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How to Gain Roofing Repair Leads after a Storm

Hail storms tend to be the most overlooked natural weapon in Mother Nature’s arsenal. While they may not cause as much damage as a devastating tornado or dominate the news headlines as a tropical hurricane, the setbacks produced by hail storms are significant and prevalent.

In 2020 alone, there were more than 4,600 major hail storms across the U.S., causing more than $3.1 billion in damage and insurance claims. And when residents experience hail damage to their homes, there’s usually one place they turn to for help: Google.

If your roofing company specializes in hail storm damage repair work, your business must be virtually visible and accessible to potential customers who are searching for immediate roof repair or replacement services.

When someone types “hail damage roof repair” in Google and your company doesn’t show up on the top of the first page, you’re at serious risk of missing out on their business in the immediate aftermath of a nearby hail storm.

Fortunately, implementing a proficient digital marketing strategy is the key to connecting you with customers in need of urgent roofing repair services. While no homeowner should have to deal with the misfortune of addressing hail storm damage, they must have accommodating access to the professional roof repair they need to restore their homes.

From approaching localized Roofing PPC Ads and retargeting ad campaigns gracefully in the immediate aftermath of a hail storm to dominating the first page of local search results, here’s how to get roofing repair leads and target potential customers looking for urgent hail storm repair online.

Retarget Customers the Right Way

When homeowners need immediate roof repair after storm damage, it can be overwhelming for them to decide on a roofing contractor amidst all the local competition and the turmoil they’re experiencing.

A successful retargeting ad campaign can remind potential customers about your hail damage repair services, providing an immediate resource for the restoration help they need.

Retargeting ad campaigns help you stay connected to previous visitors of your website. When your site has the appropriate tracking codes, those codes extend to any website visitors, allowing your retargeting ad to pop up while users peruse Google or Facebook for relevant services.

A successful retargeting ad campaign consists of the following elements:

  • Creative, compelling, and empathetic content that encourages calls-to-action
  • Personalized advertisements that cater to the specific products or services previous website visitors searched for
  • Engaging headlines that structurally pique their attention and gain their trust in your services
  • Multiple apparent, accessible, and persuasive CTA buttons

Retargeting ad campaigns are productive means of digital marketing, as they’re designed to suit the immediate needs of your target audience without coming across as too aggressive or invasive.

The more often you can recapture previous visitors’ attention and interest – especially when they need immediate roof repair attention – the more successful the lead conversion ratio your roofing company can experience.

Utilize Email Marketing to Reconnect With Customers

In addition to retargeting previous website visitors after a hail storm, it’s crucial to strive to accumulate and expand your email address database for all previous customers and potential clients.

Proficient email marketing campaigns not only create a direct channel for you to communicate with leads and customers alike, but also provide a detailed list of possible clients who might need hail storm roof repair services if their region has recently endured severe weather.

Your roofing company should save and store every email address of every customer you’ve done work for.

To build upon that email database, you can accumulate more email addresses by:

  • Requiring email signatures on all contact forms or CTA buttons
  • Adding an email newsletter subscription bar to your website
  • Collecting email addresses through Google or Facebook ads
  • Promoting email signup buttons on all your social media channels
  • Offering exclusive incentives only available to retain via email
  • Encouraging current email subscribers to share and forward your emails

Once you’ve started to assemble a quantitative database of customer and prospect email addresses, you can reach out to them directly whenever a recent hail storm has passed to inquire whether they need any roofing services or assistance.

Be sure to personalize all email content you send to clients, keeping your storm damage repair offers concise, empathetic, and reassuring. Your message should conclude with a compelling and accessible call to action for them to receive the roofing aid they need.

Dominate Your Local Search Results

Retargeting and email advertising campaigns will help you convert previous website visitors, but dominating local search results for “hail storm roof repair” will require other types of digital marketing and SEO to attract more leads.

As previously alluded to, a homeowner’s first move after experiencing significant hail damage is to search Google for the repair services they need.

There are three primary strategies to make your roofing company website appear over others on relevant, localized Google searches:

  • Roofing Company SEO Services
  • Optimizing your Google My Business profile
  • Investing in PPC, Google Ads, and Local Service Ads
  • Optimizing your Google Maps listing

Even if you haven’t actively created a Google My Business (GMB) profile for your roofing company, odds are there’s already one that exists. However, optimizing your GMB profile is essential to ensuring your significant presence on the first page of any relevant local search engine results.

Aside from providing users with instant information about your roofing company, such as services, contact information, business hours, customer reviews, etc., your GMB listing is what will help increase customer engagement by allowing contact opportunities and call-to-actions toward your website to be more accessible.

If your GMB profile isn’t fleshed out, that will also diminish your success with investing in pay-per-click (PPC), Google Ads, and Local Service Ads. All of these forms of localized advertising require a detailed and maintained GMB profile.

For example: PPC ad campaigns will help your roofing company website appear in the top positions of any relevant, local search results and allow you to control what advertisement content or landing page you want searchers to see first.

It’s useful to immediately pursue a PPC ad campaign for your roofing repair services in the aftermath of a major hail storm, as you can target the ad to only show up in the area or zip code where hail damage was most prevalent.

Finally, where you rank on a Google Maps search result can also be the difference between five leads and twenty. For starters, you need a fully optimized and detailed GMB profile to qualify for a higher ranking in a relevant Google Maps search. This means you need to ensure that your GMB profile is as categorized, detailed, reviewed, photographed, keyworded, updated, and maintained as possible.

It’s also a good idea to embed your Google Maps listing on your roofing company website, specifically on your contact page, which in turn helps your website establish more credibility with Google Maps algorithms.

Professional SEO Service is a long-term strategy that many companies have been successfully implementing for years. Those who rank on top organically have most likely had SEO as part of their overall marketing for years. If you wish to be ranked organically, and get the leads that come with it, the best time to start is now.

Compel Your Customers to Take Action

Once you’ve done all the legwork to target potential customers and increase your search engine result visibility, it’s up to your website to compel a visitor in need of hail damage roof repair to enlist your services.

To increase your conversion rate, the following elements should be incorporated into the web design of your roofing company’s website:

  • Compelling, strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Clearly communicated and visually apparent Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s)
  • Accessible and easy-to-use contact information or contact forms
  • Mobile-friendly web design and performance

It’s important to think of your roofing company website as a short bridge connecting a visitor to take action on repairing their roof after enduring significant hail damage. This requires incorporating a seemingly organic narrative throughout your website and its pages by taking your readers on a quick, informative journey.

Your website content should convince visitors why your company can best cater to their roofing needs and encourage them to enlist your services with strong calls to action.

Effectively Retarget Roofing Repair Leads

When it comes to targeting customers in need of immediate hail damage repair services, your roofing company website must be as accessible as possible. The more digital marketing bases you can cover, the more visible, accommodating, and evident your roofing company will be toward encouraging customers to take advantage of your resources.

If your roofing company needs effective digital marketing strategies to target customers and convert leads into sales, Triton Commerce has you covered! We have vast experience helping companies in the roofing industry optimize their websites and expand their search result visibility to connect with the right customers at the right time.

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