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Email Marketing Guide For Roofers.

A common comparison that’s routinely thrown around nowadays is whether or not data is more valuable than oil.

While total revenue figures vastly differ in income (the data industry is projected to be worth just under $230 billion in 2025, while the oil industry is currently estimated to be worth $2.1 trillion), there is no denying the power of data. It has become essential for progress in a wide variety of industries, rivaling oil and gas in terms of making the world go around.

While oil is used as an operational and manufacturing resource, data is utilized as a predictive set of measured and assessed models to predetermine a consumer’s needs, instincts, and behaviors.

And when you’re able to evaluate and act upon analytic data successfully, your business can better attract new, relevant customers by combining the data with the right digital marketing strategies to increase your sales – untapped potential that not even oil possesses.

In today’s roofing industry, oil and data should be considered equally crucial elements to the success of any roofing company. While oil is needed for everything from manufacturing asphalt shingles to powering trucks, data is an under-utilized resource for roofing businesses that can be used for anything ranging from increasing lead generation to improving your roofing website’s online presence.

And one of the best digital marketing strategies to harness and capitalize on such data is Email Marketing .

Email marketing is a digital communication bridge that connects your roofing company to old and new customers alike – all while providing intricate data you can track and measure to better comprehend their needs.

In addition to having one of the highest ROI rates compared to other forms of marketing, email marketing can offer a wide variety of data-driven reporting for your roofing company. When leveraged strategically, email marketing can help you determine which of your digital marketing investments are the most successful.

Here’s a detailed, data-driven guide to illustrate the importance of email marketing for roofers!

How Data Can Influence Your Email Marketing Strategies

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could receive immediate results, feedback, and down-to-the-last-detail reports for all of your everyday roofing tasks and duties? Imagine if you could instantly gauge the success rate of every roofing repair or replacement project and be able to track progress and alter any renovation work as deemed necessary.

Well, that’s essentially the power you possess when you utilize email marketing data analytics.

Advanced data metrics can help you monitor and track every aspect of your email marketing campaign, answering a variety of marketing-related questions:

  • How many people are opening your emails?
  • What are the click-through rates of each email you send?
  • What time of the day (or day of the week) has the highest email response rates?
  • What is the average ROI of your email marketing campaigns?
  • What are the lead generation and sales conversion rates attributed to email marketing?

The more questions like these you’re able to answer through detailed data analytic reports, the easier it becomes to cater to your customers’ habits and needs and determine which areas of your email marketing campaign are most successful.

Testing & Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategies

An essential way to receive informative data that can influence your email marketing decisions is through proficient testing and analytical tracking.

When we talk about testing your email marketing strategies, we’re referring to using your current email subscriber base to focus groups and better gauge what types of design, templates, content, subject lines, etc., perform best with your target audiences.

You can utilize email testing to receive data feedback that can determine a variety of email marketing factors, ranging from:

  • Successful subject lines and headings
  • Topics, deals, or offers that resonate most with your email subscribers
  • Images, videos, visuals, or any graphic design elements that warrant the highest click-through rates
  • Links, contact forms, or call-to-action buttons that produce the highest engagement levels
  • Formatting, layout, text, and other design elements that are most appealing to current email subscribers

Once you start to test out all these elements of your email marketing campaigns, you’ll receive intricate data analytics that will detail what areas in your email marketing strategies are working and which ones need improvement.

Such advanced metrics and tracking capabilities can provide you with a wide range of valuable data, such as:

  • Click-through, lead generation, and conversion rates
  • Clicked links percentage
  • Average revenue per email subscriber
  • Unique opens
  • Bounce and unopened rates
  • Website traffic
  • Growth and unsubscribe rates
  • Average ROI per email marketing campaign
  • Forwarding rates, social media shares, and more

With all of these data analytic tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to hatch and create the ultimate email marketing campaign based on your roofing company and your customer base’s specific needs.

Implementing Data Into Email Content & Contact Segmentation

The more you learn about each individual email subscriber and customer, the better your roofing company can divide your subscriber base into specific demographics that can make it easier to curate email content toward these target audiences.

This is what’s referred to as email contact segmentation, and utilizing data analytics from your email marketing campaigns can provide you with the ability to group your email subscribers into distinct classifications, including:

  • Recent and existing customers
  • Roof repair vs. roof replacement recipients
  • Residential and commercial customers or leads
  • New and old homeowners
  • Geographic regions
  • Single person or family households
  • Free quote inquiries
  • Referrals list and more

When you can classify your email subscribers into these types of distinct demographics, you can better personalize the content of your email marketing campaigns, specifically addressing and adhering to their roofing needs.

For example, creating email content for homeowners with children can emphasize how your roofing repair services can improve the safety and security of their home, while utilizing imagery of children playing around the house or in the yard.

Or, if part of your email subscribers live in a particular region within close proximity that’s recently endured a hail storm, you can cater your email content toward them to address whether they need any storm damage repair assistance.

The more data you’re able to analyze through email marketing, the easier it is to personalize the content of your emails.

Email Marketing Solutions for Your Roofing Company

With so many angles of data analytics to pour over, it can be overwhelming to comb through so many detailed reports to determine the best courses of action with your Email Marketing campaign.

At Triton Commerce, we specialize in providing your roofing company with custom email marketing and analytic reporting solutions to enhance your online presence and generate more leads.

Contact us today to receive a free Digital Marketing Plan that can outline exactly how our digital marketing strategies can help your roofing website reach its full potential!

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