Asking For The Sale and Website Calls-To-Action


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Asking For The Sale and Website Calls-To-Action

You’re at the tail end of completing your new digital marketing campaign. You’ve implemented an efficient SEO strategy, successfully allocated your advertising budget, differentiated yourself from the competition, and taken your users’ intent into account. Now all that’s left to do is close that sale! Easier said than done, right?

Capturing the attention of your target audience is the tricky part, so compelling them to take action on enlisting your services should be simple, correct? Not if your paid advertisement, social media post, or email marketing newsletter isn’t effectively optimized to ask for the sale. The secret to boosting a lead conversion rate with any digital marketing strategy is injecting convincing, compelling, and accessible Call-to-Actions (CTAs).

A CTA is essentially any verbiage, widget, or general directive that encourages the reader to take a desired action, be it a purchase, enrollment, contact, inquiry, etc. You can rest assured that anyone reading your website or advertisement will also see your CTAs, if that content is appropriately optimized for asking for a sale.

We conclude this episode of Triton Commerce’s ‘___ Near Me’ local marketing podcast by approaching how to effectively utilize CTAs, as well as nail the last steps of your digital marketing strategies to get that conversion. Here are a few essential tips when it comes to crafting compelling CTAs that organically ask for the sale and entice the consumer to pursue your product or service.

Define Your Intent

Just as with the rest of your digital marketing content, your ask for the sale should be clearly intended and labeled. Your desired result of any paid advertisement or digital marketing content should not only be completely comprehensible to the reader, but extremely easy to access as well, be it a link, button, contact form, etc.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant manager. What do you want the outcome of any potential customers coming across your digital content to be? Do you want them to make a reservation? Read your menu? Enroll in your rewards program? You need to choose a desired resolution to conclude all your paid advertising, social media, or web sites, and there are plenty of specific CTAs to choose from, including:

  • Free quotes or estimate buttons
  • Contact form submissions
  • Email newsletter subscriptions
  • ‘Learn More’ links or buttons
  • Schedule an appointment widgets
  • Social media following or sharing options
  • Free trial sign-ups
  • Phone number links
  • Event registration forms
  • Survey forms
  • Request a demo buttons and more

The verbiage you use for any CTA needs to be apparent and blatant, and the more specific your CTAs are, the more understanding and willing your readers will be to engage with them.

Optimize Your Content With Convenient CTAs

The biggest mistake you can make with digital marketing content is creating a compelling, sleek-looking advertisement that fails to guide or direct the reader on what to do next. Everywhere you look on any given advertisement, you need to have a conversion point or point of contact that’s easy to see and access. This also means covering all your bases with contact opportunities, as every consumer has their own preferred means of reaching out to you to enlist your services.

Your web pages or Paid Ads should contain just about any form of contact you can think of, including email, contact forms, application or enrollment sign-ups, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Failing to not promote a specific means of communication on your ad could mean potentially missing out on a variety of prospects, and ultimately limiting your ad’s potential reach.

Optimizing your ad or website for CTA’s means appropriately spacing them out throughout the top and bottom of your content. ‘Free Quote’ buttons should be located right next to a linked phone number. Email newsletter subscriptions should be clickable on the fodder, right next to your address, social media channels, live chat options, etc. Be sure to take every opportunity within your marketing budget to provide consumers with all the means available to contact you and enlist your services. To put it simply, the easier you make it for any reader or visitor to contact you, the more likely they’ll take action and utilize those contact resources

Be as Prompt as Possible

When all is said and done and your content is efficiently optimized for compelling the reader to engage with your business and utilize your services, it all falls upon you to officially convert every lead. You need to be as prompt as possible when it comes to getting back to any inquiry a potential customer has toward your company. They’ve taken the time to come across your website or advertisement, consume all its information, and actively reach out for your business, so it’s only fair, let alone sensical, for you to reach out to them as quickly as possible.

In addition to responding in a timely manner, you want to personalize your responses to any leads, taking their contact information and inquiries into account while crafting your reply. Refer to them by name, and only provide them with information relevant to their initial inquiry. If they don’t respond right away, follow up with them after a day or two, and encourage them to reach you at alternative forms of communication, such as email, phone call, texting, Social Media, etc. Remember, it can take several variations of following up to finally convert a lead, so don’t hesitate to try and preserve communication in a timely, considerate, and personable fashion.

Convert More Leads With Triton Commerce

Boosting your conversion rate is one of the primary goals of any successful digital marketing campaign. At Triton Commerce, we specialize in helping businesses from all industries receive the custom digital marketing solutions they need to reach their target audience, increase sales, all while adhering to your marketing budget needs.

When you’re ready to experience the benefits of working with a professional digital marketing team, contact Triton Commerce today to get started on your free Digital Marketing Plan. You can also stay up to date with all the latest digital marketing trends by listening to new episodes of our weekly podcast ‘___ Near Me’, available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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