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Search Engine Optimization 

Our search engine optimization philosophy is centered around one specific goal: generating leads for your business through organic search. To accomplish this, we focus on bringing qualified visitors to your website, and then accurately tracking how many new customers are gained from your original organic search results.

We look at SEO from the business owner’s perspective, because we’ve been there ourselves. High website traffic, or graphs that talk about increased website traffic, don’t pay the bills; customers who were driven to your site through organic search and ultimately purchase your products or services do!

This is what sets us apart from other SEO companies. We focus on strategically-chosen keywords that convert, combined with a website that is designed to deliver the maximum conversion rate.

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Keyword Research

Quality keywords are the cornerstone to an effective SEO strategy. The relevance of your keywords has a major impact on your site’s ranking. Rather than leave your SEO to chance, we do thorough research to determine which keywords to focus on. We use the following steps to find the right keywords for your website:

  • Discover what words and phrases your potential buyers are using when they search for your product or service.
  • Compile a list of the top keywords for your business, and then optimize your site structure, content, and calls to action based on these keywords.
  • Optimize your website for keywords that focus on individuals who are ready to make a purchase.
  • Track, test, tweak, and repeat. We’re always changing our approach in order to best optimize our clients’ sites. We review analytical data on a consistent basis for a precise, focused approach.
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Keyword Research

On-site Seo

On-Site SEO

To determine your ranking in key search results, search engines crawl every component of your website. From the content each page, down to the very structure of your site, we optimize every inch for SEO by:

  • Structuring your website to be fast, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.
  • Sharing unique, relevant content on an ongoing basis.
  • Using mobile-friendly, responsive design.
  • Including critical name, address, and phone number information.
  • Creating proper Meta and Title Tags.
  • Including Schema data to make ranking your site easier for search engines.
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Content Marketing

Continuing to share fresh, unique content on your website is good for your customers, but it’s also good for your SEO. Our team of in-house copywriters will produce original content that will help you:

  • Attract high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Improve your rank in key search results.
  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader.
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Responsive Design

Link Building

Link Building

When done correctly, link building is an effective way to improve your website’s ranking in key search results and increase brand awareness as well as conversions. Our team will create and implement a link building strategy designed to help you:

  • Build high-quality links.
  • Improve your ranking in key search results.
  • Increase your brand awareness and conversions.
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Local Optimization

If your business relies on reaching customers within your local community, local optimization is incredibly beneficial. Quality local optimization takes time, but the results are well worth it. Our team will implement a local optimization strategy that will help you:

  • Share accurate, consistent information about your business.
  • Connect with local customers who are searching for your business, products, or services.
  • Reach the right customers at the moment when they are most likely to buy.
  • Enjoy a greater return on investment through quality brand exposure.
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Responsive Design

Directory management

Directory Management

Outdated or inaccurate information on online directories can cause major problems for your business. As part of your search engine optimization strategy, we take care of your directory management and help you:

  • Improve your local SEO and help more customers find your business.
  • Ensure that your business information is accurate and consistent across all online directories.
  • Enjoy the SEO benefits of having these high-quality, trusted sites link back to yours.
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Monthly SEO Maintenance

Search engine optimization isn’t a one-step process. Each month we measure our results and make adjustments. Our focus is on YOUR results, we strive for complete success and satisfaction! As part of your monthly SEO maintenance, our team will:

  • Create and publish fresh, relevant content to your site.
  • Continue to build high quality links to increase visibility and SEO.
  • Identify and correct issues both on-site and off.
  • Analyze your results and adjust strategy as needed.
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Online Videos

Through high-quality, custom video content and an effective optimization strategy, we can use the power and popularity of video to drive results for your business. Our team will develop a video content strategy designed to:

  • Help you build quality links back to your site, driving more traffic to you.
  • Increase the number of social shares your video content receives.
  • Increase brand awareness by putting your content in front of a broader audience.
  • Increase conversions by focusing on quality traffic.
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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective tool to help you reach your target audience and improve your SEO. Our team can develop a custom social media marketing strategy based on your goals that will help you:

  • Connect with your target audience.
  • Develop social media content that drives results.
  • Determine the return on your social media marketing investment.
  • Discover the most cost-effective ways to use social media marketing.
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Reputation Management

Being present on popular online review platforms has a positive impact on SEO, and online reputation management can help you take control of your online presence and promote your business. Our reputation management services can help you:

  • Develop a presence on key review platforms.
  • Monitor and respond to your online reviews.
  • Encourage customers to leave new reviews.
  • Share positive reviews with potential customers.
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