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4 Ways Your Roofing Company Website Can Improve Sales.

Trust is the common denominator for the success of any type of relationship. Whether it’s telling the truth to your spouse about how much money you’ve invested into your Candy Crush campaign or ultimately coming clean about Santa Claus to your child, the key to any healthy and mutually beneficial relationship is honesty and confidence.

And when it comes to relationships with your customers, the less trust they have in your roofing company, the fewer sales you’re going to reel in!

With so much competition in the roofing industry, the key to gaining loyal customers and ultimately increasing profit is building a website that exudes confidence and reputability for your online visitors. Unfortunately, building trust through your roofing company website design requires more than including a banner at the top of your home page that reads, “THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY ROOFING CONTRACTOR IN THE WORLD!”

Building trust takes a balance of intricate, sleek, and modern web design combined with proficient digital marketing strategies. The goal is to establish assurance and credibility with website visitors and, in turn, generate more leads that ultimately convert into sales.

If you’re a roofing contractor interested in increasing your loyal customer following and, as a result, potentially inch closer to retirement, here are four online strategies to build trust with your clients and grow sales for your business.

1) Professional & Creative Web Design

If trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, then first impressions are the gateway to trust. Nailing that first impression with a potential customer comes down to your website’s design, layout, and overall appearance.

Researchers have found that 94% of first impressions made online stem from web design, and if your web design looks dated, janky, or flawed in any way, you can all but guarantee that you’re missing out on plenty of leads and sales.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to implementing a professional and creative web design strategy. For starters, there’s the general appearance of your website.

Ask yourself these questions when attempting to create a sleek, modern web design for your roofing website:

  • Can an online visitor easily determine what your company does in a matter of seconds after your home page loads?
  • Does the writing of your roofing website’s content reflect a unique voice and distinct branding, or is it primarily an accumulation of cliche promises and ambiguous phrases?
  • Are the images your roofing website uses original and compelling, or are they stock photos that anyone with an internet connection can upload?
  • Do you notice any clustering of words, paragraphs, images, or other graphic design elements, or is everything evenly spaced out and easy on the eyes?
  • Is your menu bar efficiently laid out in an organized and visually appealing manner?
  • Are there easily identifiable buttons to click on to contact your company or request a quote for your services?
  • Are the loading time and website performance the same on all types of devices?
  • Are there any broken or dead links currently existing on your roofing website?

These are just a few of the questions you need to answer regarding the quality, appearance, and performance of the web design of your roofing website. If you can’t answer even one of these questions confidentially, your roofing website might be discouraging visitors from utilizing your roofing services.

2) Original & Engaging Content Writing

An integral component of quality web design is incorporating original, engaging, and compelling content writing into your roofing website. A common mistake with many business websites is generic, cliche, or empty verbiage that fails to entice a reader to connect with a company, let alone build trust.

Content writing is not only the primary way to sell your roofing company as a reputable business to first-time visitors; it’s a chance to personify your brand and emotionally resonate with potential clients!

You want your roofing website’s content writing to come across as if you were having a personal discussion with someone about pitching your roofing company as the business that can adhere to all their home improvement needs. Remember – there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of other roofing company websites a customer has to choose from. Why should they pick yours?

Your roofing website needs to showcase what your unique value propositions (UVPs) are or simply what your roofing company can offer that your competition cannot.

Some points of emphasis to include in your content writing are:

  • What’s your experience working in the roofing industry? (How long, what types of roofs are your specialties, etc.)
  • Does your company or staff have any specific credentials, training, or awards?
  • Do you offer any distinct accommodations, such as free quotes, insurance claims assistance, emergency storm damage repair, etc.?
  • What types of roofing materials do you offer?
  • Is there an About Us section that details your origins and experiences within the roofing industry?
  • How will you go above and beyond when it comes to providing exceptional customer service?

The more you can distinctly separate yourself from the rest of the roofing contractor pack, the better of a connection you can build with first-time visitors to your roofing website.

3) User-Generated Content

For many years, word-of-mouth was the primary source for referrals to generate new customers for a roofing company. All in all, things haven’t changed too much regarding that; word-of-mouth has just become almost entirely virtual.

Online reviews can be one of your biggest allies in building trust within your roofing company and website. Your content writing can be Nobel Prize-worthy, but potential customers want to hear how great and accommodating your roofing company is from somewhere other than straight from the horse’s mouth.

The more (hopefully positive) reviews your roofing website can generate, the more credibility your company will establish with online visitors and Google’s algorithms, allowing your website to rank higher on local, relevant roofing Google search results.

Another example of user-generated content to consider featuring in your roofing website is official testimonials from clients you’ve worked on in the past. Whether it’s a verbal blessing from a trusting community member or a positive endorsement from a client of one of your more elaborate roofing projects, testimonials help visitors to your website establish more confidence in your services.

4) Customer Engagement

The difference between someone personally entering your office and walking out without enlisting your services compared to someone clicking on your roofing website and leaving without engaging is vast. For starters, it could come off as rather intimidating (or desperate) if you followed someone out of your office and started asking for their email address or phone number.

But on the internet, following up and engaging with close-but-no-cigar customers is not only easy; it’s incredibly effective for converting leads into sales. The more opportunities you have to connect and engage with online visitors, the easier it will become to establish trust with those checking out your roofing company for the first time.

Here are a few ways you can increase your engagement with potential customers through your roofing website:

  • Develop an email marketing campaign that keeps you connected with previous customers or retargeted prospects
  • Incorporate live chat or 24/7 chatbot services
  • Create, maintain, and connect with customers via social media accounts
  • Produce weekly or monthly blogs providing resourceful, roofing-relevant information to share across social media platforms
  • Develop a YouTube channel featuring video tutorials or how-to segments to enhance your online presence and brand
  • Implement analytical reporting to determine what marketing ventures are performing well and what others could use improvement

Providing opportunities for online visitors to connect, interact, and stay in touch with your roofing website will do wonders for establishing brand loyalty, as well as serve as a direct means of communication toward previous clients and potential customers for your roofing company.

Enhance Your Roofing Website with Triton Commerce!

At the end of the day, it’s important to remind yourself that your roofing website is the virtual sales representation of your company. With more and more people enlisting roofing services through Google searches and clicking on whatever listing shows up at the top of the search results, it’s crucial to ensure that your roofing website is as professionally designed, created, and optimized as possible.

When you need effective digital marketing solutions to enhance your brand, increase your online presence, and build a loyal virtual following, Triton Commerce is here to help! We have plenty of experience working with roofing contractors to come up with effective web design and digital marketing strategies that will work best with your company’s needs.

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