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How to Get more Roofing Leads

You have the skills, the team, the equipment, and best of all, you have the heavy-duty truck, decked out with your logo, ready to spread the good word that your roofing company is among the best in the area. Now all you need are leads!

In this day and age of industry competition, roofing companies can often be a dime a dozen, and many consumers struggle to choose the right one for them. More often than not, it’s a roofing company’s online presence and persistence that earns them more leads in the long run compared to businesses that still rely on word-of-mouth and personal referrals to expand their local reputation.

The fact of the matter is that if your roofing company isn’t investing time, money, and effort into effective Roofer Digital Marketing strategies, odds are your business is missing out on hundreds of leads every year. The more professionally optimized, maintained, and utilized your roofing website design and online presence is, the easier it is to generate dozens of more leads and convert more sales every month.

Let’s take a look at some of these proficient lead generation strategies that can help your roofing company reach the customers you never would’ve come into contact with without an effective digital marketing campaign.

Optimal Roofing Website Design

Just as every building needs sufficient roofing to prosper, every roofing company needs an effective website to succeed. It’s essential to think of your roofing website design as the virtual representation of your company, which means you want potential customers to be blown away by it.

You also need to ensure that your site is conversion optimized to boost your lead generation and get the most ROI on your marketing budget. When we say your roofing website needs to be ‘conversion optimized’, we’re talking about taking the necessary components of web design to help increase the percentage of visitors to your website that ultimately become compelled to enlist and take action with your roofing services.

You could be missing out on a significant amount of leads if your roofing website is lacking any of these conversion-optimized web design traits:

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring your roofing website is performing just as well on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets as it does on laptops and desktop computers.

Built-in SEO

Your roofing website is efficiently equipped with effective search engine optimization to help organically increase your search engine ranking and enhance your online presence.

Calls to Action

Effective and persuasive calls-to-action prompts and buttons to help convert visitors to your roofing website into generated leads and sales for your business.

Reflexive Website Maintenance

When changes need to be made to reflect anything from SEO tactics to responding to analytic reporting, your roofing website receives the updates it needs to function at its best.

These are just a few of the necessary elements of effective web design every roofing website should encompass to increase its lead generation potential.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

If your roofing company is within close proximity to several other competing roofing companies, then utilizing an efficient pay-per-click management (PPC) or Google Ads campaign can help single your business out from the rest of the pack.

Paid advertising campaigns can put your roofing website on the top of any relevant Google search results (such as “roofing contractors near me”) so your company will be the first thing users see when searching for roofing companies on Google.

Effective paid advertising strategies can do wonders for increasing your website’s lead generation, providing your business with a variety of advantages:

  • Instant results for website traffic and search engine rankings
  • Reach specific target demographics relevant to your roofing company
  • Provide you with real-time analytic results to measure and gauge marketing effectiveness
  • Positive ROI while only paying for clicks and leads to your website
  • Opportunities to retarget website visitors who left your site without enlisting your services

If a beautifully designed and well-optimized website is the ultimate long-term strategy for lead generation, then paid advertising campaigns are the best bet to receive immediate results when it comes to sufficient lead generation toward your roofing company.

Retargeting Ads

While a customer physically visiting and leaving your roofing company office may be hard to find and convince to give your business another chance, the same cannot be said for website visitors!

With retargeting advertising campaigns, you can effectively “follow” people who have visited your website to provide them with a second chance of utilizing your roofing services. Retargeting campaigns utilize cookie-based technology to implement Javascript code-tracking that allows your roofing website to anonymously trail visitors. After they leave your website, your advertisements pop back up when they are performing Google searches or active on social media.

Website visitors are usually hesitant to commit to making a purchase or enlist services on their initial visit to any given website. Retargeting advertising campaigns allow you to stay fresh in their minds, helping generate leads when visitors are ready to invest in your services.

Email Marketing

Part of what makes a successful lead generation strategy is incorporating a tactic to directly communicate with customers you’ve worked for in the past, as well as potential leads that may have visited your roofing website but left without committing to a purchase.

Email marketing is a primary resource to connect with customers and leads directly and provides your roofing company with an exclusive marketing opportunity to convey any message, promotion, or opportunity that can compel someone to utilize your roofing services.

Around 80% of Americans check their email accounts every day, and more than half of those users utilize their email accounts to communicate, interact, and ask questions with the companies they choose to do business with.

The best email marketing campaigns can enhance your relationships with customers by:

  • Directly sending them personalized content
  • Increase loyalty and brand awareness
  • Provide customers with weekly updates on exclusive offers or news
  • Provide businesses with measured results to track marketing efficiency
  • Increase website traffic and lead generation opportunities

The more customers and website visitors you can get to sign up for email newsletters and exclusive offers, the longer you’ll be able to connect with them and retain their business in the long run.

Flesh Out Your Online Presence

At the end of the day, credibility plays a primary role in influencing potential customers to choose your business as their roofing contractor. The best way to enhance your credibility and gain trust of relevant prospects is to enhance and expand your roofing company’s overall online presence.

For starters, online reviews remain a crucial component of how consumers research and perceive the companies they seek to do business with. Utilizing efficient review management services will help your roofing company establish more trust than your competitors while also doing wonders for increasing traffic and improving your online presence.

Review management also helps to improve your Google My Business ranking, which is another essential element to fleshing out your online presence. Businesses in the U.S. receive more than 25% of website visits from Google Maps results, with 16% of U.S. businesses averaging more than 100 phone calls received from customers and prospects as a result of their Google My Business listing.

Physical Branding Still Matters

While it’s imperative to cover all your bases with effective digital marketing strategies, you still can’t forget about branding your roofing company out in the real world! Whether it’s adding your roofing company’s logo as a vehicle wrap graphic, finishing every roofing project with a yard sign that prominently displays your contact information, or even printing some slick business cards, making your business synonymous with the general public is a vital marketing strategy that will stand the tests of time.

A healthy blend of digital and physical marketing will help expand your brand across just about every platform imaginable, and help generate leads through a vast array of possibilities, ranging from Google searches to people simply driving by in their cars.

Generate More Roofing Leads with Triton Commerce

You’ve poured your heart and soul into starting your own roofing business, so it’s only fair that you also incorporate whatever it takes to help provide your company with more business opportunities.

At Triton Commerce, helping roofing companies generate more leads is our business. Through our intricate and effective digital marketing strategies, we have the solutions necessary to provide you with instant lead-generation results!

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