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"Our experience with Triton has been great! The whole experience has been flawless, and we have really enjoyed working with the entire team over at Triton."

- Andy Goble, Ground FX Landscaping

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- Kelly Le, Apple Exteriors

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- Cassie Steahl, Budget Exteriors

Improve your Roofing Company's SEO.

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  • Google RankOutrank competitors. Get your website on the first page of local Google search results.
  • Website TrafficMore traffic. Increase your organic website traffic and start converting more leads.
  • ROIGet long-term ROI. Track real-time advertising costs and revenue numbers for precise ROI.
  • RevenueIncrease revenue. The more leads you generate and convert, the more revenue for your business.
  • Keyword ResearchQuality keywords. Incorporate the keywords customers are searching for into your content.
  • ADA CompliantADA compliant. Ensure that your website is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Our SEO package for roofing companies includes:

  • Everything in our Web Design Package, plus:
  • Roofing keyword research & strategy
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Local Directory Listings optimization
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Monthly content & SEO updates
  • Monthly blog & landing pages
    (2,000 word minimum)
  • Review Management software
  • Up-to 20 service & brand pages
  • Up-to 5 city/location pages
  • Image gallery with monthly updates
  • Monthly reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Industry's best value!
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Your Ultimate Solution for SEO in the Roofing Industry

In the ever evolving digital landscape, there's no denying that as a roofing company, you must prioritize SEO to remain competitive! By understanding and implementing best practices tailored to your industry, you can elevate your online visibility, driving both online and offline success. With that, roofing contractors must remain visible where customers are searching. Optimizing your online presence for roofing companies is no longer optional—it's necessary!

Triton Commerce is the premier SEO agency for roofing businesses of all sizes. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment, we don't provide just a mere online presence; we provide you a dominating one! Here's how:

Why Your Roofing Company Needs to Prioritize SEO

With a surge in digital searches, like most other industries roofing companies have also had to shift from traditional marketing methods to online strategies; search engine optimization being one of them. Executing a custom SEO strategy for your roofing company can increase your company's visibility, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

The surge in digital searches impacting consumers and companies alike demands on-going attention and adjustments where necessary, particularly for niche sectors like roofing. As experts in digital marketing, our team at Triton Commerce understands what it takes to not only create unique SEO strategies, but also execute, manage, and adjust your strategy ensuring that you don't just compete online, but lead!

Our Tried-and-True SEO Strategy for Roofers

1. Design + Develop a New SEO-Driven Website from Ground Zero

We don't waste time cleaning up some other designer or SEO company's mess, trying to figure out where they left off. If things were performing the way they should have, you wouldn't be here reading this. Right? For this reason, we'll start over with a brand spanking new site, that has all of the proper aspects of SEO built-in from the get go, all while being designed to quickly convert visitors to customers. Your new website provides a new opportunity to get things right from the beginning. Our ground-up approach ensures that your new website isn't just another digital address, but a beacon of SEO excellence!

  • SEO at every step along the way: Before a single line of code is written, SEO is already at the forefront of our planning. Strategic hierarchical arrangements ensure easy navigation for end-users plus efficient indexing by search engines. We also build around clean, descriptive, and keyword-optimized URLs from the outset to help not only meet, but exceed best practices from the the highest used search engines today.

  • Content Strategy integration: Rather than retrofitting content to fit a design, our approach integrates your content strategy in the design phase of your new site. Your custom copy is written to not only target specific search queries, but also drive conversions once users are on your site.

  • Built-in on-page and technical SEO: From the get-go, every element of your new site is optimized. Each page is crafted with descriptive metatags, plus structured data, to communicate effectively with search engines. Our seamless interlinking also ensures a cohesive website structure, enhancing UX and spreading page authority evenly throughout your site.

  • Calls-to-Action: There's a rhyme and a reason for why CTAs, "quote buttons", and phone numbers are placed in multiple areas on your new site. Focusing on quick conversions and enhanced user engagement, we're committed to doing all we can so that your investment into SEO has the best chance of success. After all, what's the point of increased website traffic or improved search rank if leads aren't reaching out for a quote once they're on your site?

    Call to Action

2. Proven Keyword Focus: The Epicenter

At Triton, we don't just make up keywords and hope for the best. We have many, many years of industry experience in creating, executing, and adjusting keyword strategies that get results!

  • Localized keywords: Potential customers often include their location in when they're searching for a new product or service online. Target phrases of local search like "roof repair in [city name]" or "[city name] roofing services." are typically the first searches most consumers today start with. By focusing on local search, we ensure that your company is found when locals search for roofing solutions in their own backyard.

  • Long-tail keywords: Keywords of this sort are more specific and often can be a lot less competitive. Examples include "emergency roof leak repair in [city name]" or "best roofing material for [city name] weather." Targeting specific queries to capture these types of leads can mean getting more bang for your buck!

  • High conversion keywords: Because we specialize in the roofing industry, we're privy to the keywords that indicate a lead is ready to purchase. Our best strategies with the highest conversion rates are those that are built around this set of keywords.

