Ways Your HVAC Contractors Can Build Trust and Grow Sales

4 Ways your HVAC website Can Grow Sales

Trust. It’s just a five-letter word, but one that carries considerable weight in many aspects of life.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship you can think of. In sports, your teammates trust you to stick to your assignment and play your role toward victory. Your best friend may trust you to pick them up when they become stranded in the middle of nowhere or need a place to stay for a while.

Without trust, relationships are meaningless. Lack of trust not only drives progress backward but also hinders any plans to step forward. The key to any successful relationship is trust, and your HVAC company is no different.

Think about the stiff competition for HVAC companies in your area. With an oversaturated market, there are bound to be some untrustworthy companies that paint “trustworthy” services all over their HVAC website.

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See, the word trustworthy is like having a shiny and bright spinner on your rod with a bad fisherman behind it. The fish will bite, but the rod will almost always reel up empty. Some of these businesses do manage to snag some customers but may lose their trust once they notice the shoddy craftsmanship.

If worse comes to worst, the customer might not trust any other HVAC service in the area based on that one experience, which will make them wary of your slogan that may say, “trustworthy service.”

Trust is not a word said – it is a word earned. And when it comes to your HVAC service, the earned part comes easy, but what about saying it? If you know you give good service but your sales don’t show it, it may be time to reevaluate and revamp your website.

Build trust and grow your HVAC company’s sales by learning these four website tips!

1. Attractive & Responsive Website Design

First, let’s take a look at your website! Like it or not, the best way to show off your service and gain trust in this era is through HVAC Digital Marketing , and the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy is, of course, your website.

Website design is crucial in standing out against the competition and, more importantly, making a good first impression, as 94% of all first impressions are made through websites.

What do you want potential customers to see when they click the link to your website the first time, and what do you want to draw them in with?

Maybe your company is based in a part of the country where it is unbearably hot for certain stretches of the year. Of course, your HVAC company’s most popular service will be your air conditioning repair and replacement services. You can design your website’s background and other accents with cool colors.

Now, let’s say you live in an area of the country where winters are extraordinarily brutal. If your HVAC company is the best around for anything furnace-related, keep that in mind when you design your website! Warm, cozy colors can have potential customers feeling the warm air back in their vents before even contacting you.

You want potential customers to know exactly what kind of outfit you run and the quality of service you provide first off. In fact, you want them to know in the first couple of seconds whether or not you’re the HVAC service they’re looking for. Keep this in mind when you design your webpage. Keep those keywords highly visible and make it easy for them to contact your business as well.

Finally, keep your website updated with unbroken links and fresh content regularly.

2. Original Content Writing

In this day and age, content is what makes the world go round. It can be found just about anywhere you look!

Content, as a whole, has gotten a bad rap in the past decade, and for good reason. Figurative tons of content found on websites include cliche, one-dimensional posts and pages using inclusive jargon to feign the appearance of knowledge.

It’s not hard to find low-level content like this online. Still, good content isn’t so hard to spot either. Having good content on your website will make you easily stand out from the competition. More importantly, it will garner initial respect and trust from potential customers.

Content writing is at its best when it’s original, engaging, and enriching. What you write on your website should represent your brand and your work. What makes your business the one customers can trust? Do you offer free estimates? Do you provide 24/7 emergency AC repair service? Maybe you offer preventative maintenance plans to keep customers’ HVAC systems running. Whatever pattern you’ve carved out, let it be known!

Blogging monthly is a great way to give potential and current customers some friendly advice on a certain HVAC topic. Having an “about us” section on your website also lets readers get to know your staff on a personal level, which can help establish trust in your brand.

3. User-Generated Content

Having great content writing on your website is a key component in growing sales and building trust, but it’s not the only component you need. Word of mouth is one of the most crucial tools in successfully marketing a business.

You know you offer the best HVAC services in town – now let your customers show it off too by taking advantage of Online Reviews !

Positive reviews are great for boosting your credibility with future customers as well as your credibility with Google. You can say you’re a trustworthy service, but the reviews will do a better job speaking for you.

4. Customer Engagement

Making an easily accessible and visually appealing website is only half the battle – you have to make it a point to reach out to potential customers. (Yes, even the ones who decide to go a different direction.)

Following up with these almost-customers could prove to be beneficial over time. They might have been on the fence about what service to choose and wanted to see what else was out there before making a decision. Engaging with a potential customer like this can show commitment to service and good deals.

Be active in engaging with any kind of customer – past, present, or future. Reaching out with customer engagement gives a feeling of authenticity, letting them know that your website isn’t just a machine used to take requests down.

Here are some ways to optimize your customer engagement:

  • Cycle out email marketing campaigns to those who have given their email and have consented. They may see an email just when their AC blew out and will think of your right away!
  • Create weekly/month content for your website and engage and maintain your social media accounts.
  • Implement analytical reporting to see which engagements work and which don’t!

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