when one could stuff several keywords into a paragraph of content. Ten years ago, SEO keyword implementation was much less refined and more quantity than quality. Search engine algorithms were still learning and developing.

As Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines evolve, so must your SEO efforts.

A winning SEO strategy is multi-faceted. It includes doing in-depth keyword research and coordinating with the website development team and content writers to ensure they’re following best practices. The details are important, including image sizing, alt tags, keywords, and so on.

At Triton Commerce, our SEO experts collaborate with every part of your digital marketing team, ensuring that your online presence looks clean and cohesive. Here’s a list of strategies our SEO professionals might include in your custom solution to improve your overall online presence:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Review management software
  • Link building
  • Google My Business management
  • Directory management
  • Customized page titles and meta descriptions
  • Schema markup

What Is Online Presence?

Online presence management pertains to improving the entire scope of your company’s branding and accessibility across all internet platforms. For example, optimizing your Google My Business and social media accounts so that their aesthetic and content are consistent with your website creates a cohesive look that attracts people to your brand and helps with rankings.

When it comes to online presence and SEO, everything is connected in one way or another. Search engines likely will not see you as a reliable resource if:

  • You have a great web design but lack quality content.
  • Your site has a lot of broken links.
  • There are several half-finished online projects in your company’s name, such as websites, listings, or social media accounts floating around the internet.

More and more search engine algorithms have been evolving to cater to what most helps target audiences, which is why having stellar SEO strategies that produce an impressive digital footprint is essential to your company’s online success.

Cultivate a Performing Online Presence with Team Triton

At Triton Commerce, our SEO experts work with the rest of your digital marketing team to ensure your website follows the best practices and keeps up with the latest algorithm updates. We work tirelessly to make changes and suggestions that enhance your organic search results and overall online presence.

To learn more about how we can bolster your digital impression, give us a call at 651.321.0578 or contact us today.

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