How to Attract Quality Employees for Your Roofing Company Online

How to Attract Quality Employees for Your Roofing Company Online

Attracting quality employees for your roofing company can be difficult in today’s world. Learn how a credible website powered by a paid campaign and a solid online reputation can help drive in relevant traffic.

When your roofing company has an opening, you have many options for finding new workers online. You can post on various recruiting websites like Indeed and Linkedin, create an incentive-driven program for your employees to advertise the post, or even rely solely on your roofing company’s own SEO to attract potential employees to your website. Regardless of the methods you primarily rely on, there’s no denying that your business needs a website that is easy to find, navigate through, and capture the attention of potential employees.

Additionally, the reputation of your company plays a huge role in attracting quality employees. While building an online reputation takes time and diligence, when done right it can help you to consistently attract potential employees. With a strategic digital marketing strategy to build and strengthen your online reputation, your small business can attract quality potential employees, so you can continue to grow!

1 Credible Website

When potential employees see a job posting on an online board or hear about it from an acquaintance, most will look to Google for more information. They want to find your website, a summary of your services, reviews of your business, employee reviews, and much more. This is why it’s so important to invest in a high-quality website that adequately represents your roofing company. Potential customers and employees want to understand your roofing business practices before they take the next step and reach out to you.

Without a credible website, it can be challenging to build an online presence for your roofing company. Many studies show potential employees want to get a feel for your roofing company’s culture within 30 seconds of landing on your website. A well-constructed website will not only show potential customers and employees what your roofing company does, it will also give visitors a look behind the scenes and show them what motivates your company.

Additionally, your roofing website should have a section to describe the positions you have available and why they are an integral and valued part of your company. Incorporating several calls to action and forms throughout the site will help make it easy for potential clients to contact you and apply for any available positions at your roofing company.

2 Online Reputation

After your roofing company has a credible website, you then need to put your focus on cultivating online reviews to enhance your online reputation. While a well-presented website is great for attracting traffic, potential employees and customers are only going to believe so much of what you write and present. In today’s world, reviews from employees and customers are critical in maintaining interest and attracting quality individuals to work at your roofing business.

The easiest way to grow your roofing company’s online reputation is to encourage your employees and customers (both past and present) to leave reviews about your business. You should respond to every review, whether it is positive or negative. By showing accountability for poor reviews for your roofing company, you show potential employees and customers you are willing to take responsibility and discover new ways to conduct business and work with your employees. Additionally, you should keep these reviews on your website, so they are easily accessible to all traffic.

According to a TripAdvisor study, 97% of businesses said online reputation management is a critical aspect of maintaining their business. To learn more about cultivating your roofing company’s online reputation through the use of a personalized digital marketing strategy, contact our specialists at Triton Commerce today.

3 Paid Campaign

In addition to building and maintaining a credible website and cultivating and responding to reviews, you should also create a budget for paid advertising campaigns. Through strategic SEO and paid campaigns, you will be able to drive more relevant traffic to your website. Step one is setting a goal for your paid campaign and deciding how much you’re willing to spend.

With a comprehensive paid strategy, you can not only achieve your goals, but also measure the results you get. By analyzing your results and making adjustments to target people who search for jobs with roofing companies or are looking for your services, you can constantly improve your campaigns. No strategy is perfect, so make sure you’re constantly studying the metrics and making adjustments as needed.

If you need help attracting top employees and customers for your roofing business, contact Triton Commerce today! We can create a strategy tailored to your specific goals and work with you to set an effective digital marketing budget. With our help and strategies, you will be able to attract and maintain quality employees and enhance your business.

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