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Roofing Contractor SEO in 2023

As a roofing contractor, you wouldn’t leave any aspect of a roof repair or roofing replacement job unfinished, would you? You wouldn’t shrug off installing a few shingles or skip out on finishing up some flashing seal because the roofing probably wouldn’t need it, right?

Of course not!

You’re arguably the most reputable roofing company in town, right? You don’t leave a job until it’s absolutely finished and that roof can look and perform at its absolute best, correct?

Well, the same can certainly be said in regards to whether the website for your roofing company still needs to incorporate professional SEO strategies today. Despite what you may or may not come across while performing some intense Googling about search engine optimization, the fact remains that SEO for Roofers is still a vital component of any company’s digital marketing strategy, and the need for proficient SEO tactics in 2023 may be stronger than ever.

If you need any refreshing of memory as to what SEO can offer your roofing website, here’s a quick, general breakdown of SEO’s benefits:

  • Generates leads for your business through organic searches
  • Improves your website’s rankings in organic search results
  • Provides exceptional long-term ROI
  • Traffic generated through SEO generally results in higher lead conversion rates
  • Establishes credibility with your online presence and enhances brand awareness

The bottom line is that proper SEO strategies help your roofing website get to and stay on that oh-so sacred first page of Google search results when somebody searches for “roofing companies near me” in their taskbar.

And if your roofing company isn’t utilizing SEO tactics on your website, then you can rest assured your competition certainly is – and they’re snagging up all the leads that could have potentially been directed toward your website.

Still not convinced that your roofing company needs SEO? Let’s take a closer look at why SEO is still more important than ever for small businesses.

First Page = Top Priority

Let’s say you’re a roofing company that’s based out of the Twin Cities. If you type “roofing companies Twin Cities” into a Google search right now and you don’t see your company’s website pop up on the first page, not only can you guarantee you’re missing out on plenty of precious leads, but you’re also in dire need of professional SEO services.

Here are three statistics that highlight just how important it is to show up on the first page of a relevant Google search:

  • The number one result on any given organic Google search result has an average click through rate (CTR) of over 31%.
  • Less than 1% of Google users click to see results on the second page (and beyond).
  • Moving up one spot in organic search results translates to an over 30% average increase in CTR.

Look, we can throw statistics at you all day outlining just how important it is to boost your roofing website up to the top page of organic and local search engine results. But the bottom line is the vast majority of prospects and leads use Google to seek out the roofing services they need and very rarely do they take the time to even consider looking past that oh-so sacred first page of search results.

Get More Qualified Leads

While SEO does wonders for enhancing your online presence and search engine visibility, perhaps the most overlooked element of this strategy is the overwhelming number of qualified leads this tactic can generate for your roofing website.

Most people searching for roofing services aren’t doing so because they’re curious about their options in the event they might need roof repair later down the road; they’re searching for roofing services because they need roofing assistance ASAP!

As previously alluded to, higher-ranking websites are more successful at getting clicks. The more optimized your roofing website is for search engines, the more visible your website is going to be to potential customers who are already actively searching for roofing services.

Today, most consumers base nearly all of their purchasing decisions on conducting their own online research, and if they don’t see your website show up in their search results, that means they’ll simply enlist the services of a roofing website that does.

Enhance Your User’s Experience

While there are many factors that play into how Google assesses the ranking and functionality of any given website, one of the elements they’ve focused more on in recent years is user experience. Over the years, SEO has also emphasized the quality of content, navigation, loading time, and general functionality of a website to appease these search engines, which in turn helps improve organic search rankings.

SEO is what helps visitors find and access your roofing website, and it is also what works to keep a visitor on your website.

When your roofing website is successfully optimized for an optimal user experience, you’re creating a perfect cycle of drawing visitors into your website, maintaining and retaining their attention, and ultimately that positive experience translates into a higher lead conversion rate.

Impeccable ROI

Another beneficial factor SEO can provide your roofing company are all the real-time analytics and data you can review and evaluate to help you see just how much return on investment (ROI) your marketing efforts are rewarding you with.

Coming out of the pandemic, industries across the board are arguably more budget-cautious than ever before. While SEO is a long-term strategy that’s intended to pay off in the long run, its tracking and analytic capabilities make it simple to assess how your SEO strategies are working, providing the ability to view website traffic and conversion rate numbers in real time.

Establish Trust & Credibility

When it all comes down to it, SEO is what makes the difference in boosting the credibility and legitimacy of your roofing company’s online presence. It may not be the way you look at it, but in the eyes of active consumers searching the Internet for immediate roofing service, the higher-ranking websites come across as more reputable and trustworthy than all the websites below them.

SEO strategies establish trust and credibility with consumers and search engines alike, which will only translate into more qualified leads and finalized sales in the long run!

Custom SEO Solutions for Your Roofing Company

Nowadays, SEO isn’t just another digital marketing tactic that may help boost traffic and leads; it’s a crucial component to any business that’s looking to stand out amidst competition and exponentially generate more leads and sales.

Every day your roofing company doesn’t utilize professional SEO services means another day where your roofing website isn’t reaching the eyes of active prospects eager to become engaged customers.

When you need custom SEO solutions that specifically cater to your roofing company’s needs, Triton Commerce has the team, resources, and experience necessary to enhance your online presence and boost your rankings in relevant search results!

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