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The Ultimate SEO Strategy for HVAC companies.

Trying to picture a world where you can't get instant answers to all of your questions, like how to fix your water heater or who sang that tune that you just listened to, can be a bit challenging. However, it wasn't too long ago that Google wasn't around, and people had to rely on the Yellow Pages to find companies to meet their needs, including an HVAC company. However, times have changed, and your business needs to change along with them.

Every day, over 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google. Many of these searches include phrasing like "near me" when people are looking for quality businesses to connect with, for example, "HVAC contractor near me". If you want to be the answer to people's inquiries about HVAC companies in your area, you need to be investing in Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.

If you're like most other small business owners, SEO is something that you have heard is a necessary component of any successful marketing campaign. However, you may not know how to implement it. In fact, it can be a bit challenging to understand all of the details at first.

The truth of the matter is that proficient search engine optimization tactics take time and a company that has the know-how of search engines like Google. Growing your organic search engine traffic by rising in the relevant result rankings is completely possible with the right strategy. Here's how to implement this strategy to help make your business stand out from your competitors and establish your brand as trustworthy and reputable.

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Undergo an SEO Audit

As with any marketing strategy changes, you need to start by assessing where you're currently at. A thorough audit of your HVAC website is vital in order to determine what is working to bring in more clients and what is falling short of the mark. This will give you a well-defined position that you can start to work from to enhance your online marketing results.

These audits are so important for many different reasons, including:

  • Identifying website errors like broken links
  • Determining if your meta description, headings, and title tags include targeted keywords
  • Verifying that your content is actually compliant with current Google practices and compliance standards
  • Ensuring your website has current and relevant content
  • Discovering any duplicate content on one or more of your URLs

One of the most widely used methods for conducting this type of search engine audit is known as a website crawl. During this process, a specialized bot 'crawls' your website, meaning it reads and analyzes it similar to how a search engine bot does.

This will allow you to identify the successful components of your website's optimization strategy and give you much-needed insight into areas where improvement is necessary. One key area that most business owners find that their website needs improvement with is keyword research.

Researching Target Keywords

Once your website audit is completed, it's time to work on researching target keywords. There are various online resources like Google Search Console and Keyword Planner that can assist you in discovering the most utilized search terms, also known as keywords, that searchers are inputting into search engines.

These helpful tools will reveal the actual traffic analytics and data about the most relevant search queries in the HVAC industry. As you discover the most common keywords utilized in the HVAC industry, you can start to integrate them into your website content, meta descriptions, title tags, and headings.

Actually integrating target keywords into your content is fairly simple to do. Here are some great examples of using targeted keywords in page titles:

  • Fast and Reliable AC Repair Service in Minneapolis
  • St. Paul HVAC Contractor That You Can Trust
  • Quality Furnace Replacement in Duluth
  • Professional Ductless Heating and Cooling Installation

It's crucial that you apply all of these targeted keywords throughout the content of your HVAC website so that your website can naturally rank higher in the search engine results page for these HVAC-related terms.

Unique, Engaging, and Relevant Content

Just incorporating your chosen target keywords in your content isn't enough to ensure adequate rankings in the search engines. Having unique content is also a necessity. As Google's bots crawl your website, they will be looking for copied content and content that isn't overly engaging. If your site is found to have either, it won't be found at the top of the search results page.

Writing content for your site should be done with a specific approach to ensure uniqueness and engagement with your customers. You should think of your targeted keywords as the outline for your book and the content on your website as the words that fill up each chapter. Everything needs to flow together to create a great picture for both Google and your customers.

Before you establish future content for your website, you need to determine a few key aspects first. These include the tone of the information you would like to have and the personality that you want your company to convey to your customers.

Once you have this information squared away, creating shareable and engaging content becomes much easier. Suddenly producing infographics, blog articles, video tutorials, and testimonials is easier than ever. And, the best part is that the more you produce, the quicker you'll be able to expand your brand's online presence and searchability online.

Optimizing Off-Page

While your company's website is a big part of your digital marketing strategy, it's not the only component. Some significant elements of your online marketing strategy should include off-page optimization tactics that work to enhance your online visibility and show search engines like Google that you're a reputable brand.

Some off-page essentials that you'll want to undertake include:

  • Google My Business
    A necessary step to help Google realize you're a legitimate business is creating a Google My Business Profile. You can easily input photos, contact information, reviews, open hours, services, and more. The more you share about your business, the more likely it will show up in relevant HVAC searches.
  • Backlinking
    Another essential backbone of any online marketing strategy is backlinking. This is simply gaining links from other credible websites to your HVAC website. The more local and credible websites that you can get to hyperlink to your business, the more reputable your business will be in the eyes of search engines like Google.
  • Linking Internally
    A great way to enhance any user's experience with your website is by having internal links. These help users successfully navigate all of your website, including service pages, landing pages, blog articles, and so forth.
  • Creating Citations
    For those who are unaware, a citation is simply a mention of your company's name or contact info on websites or in local digital directories. The more citations that your company receives, the more credibility and visibility it will enjoy.

By successfully utilizing these four key off-page optimization tactics, your business can favorably grow its online presence.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Experts For HVAC Contractors

Learning all about optimizing your website and creating your brand awareness in the search engines can be fun at first. However, it can become overwhelming very quickly for even the most proficient online users. The thought of trying to take action on the information above while running your HVAC company can be overpowering.

At Triton Commerce, we have a whole team of skilled experts that understand these online marketing strategies. We have the expertise, equipment, and training that will allow us to enhance the online presence of your HVAC website and get more leads coming into your business. Be sure to contact Triton Commerce today to get access to your HVAC Digital Marketing Plan!

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