How to Use Digital Media to Attract Leads as a Roofer

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Use Digital Media to Attract Leads as a Roofer

Quick: Name three things more important for a roofing company than lead generation!

Converted leads? Okay, yeah, we’ll buy that.

A ladder? Touché, ladders are pretty crucial.

Trained experience in repairing roofs? Hmm… Okay, yeah, that seems pretty important.

Look, maybe ladders and significant roof repair experience are essential components to any successful roofing company. But all that equipment, experience, and training can quickly go to waste if your roofing company isn’t generating enough leads to keep your enterprise up and running, correct?

There are more than 100,000 roofing companies currently operating in the U.S. When you start breaking that number down into regional sections, the sheer amount of competition within the general proximity of your roofing company is still astounding.

In today’s highly competitive world of the roofing industry, digital marketing is crucial. If your company isn’t using online content to help generate more leads, potential customers are being scooped up by your competitors, who are taking their digital marketing plans more seriously.

Digital media is how your roofing company can increase online awareness of your business, attract new customers, retain and engage with previous clients, and generate more leads and sales. Utilizing various forms of digital media, such as social media accounts, blog articles, and online reviews, is what helps separate your roofing company from the rest of the pack, establishing trust, loyalty, and correspondents with potential and existing customers.

For those who already have the ladders, the staff, and the experience necessary to take on any roofing project but currently lack in the digital media department, here are some ways you can use digital media to attract more leads for your roofing company.

Types of Digital Media

The essence of incorporating digital media into the marketing plan of your roofing company can be broken down into three components:

  • Create compelling and original content that utilizes SEO tactics for roofers to increase online presence and search engine rankings
  • Establish a unique brand for your roofing company that demonstrates credibility and an authoritative presence to help you stand out amidst the competition
  • Strengthen the connection and communication between new and existing customers, ultimately generating more leads and sales for your business

There you have it! Easy as that, right? Churn out a little digital media now and then, and watch your lead and sales figures take off to the moon! You get more leads, and more people get quality roofs. Everybody’s happy, right?

While the intentions and advantages of effective digital media are amicable and abundant, it’s the quality of the digital media content itself that dictates whether or not more prospects are being drawn to your roofing website. Let’s breakdown the specific types of digital media that are essential to effective digital marketing strategies, as well as particular examples of each of those types:

Owned Digital Media

Owned digital media is any original digital content that you’ve created that is distinctive with your brand and roofing company. This is the type of digital media that requires the most thought, originality, and optimization to distinguish your roofing company from the competition and build your online presence.

Owned digital media is any virtual media relevant to your company and your website, including:

  • Social media channels and posts
  • Video content (such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes, or any informative visual content)
  • Blog articles
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SEO-optimized website and mobile site

The more owned digital media you’re able to produce and promote, the more visible your roofing website will become, as well as the higher your roofing website will rank in relevant or local search results.

Paid Digital Media

Any form of digital advertising or promotional work you invest in for your brand and roofing website is considered paid digital media, which includes:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Google, Facebook, or any other social media ad campaigns
  • Display ads and more

While owned digital media is more of the long-term strategy toward expanding your online visibility and generating leads, paid digital media is the swifter approach. If you want to show up at the top of relevant and local search results and reach applicable audiences and interested prospects directly, it’s a no brainer.

A perfect blend of optimized owned digital media and professional paid digital media campaigns will have your roofing company improving your lead generation in no time!

Earned Digital Media

Once you’ve started putting all the digital media wheels in motion, you’ll start inheriting earned digital media, which is any user or customer-generated content and advertising, such as:

  • Online reviews (Google My Business, Facebook, etc.)
  • Social media shares, re-posts, or mentions
  • Testimonials and more

When your roofing company starts generating more earned digital media, you will be establishing more trust and credibility in the eyes of leads coming across your business on relevant or local search results – and Google will take that added content as more legitimacy to increase your organic search result rankings and improve website traffic.

Track Progress & Measure Results

Once you’ve incorporated all these aforementioned forms of digital media, the work doesn’t stop there. One of the most important parts of digital marketing is tracking, monitoring, and measuring data. You can see how consumers are engaging with your content and find out which aspects of your digital marketing strategies are generating leads successfully.

When you enlist professional reporting and analytic services, you’ll get front row access to analyzing every aspect of how many leads you’re accumulating as a result of your digital media strategies.

You’ll be able to track everything from:

  • Website traffic
  • Traffic by source (how your website traffic is being referred or routed to your website)
  • How long website visitors are staying on your site
  • Difference between new and returning website visitors
  • Exit or bounce rates (help show which pages of your website need improvements or visitors lose interest in)
  • Lead generation numbers and lead conversion rates

With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to see which digital media strategies are bringing in the most leads for your roofing company, as well as what types of content are worth continuing investing in.

Attract More Roofing Leads With Triton Commerce

You’ve got a roofing company to manage and operate, which means finding the time and energy to devote toward producing digital media can seem near impossible. If you’re interested in learning more about how digital marketing strategies can help generate more leads for your roofing company, Triton Commerce has the custom digital media solutions to boost your lead conversion rates in no time!

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