How HVAC Companies Can Use Social Media to Increase Leads

How HVAC Contractors can Use Social Media to Improve Sales

Social networks are well-known as a place where you can share cute pictures, make others jealous of your life achievements, and let out some steam over things that seem to be going wrong with the world. But, have you ever thought about using Social Media to grow your HVAC company?

Even if you're not interested in the digital chaos surrounding networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others, one fact holds true. They're all valuable tools for your digital marketing campaigns. You can be using these networks to grow your leads and your business.

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If you're one of those people who hasn't spent any time on these sites, it's easy to be skeptical about using them to enhance your business. In fact, you may just want to discount them altogether. But, the reality is that your competitors are likely using these social networks to gain new leads for their businesses. It will only be a matter of time until they're able to service more clients while you struggle to get new customers.

It's now time to consider social media marketing as another tool in your arsenal to ensure that your HVAC business is constantly getting new customers and expanding in your market area. Let us show you the various marketing tips that your business can utilize to leverage social networking platforms to your advantage.

Optimizing Your Social Networking Profiles

While setting up all of your social networking profiles is a great first step to connecting with more customers online, it's only a start. These social profiles need to be properly optimized. Having a well-optimized social networking profile can provide your HVAC company with many benefits, including:

  • Sending more traffic to your website
  • Boosting your social network followers
  • Solidifying your brand as an industry expert
  • Boosting the number of prospects you generate
  • Increasing your email subscribers list
  • Allowing customers to share your content and promote your business

Your social networking profiles should be treated much like your business's website. You want to keep everything updated and fresh so that both existing customers and prospective customers are attracted to your HVAC company. When it comes to optimizing your social networking profiles, here are a few key steps that you can take:

  • Add banner and profile photos with your logo
  • Utilize keyword research in your social content
  • Always have clear contact info and phone numbers
  • Use similar account handles and usernames across all platforms
  • Have an embeddable hyperlink to your website
  • Consistently have calls to action throughout your profiles

When you fully optimize your social networking profiles, you can enjoy connecting with more prospective customers. This is because social networking platforms will find it easier to connect you with people interested in the services that you provide. Not to mention the fact that your enhanced brand awareness will position your HVAC company as an industry expert.

Create Personalized and Actionable Content

While optimizing your social profiles is a necessary step to position yourself for easier communication with prospective clients, it's just a start. You'll need to constantly curate new content for these profiles to keep your business active in the eyes of your followers.

Just liking other people's content and throwing up information about a sale that you're having isn't enough. Rather, you need to provide your social networking followers with engaging content that compels them to seek out your services. In the digital marketing community, we refer to this as actionable or clickable content.

It's crucial to remember that users want to see original content and not just reused content from other sources. When creating your customized, original content, here are a few tips that you should consider:

  • Relevancy
    It's pretty straightforward that most people are expecting information that is relevant to your industry as they see you as an industry professional. Some great content topics may be "How to change your HVAC filter" or "Common mistakes that can void your HVAC warranty".
  • Unique Imagery
    Stock photos used to be a go-to for business content many years ago. However, these stock images are overused and can discredit the legitimacy of your business. You should only be using images that you create on your own so that they're verified unique.
  • Shareability
    The beauty of social networks is that you can utilize your followers to be your free marketing agents. Whenever you post content that a follower feels is useful on a specific social networking platform, they can repost it to be viewed by their followers on that network. They can even repost it for their followers on other social networking platforms. That's free advertising for your business.
  • Consistency
    The worst marketing mistake that you can make is simply not generating content on a regular basis. This comes back to being legitimate in your industry. Businesses that are industry leaders have consistent schedules that they stick to. You should be putting out new content on the same day(s) of the week.
  • Personalization
    People like to feel unique and wanted. Your job as a business owner is to personalize your social networking content in a fashion that helps to make all of your customers feel important and special to you. This could be done through directly tagging clients in your promotional offers, sharing their reviews, or even encouraging them to post a comment to be included in a raffle for a prize.

Tracking Your Target Audience

While a crucial part of social media marketing is interacting on your social accounts, that's not all of it. You can use these social media platforms to track your target audience and promote your services to them with advertisements.

Paid social ad campaigns have been an extremely valuable industry. Don't believe us? In 2021, it's estimated that U.S. businesses will spend just under $48 billion on social networking advertisements. These ads will be on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Many U.S. businesses have clearly discovered the following benefits of running advertising campaigns on social media platforms:

  • Easily target past and prospective customers
  • Specifically focus on your target demographics
  • Quickly enhance your social presence and get more relevant prospects
  • Boost website traffic and improve conversation ratios
  • Easily monitor ad analytics so that you can make changes to campaigns accordingly

When your business consistently releases unique and engaging content on social networking platforms, you can all but guarantee that you'll attract a plethora of new clients. And, you'll do so faster than any other marketing strategy to date!

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