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Email Marketing

Turning past customer and lead info into email lists is an extremely cost-effective way to increase sales.

Email marketing offers a trackable, affordable way to stay connected with your customers. We create well-designed, highly-effective email marketing campaigns for your business. From developing the initial concept to completing the final design, our team will work with you to create campaigns that are designed to help you reach your goals.

  • Remarket to past customers
  • Send engaging content to lead lists
  • Send informational newsletters to keep your brand top-of-mind

Benefits of Our Email Marketing

Using contact information gathered from your website leads & current customers to execute an email marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective strategies you can implement to increase sales.

Increase Lifetime Customer Value

Increase revenue by remarketing to past customers that haven't engaged with your business recently.

Close More Leads

Implement a strategic email campaign for potential customers to increase closing rates.

Setup Automated Rules

Use the same content for look-a-like customers to save time and increase your closing rate and ROI.

Continued Branding

Create a newsletter to send past clients to keep your company top of mind.

Results You Can Measure

At Triton Commerce, our focus is on generating results. We will regularly share the data and results of your email marketing campaigns with you, so you’ll know exactly how well each performed. No matter how large or small your current email list may be, our team can develop an effective email marketing plan to help you reach them.

Email results

Emails Your Customers WIll Actually Want To Open

With so many businesses reaching out to their customers through email marketing, it can be a challenge to be noticed in their inboxes. We utilize a variety of techniques to help you stand out and connect with your current and potential customers.

Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automatic emails distributed to your customers based on their actions or on a preset timeline. Through drip campaigns, you can reach out to customers at key moments without having to write each a unique email. You determine what customer actions should trigger which prewritten email messages, and we take care of the rest.

Email Blast Campaigns

Keep your customers informed about important updates or special promotions through eBlast campaigns. Effective eBlasts provide the reader with relevant, useful information when it most applies. We create eBlasts that attract the interest of your audience, inform them of vital information or upcoming promotions, and encourage repeat business from previous customers.


Email newsletters allow you to stay connected with customers who want to stay in touch with your business. Newsletter campaigns help you to remain top on their mind, provide them with details on new products or services, and create a lasting relationship with your customers. As with eBlast campaigns, we create custom newsletters that add value for your customers and encourage repeat sales.

Email Automation

Automation allows you to share crucial information with your customers at the right time. We create emails that are automatically sent to specific customers who meet certain criteria. We will work with you to determine what criteria will trigger which emails. From there, we take care of the copywriting, design, and automation setup for your business to make sure the right email reaches the right customer at precisely the right time.

Website Signup Integration

Your website often provides potential customers with their first impression of your business. If they’ve ended up on your site, chances are they are interested in your products and services. By adding email signup integration to your website, we can encourage customers to stay in touch with your company. Once they have joined your email list, you can stay in contact with them and provide them with more information about your business.

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