How Roofers Can Use Social Media to Attract New Leads

How Roofing Contractors Can Use Social Media to Gain Customers

Ah, social media: a place where people can share their affection toward cute puppy pics, make us jealous with life accomplishment posts and exotic vacation photos, and generally vent about whatever is going wrong in the world on that particular day.

No matter your opinion of social media, there’s no denying how deep all of these various platforms are embedded into our culture. And aside from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter being the primary resources for sharing content, expressing opinions, and connecting with others, they’re also some of the most valuable digital marketing tools for generating more leads for your roofing company.

It’s easy to see how any roofing contractor would be skeptical of just how successful social media can be when it comes to boosting lead generation and increasing your lead conversion rates. But the fact of the matter is that failing to utilize social media as a beneficial marketing resource only means your roofing competitors are getting ahead.

More than likely, your competitors are investing in Social Media Marketing campaigns to increase their brand awareness, improve lead generation, and ultimately take prospects away from enlisting your business for roofing services.

Aside from attracting new leads, social media marketing is what can help separate your roofing company from the rest of the pack and allow your business to better engage with old and new customers alike. Look, every company can use gaining more leads, right?

If you’re curious about how social media can boost your roofing company’s lead generation, take a look at the following social media marketing tips to help introduce you to customers you would not have been doing business with otherwise!

Optimize Your Profiles

It’s one thing to have all your social media profiles set up and searchable to the general public. But just as optimization is as crucial to the web design of your roofing website, your social media profiles need to be completely optimized as well.

A well-optimized social media profile will do wonders for your digital marketing strategy and lead generation, helping promote your brand by:

  • Driving in more website traffic and boosting lead generation
  • Increasing social media followers and email subscribers
  • Strengthen your brand and increase your online presence
  • Allow followers to share your content and spread the word about your roofing company

You should approach your roofing company’s social media profiles with the same perspective and goals as your roofing website. That means fleshing everything out as much as possible, as people are immediately turned off when they see an unfinished or rarely updated social media profile.

A few ways to fully optimize your social media profiles include:

  • Implementing keyword research into your social media content
  • Provide all resources of contact information (address, phone number, email, social media handles, etc.)
  • Profile and banner photos, promoting your logo, and building brand recognition
  • Incorporate call-to-action buttons throughout your profile, providing visitors with a visible and accessible way to contact your company or enlist your roofing services
  • Use the same username or account handle across all your social media platforms
  • Flesh out your company’s bio and make sure there’s a trackable link to your roofing website embedded in the bio

The more you can effectively optimize your social media profiles, the easier it is to come across them, increase brand awareness, and quickly boost your lead generation.

Curate Click-Worthy, Personalized Content

Most businesses’ biggest mistake with social media profiles is failing to consistently produce and provide engaging, original content that compels the reader to either learn more about your company or call them to action.

Without producing original, clickable content, there’s almost no point in trying to maintain social media profiles.

A few tips to consider when creating compelling content for your social media pages are:

Be Relevant

Obviously, as a roofing company, producing content on subjects such as summer salad recipes or ranking characters from Game of Thrones isn’t the most applicable to your brand.

Explore all aspects of roofing and home improvement through your social media content, establishing yourself as an authoritative source for roofing-related information and DIY home improvement tips.

Entrancing Imagery

Resorting to generic stock imagery is a quick way to turn off those visiting your social media pages.

Original photographs, professional videos, and captivating graphics or animations are great ways to promote enticing social media content.

Shareable & Resourceful

Be sure to get creative when it comes to posting click-worthy social media content!

Whether it’s producing an informative tutorial video on replacing damaged shingles or designing an illuminating infographic that cleverly details the importance of a functional gutter system, the more resourceful your content is, the more shares and likes it’s going to get!

Be Consistent

Making a few posts or sharing some pictures now and then is not going to help your social media profiles generate more leads.

Consistency is key when it comes to social media, so be sure to create a content schedule that you can adhere to so your followers remain intrigued and inclined to share your content.

Get Personal

The more you can personalize your social media content to your followers and customers, the more engaged and loyal they’ll feel.

Whether it’s directly tagging them in promotional offers, sharing personal testimonials or reviews, or encouraging them to comment on your posts to be included in a raffle or contest to win a coupon (or other relevant reward), personalizing your content establishes a unique and particular relationship with your customer base.

Target & Track

Aside from your social media profiles and content, the biggest way to utilize social media as a lead generation resource is to advertise through all of these platforms.

Paid social media advertising campaigns are immensely valuable when it comes to targeting a specific audience of relevant prospects and leads. In fact, in 2021 alone, social media advertising spending in the U.S. is projected to amount to just under $48 billion.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are essentially the top five social media platforms to invest advertising campaigns into.

Implementing a professional social paid ad campaign can benefit your roofing company by:

  • Proactively targeting new and returning customers
  • Focus on specific demographics of potential customers (age, income, proximity, location, etc.)
  • Quickly boost your social media presence and reach relevant leads faster
  • Increase website traffic and gain higher conversion rates
  • Monitor success rates of ads and track what advertisements or platforms are working best for your social media ad campaigns

A healthy combination of producing original and engaging content with adequate investments of strong social media advertising campaigns will all but guarantee your roofing company will attract new leads faster than you’ve ever had before!

Increase Your Lead Generation With Triton Commerce

When you have a roofing company to manage and watch out for, taking the time and energy out of the day to create, post, and oversee your social media profiles can seem a tad overwhelming.

Fortunately, your roofing business can take advantage of resources that will provide the custom social media marketing tools and solutions your company needs to increase lead generation! At Triton Commerce, one of our specialties is helping roofing companies gain more leads and generate more sales through proficient digital marketing strategies.


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