How to Incorporate Email Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


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How to Incorporate Email Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Depending on who you ask, emails remain one of the most essential forms of communication, or a trite attempt at grabbing attention. But regardless of the varying opinions of emails, there is still no questioning the effectiveness of a well thought out email marketing campaign to implement into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Research shows that 89% of marketers still utilize email as their primary channel for lead generation, with an average open rate of 20% for any given email marketing campaign. With that last number in mind, let’s do some quick math: you send out 100 emails to previous and new customers, that means at least 20 of them will open it up and be enlightened to whatever it is you’re sending their way.

Twenty guaranteed leads with the click of a button; let that sink in! That’s why email marketing remains one of the most underrated aspects of a digital marketing strategy, as you’ll be hard pressed to find another effective, affordable tactic that automatically inherits the attention of 20% of everyone it comes across.

In this episode of our Near Me Podcast, we’ll review the benefits of a well rounded email marketing campaign, as well as how to efficiently incorporate it into your current digital marketing strategy.

Consistency is Crucial

As with most aspects of content marketing, consistency is arguably the most important factor that plays into the success of an email marketing campaign. Your customers will ultimately grow conditioned and accustomed to the specific days or times you send out your weekly emails, and any disruption in that consistency will dissuade a significant percentage of those who consistently open, read, and engage with your emails.

The more consistency you maintain with your emails, the most trust and credibility you’re establishing for your brand, which ultimately translates into higher lead conversion rates for your overarching digital marketing strategy.

Compelling Subject Lines

When it comes down to it, the subject line is essentially the deal breaker for whether someone is going to open your email or send it to the trash. Nailing your subject line is also an imperative quality to any successful email marketing campaign, as 47% of people open the emails based upon what they read in the subject line, with 69% of customers immediately reporting emails as spam if what they see in the subject line doesn’t entice them.

The subject line of your emails need to combine a sense of urgency, curiosity, and personalization. When you can tap into what compels or motivates your target audience to open and engage with your emails, you’ve simply obtained a lead generation formula that’s also applicable to plenty of other digital marketing tactics, from social media marketing to content marketing.

Trial & Error

Let’s face it; not all of your consumers have the same interests and needs when it comes to your industry, let alone in general. That’s where email marketing offers opportunities to test which types of subject lines or content tend to be the most engaging with your subscribers.

You should always be taking note of which specific customers are opening and engaging with which specific emails, as you can ultimately implement A/B email testing to better accommodate the engagement nature of all of your subscribers. Finding that a high percentage of email subscribers only open emails with personalized subject lines? Put them in the “A” category. Half your customers only open emails that offer exclusive promotional deals? Group them in your “B” category.

The beauty of B2C emails is that it offers businesses a direct means of communication with their customers, as well as offering plenty of analytical reports that inform your business as to what types of emails are most effective with each type of consumer. The more enlightened you are as to what intrigues your target audience, the more you can cater to their needs, and in turn, boost your conversion rate.

Nail Your Email Marketing Campaign With Triton Commerce

The secret to any successful email marketing campaign is taking the time and energy to explore which specific strategies most resonate with your customers. Investing such time and energy is often easier said than done, which is why we here at Triton Commerce are here to lighten your load, offering custom digital marketing solutions that pertain directly to your branding goals.

Curious what professional email marketing assistance can do for your company? Contact Triton Commerce today to get in touch with your email marketing experts, and be sure to stay tuned to all our Near Me Podcast episodes for digital marketing insight you can’t find anywhere else!

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