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Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Roofers

Depending on what industry your business is in, it can be hard to grasp just how essential social media can be for your digital marketing strategy.

The roofing industry can be considered one of those trades where hashtags and selfies aren’t generally associated with the grit and grind of replacing asphalt shingles or installing gutter systems. But it’s that general misinterpretation of how and why businesses utilize Social Media Marketing that tends to unveil exactly why so many roofing companies fail to capitalize on all the advertising advantages social media has to offer.

For starters, so much hesitancy toward investing in social media marketing can be toward confusion as to what kinds of content should be produced, when in reality, social media marketing essentially boils down to finding and connecting with an audience.

When you take into account that 70% of the U.S. population is active on social media, and the average social media user spends 145 minutes per day on social media, it’s easy to see how many roofing leads you’re missing out on by not having a social media presence.

There are ample opportunities to increase brand awareness, build out a following, and generate more leads for your roofing business through social media. But finding that audience and harnessing virtual relationships with new and old customers alike takes time and thorough planning.

If setting your company apart from the competition and attracting new prospects to your brand sounds intriguing to you, then let’s learn about how to plot out the ultimate social media marketing strategy for your roofing business!

Perfect Your Profiles

Just as you want to flesh out your roofing website as much as possible, the same can be said for your social media profiles.

Optimizing your social media profiles not only creates the best user experience for people perusing through your profiles, but also provides your online presence with many benefits:

  • Improves the number of people accessing and engaging in your content
  • Increases social media engagement numbers, such as clicks, likes, shares, traffic, etc.
  • Provides keen insight and advanced metrics to determine your ROI
  • Drives more traffic toward your official roofing website

It’s best to approach optimizing your social media profiles with the same attention to detail as you would a job resume: providing a comprehensive, informative, and engaging experience for people to assess why they should utilize your roofing services.

The key elements to successfully optimizing your social media profiles include:

Cohesive Branding

Company name, logo, colors, tagline, photos, etc; all of these details that establish the identity of your roofing business should be prominent and apparent on your social media channels.

High Quality Imagery

Don’t settle for any pixelated or blurry images that could jeopardize your company’s credibility. Be sure to also be consistent with all the images you use over all your social media channels.

Clear & Concise Copy

Your social media bios should be detailed but not overwhelming. Grab their attention with relevant information regarding your business and any essential contact information, but remember, the main goal of your profile is to ultimately lead them toward your roofing website, where they can access any more information they need.

CTAs & Links

If customers like what they see from your social media profile, but can’t figure out how to schedule a service or find your roofing website, then what good is even having a social media presence? Embed accessible and apparent call-to-actions and backlinks toward your official roofing website.

Captivating Content

Once you have your social media profiles all set up, optimized, and good to go, it’s time to plot out a plan for creative, engaging, and captivating content creation. The most important aspect of producing content through your social media profile is to avoid posting content for the sake of posting content.

You might think consistently sharing intriguing content regarding roofing can be difficult, but there are seemingly endless topics and themes to explore and share, including:

  • Before/after photo galleries for past projects and previous clients
  • “How to” blog articles or video tutorials
  • Q&A interviews with members of your roofing team
  • Infographics or animations detailing important roofing statistics
  • Behind-the-scenes photos or videos depicting current roofing projects
  • Contests or raffles prompting user engagement to receive exclusive offers or discounts
  • Showcases or highlights of community involvement or volunteering participation

The list can go on and on in regards to what type of content you can share with your followers to better establish your brand and expand your online presence.

Target Your Audience

Your profiles are looking great, and you’re creating and producing original, compelling content. Now all you need to do is make sure you’re doing everything it takes to get your social media profiles before the eyes of prospects and relevant target audiences.

Whether you’re focusing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., social paid ads are what will target your exact specifications for reaching relevant demographics, so you can better promote your roofing business and generate more leads.

The marketing advantages to paid social media advertising are vast, ranging from:

  • Targeting and locating a precise and relevant audience
  • Reconnecting with people who have previously visited your website or social media profiles
  • Track results to monitor and manage the success of your advertising campaigns
  • Increase website traffic and social media following
  • Spread more brand awareness and increase click-through rates

Whether it’s boosting the content you’re posting to Facebook, creating custom landing pages, or refining your audience based on specific topics and keywords, investing in paid social media advertising has become an essential component to any successful social media marketing strategy.

Manage Your Community

When you start to build up your social media following and begin seeing results as far as engagement and lead generation goes, now is the time to effectively manage this virtual community you’ve created. Whether it’s responding to any messages or comments in a timely manner, professionally dealing with both positive or negative reviews, or consistently posting or sharing content, failing to adequately monitor and manage your social media profiles will only hold back your digital marketing potential.

You want your followers and customers to connect with your brand on a personal level, allowing opportunities for them to express their satisfaction with your roofing services – or providing them a platform to offer feedback that could lead to company-wide improvements.

When you fail to respond to comments or reviews, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative, it comes off as unprofessional, dissuading any new visitors from checking out your social media profile for the first time. The same can be said for going long periods of time without posting or sharing any content to your social media accounts.

The more effectively you can track and maintain your social media profiles, the better you will build up your online network and reputation while establishing integrity and authority for your brand.

Perfect Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Triton Commerce

As alluded to earlier, implementing the necessary steps to create a successful Social Media Marketing strategy can take an immense amount of time and energy. When you’re busy answering calls for roofing project leads or adhering to a strict schedule or budget, carving out some space to devote to social media marketing can seem daunting and unattainable. That’s where enlisting the digital marketing services of Triton Commerce can come in handy!

We specialize in creating custom social media marketing strategies for roofing businesses of all sizes and budgets, so you can focus on all your other tasks at hand while we handle all your social media needs to expand your brand and generate more leads. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our social media marketing strategies through a free Digital Marketing Plan!

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