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Increase Leads to your HVAC company

You have top-of-the-line skills and equipment combined with your experienced team and of course, your fully-loaded truck stamped with your logo all ready to get out and let people know that you provide the best HVAC services in the area. The only things missing now are a few good leads!

In today’s meritocratic and highly competitive market, if you had a dollar for all the two-bit HVAC services around, you might be Jeff Bezos. No wonder your potential customers have such a hard time finding a quality provider. In most cases, it’s the digital marketing of an HVAC contractor, as well as how persistent that presence is, that makes a huge difference in generating leads over companies that only depend on the often broken telephone of positive personal references to spread the word.

The sad truth is that it’s highly likely that your company is letting scores of leads go to waste each year if you aren’t spending enough money, time, and elbow grease to market your services online the right way. The easiest way to generate more leads each month, which you can turn into more sales than you’ll know what to do with, is to maintain an aggressive online presence centered around a professionally-optimized, user-friendly HVAC website.

Here are a few of our favorite strategies for efficient lead generation to help put your HVAC brand in the path of potential clients that you’d never have known existed had you let this online marketing opportunity slip through your fingers.

Breathe New Life Into Your HVAC Website

Just like every house needs plenty of air circulation to stay fresh and vibrant, every HVAC contractor who wants to succeed needs a competent website. You can picture your HVAC website as your company’s online avatar. In the same way that you want your HVAC installation services to blow your customers away, you also want to make sure that your virtual representation whips up a strong digital wind.

If you want your marketing budget to give you as many leads and as high an ROI as possible, it’s also important you make sure your site is conversion optimized. What do we mean by ‘conversion optimized’? We mean that we look at web design as a puzzle with a box full of essential pieces that need to be put together right in order to skyrocket the percentage of people you can turn from casual visitors to your site into active customers of your HVAC services.

Here are a few of the most important puzzle pieces of conversion-optimized web design that can help you avoid letting crucial leads slip away:

  • Adaptive Design
    Make sure your HVAC website looks just as good on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices as it looks on PCs, desktops and laptops.
  • Organic SEO
    Load your HVAC website with search engine optimization that doesn’t feel out of place and works to get your site ranked higher and get the word out.
  • Calls-To-Action
    Sprinkle plenty of compelling calls-to-action in the form of buttons and prompts that nudge casual browsers to take action and contact you.
  • Responsive and Regular Updates
    Stay in touch with the latest SEO strategies and online marketing analyses, and update your HVAC website regularly so it remains on the cutting edge.

Incorporating these and our other effective web design elements can help your HVAC website generate more leads and sales for your business.

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Ad Campaigns That Work Are Important Investments

If there are a few other HVAC contractors who work in the same general area as you, you can give your business a boost to keep it ahead of the competition by using Google Ads or crafting a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

PPC campaigns can help make sure people who Google terms like “nearby HVAC companies” see your services first by putting your HVAC website above the other relevant search results.

Here are a few advantages your business will get when you use a paid advertising strategy like this to increase the leads your website generates:

  • Higher search engine rankings and more traffic on your website right away
  • Target only specific demographics with the greatest potential to become clients of your HVAC company
  • Real-time analysis of the campaign’s results so you can see how effective it actually is
  • Keep your ROI high by only paying for ads that result in visits to your website
  • Retarget people who visited your website and left without contacting you to give them a second chance to become customers

Ideally, look at the design and optimization of your website as a long-term lead generation strategy and paid ad campaigns as an instant boost to help your HVAC company get more leads and sales right away.

Retarget Potential Leads So They Don’t Forget About You

If a potential customer visits your head office and leaves without making up their mind, it might be almost impossible to track them down and give them a little reminder. Visitors to your online HVAC “offices” are a completely ballgame though!

You can use a retargeting advertising campaign to subtly “pursue” people who have visited your website and shown an interest in your HVAC services, giving them more chances to take advantage of the quality you offer. This kind of campaign uses cookies to fire up a tracking routine based on JavaScript that trails your visitors anonymously. If they’ve visited your website in the recent past, they’ll continue to see your ads pop up strategically whenever they use social media, Google or other ad-based online services.

Potential online customers tend to be hesitant about making any kind of commitment on the first visit. Using ad campaigns that involve retargeting keeps them thinking about you and makes it easy for them to get in touch when they’re ready to hire you.

Use Email To Connect With Existing and Potential Clients

Developing a direct line of communication with existing and potential clients is part of any successful lead generating campaign. This works for both loyal customers who’ve already hired you in the past, and new leads who might have browsed through your HVAC website then moved on without making a solid commitment.

One of the best ways to communicate directly with your customers and leads is email marketing. Look at it as an opportunity to grab their undivided attention and tell them about your latest projects, promotions and any other messages you want to pass on in order to guide them toward hiring your HVAC services.

About 80% of us Americans log in to our email accounts at least once a day. Over 50% of those actually interact via email with the businesses and services they hire. Don’t be surprised if you start to get replies, notes and even questions from the potential clients on your email mailing list.

You can use a strategic email marketing campaign to get closer to your customers by:

  • Personalizing the content you send them directly
  • Increasing their awareness of and loyalty to your brand
  • Updating your clients on your latest news and preferential deals on a weekly basis
  • Checking the results of your campaign to make sure it’s clicking with your clients
  • Including links to your website in your emails to increase traffic and generate more leads

If you can get as many of your website visitors and in-person customers as possible to sign up for the tantalizing offers in your online newsletters, you can use your email campaign as a long-term strategy to develop loyalty with your existing clients and reel in new ones.

Expand Your Digital Reach

When push comes to shove, the main thing that inspires potential leads to become loyal customers of your HVAC services is your credibility. Expanding and enhancing the overall digital reach of your HVAC business is the primary way you can become more trustworthy and gain more credibility in the eyes of the people looking for an HVAC provider.

To begin with, some of the most important factors that influence the research done by consumers and how that research affects their perception of you are the online reviews of your business. You can increase traffic to your website, polish your digital presence and build more trust than the competition by using a proficient review management service.

Your GoogleMyBusiness ranking is another crucial component of expanding your digital reach. Review management is a great way to get that ranking as high as possible. Here in the U.S., over a quarter of the people who visit commercial websites arrive from Google Maps searches. Around 16% of American companies get an average of over 100 phone calls from existing and prospective customers due to their GMB listing.

Branding in the Real World Is Still Important

Although our main focus is to help you shore up your marketing presence online, we don’t want you to neglect your HVAC business’s physical branding. Just like in the digital world, you want potential customers to see your brand everywhere they go so they won’t be able to forget about you. This can mean giving out beautifully designed business cards to everyone you meet, leaving yard signs with your contact information in bold every time you finish an HVAC installation or investing in a huge vehicle wrap featuring your HVAC contracting logo.

If you can work up to a balanced mix of physical and online marketing, you can grow your company on every platform and guide every possible lead in your area straight to you, whether from local Google search results or people who just happen to drive by and see your contact information.

Triton Commerce Can Help Funnel You Leads You Can Turn Into Sales

You built your HVAC business from the ground up with your blood, sweat and tears. We know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to expand your business’s reach.

Our business here at Triton Commerce is to help HVAC companies get more leads. Our online marketing tactics are detailed and proficient, and our solutions are exactly what you need to attract more prospects instantly!

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