3. Impactful On-Page SEO: Laying the Groundwork

As we build out both your SEO strategy and your website, every single page we optimize for you is strategically designed and written to add to the foundation of your digital presence by helping you not only attract leads, but convert them into customers.

  • Perfect meta descriptions and title tags: Our team of SEO Analysts ensure that each page on your new website has a unique title tag and meta description, incorporating relevant keywords specific to your industry, location, and brand. No more duplicated or irrelevant meta tags that can confuse search engines. Instead we focus on strategic choices that are clear and precise.

  • Engaging content: From the start, we generate content for your site that's not just filler but also positions you as an industry authority. Your content serves two purposes: educating users on what you offer, how you offer it, and how they can hire you. It also shares this same information with the search engines that quickly crawl through sites searching for relevant content that answers questions potential customers might have about roofing services. Our Content Specialists are skilled in knowing how to write for both!

  • Efficient URL structures: The URLs we create for your website aren't just links; they're meaningful, keyword-rich pathways leading new users through each page on your site. Strategically chosen, your URLs need to be concise and keyword-rich, like[cityname]. Together, our team of writers and SEO analysts know how to create URL structures that pull the right users and leads to your site.

4. Off-Page SEO: Broadening Your Reach

As SEO experts, we know what it takes to expand your digital footprint beyond what it is today. Our off-page SEO strategies will help you reach new prospects online and attract them back to your site to convert into customers.

  • Authoritative backlinks: We dedicate tasks and time to identify and solidify key opportunities for backlinks from reputable websites in the exterior remodeling and roofing industry. Our team’s partnerships and custom strategies ensure we’re helping you get links from the industry's best, helping to build your credibility and connections online.

  • Google-My-Business optimization: There’s no denying it, it's critical to claim and optimize your GMB listing, providing recent and accurate information. Which is why we don't just claim your existing listing — we maintane and nurture it to its maximum potential. Your listing after all, is often the first source of information for new leads. Our team is skilled in keeping it up to date and informative!

    Customer Reviews

5. User Experience Optimization: Crafting Seamless Interactions

At Triton, we understand that SEO isn’t just about search engines. It also comes down to how users, new and returning, engage with the design and content found throughout each page.

  • Mobile excellence: Search engines favor websites that work seamlessly across any mobile device, from phones to tablets. Since users today have a variety of screen sizes to access your site from, we make sure your website isn't just mobile-friendly; it's mobile-perfect.

  • Blazing fast site speed: A slow-loading website can deter even the most patient lead from staying on your site long enough to convert into a customer. We understand that every second counts, not only to search engines but also end-users which is why we’re certain to employ every tactic we can to speed up your site’s speed insuring users don’t bounce, but engage!

    Roofer Mobile Website

6. Analytical Monitoring: Adapting with Insight

Beyond creating and executing your custom strategy, we’re committed to excellence which is why we not only monitor, but adjust when and where necessary.

  • Rigorous analytics: Once your site is live, it's imperative to monitor traffic sources, user behavior, and conversion rates to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Our team’s continual review processes help us spot trends, gauge user behavior, and ensure growth towards your goals.

  • Competitive watch: There’s no denying it, competition is fierce in the roofing industry. We’re dedicated to keeping a pulse on what your closest competitors are doing and finding opportunities to differentiate your SEO strategy wherever possible.

Content Strategies: The Triton Commerce Difference

Fresh, relevant content unique to your brand and website is the backbone of SEO. Understanding how it can help position your roofing company as an industry leader, we’ll develop and execute a custom content strategy that’s dynamic and molded to resonate with your audience at the exact moment they need it most.

  • Insightful blogging: Regularly updating your blog with articles addressing common roofing questions, seasonal tips, or industry trends provides potential customers with an insight into your company’s experience and expertise. Our team of Content Specialist is extremely skilled in writing blog content that first pulls new leads to your website, and then convert them into convinced customers.

  • Location pages: Expanding your target audience through localized service pages dedicated to cities your ideal customers live in, can help you gain marketshare — when done right. Together, our SEO analysts, website developers, and content writers can craft the exact location page strategy necessary to meet your goals.

  • Engaging cases studies: By showcasing recent projects, detailing the challenges faced and solutions provided, case studies are an extremely effective option for building trust and demonstrating your company’s expertise. They’re impactful in not only telling potential leads why you’re the best, but in actually showing how you are!

  • Compelling digital media: Both website photography and custom videos are fantatic mediums for sharing your brand and company’s difference. They can also usually be multipurpose, not only for use on your new website but shareable on platforms like YouTube, further enhancing your SEO!

Our custom SEO strategies have provided roofing companies of all sizes with the competitive advantage necessary to stand out among even the heaviest of competition. From the moment of initial conception to execution, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your new website isn't just another digital address, but is a destination that converts leads into customers through SEO excellence. If you’re ready to grow your roofing company and gain marketshare online, check out our Roofer SEO Pricing.

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