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SEO Tips for HVAC companies to Rank Better in Google!

Can you remember a day where you didn’t Google something?

Search engines are involved in so many aspects of our everyday lives. I mean, you kind of get the scope of Google's prowess by the simple fact the Oxford dictionary officially included the verb “Google” in 2006.

Access to the entire world’s wealth of knowledge starts at the doorstep of Google’s massive mansion, and digital marketing is found all within those walls.

For your HVAC business to not only thrive but survive all depends on your website’s relationship with all the inner workings of Google’s engine… and, well, A/C units breaking down, of course!

When your company’s website lands on the third or fourth page of Google, it’s essentially the equivalent of being stuffed in the basement storage unit of this big mansion. You’re essentially out of sight and out of mind indefinitely, not seeing the light of day until it’s too late.

That’s why it’s essential to break out of this proverbial basement and crash land into an abundance of customers’ homes who need their air conditioning, furnace, or air filtration systems repaired or replaced!

The simple fact is, you care about your business. You wouldn’t be reading through this right now if you weren’t curious about improving your website’s visibility. Generating a larger customer base will keep your business afloat and prospering, helping you to keep doing what you’re great at.

If you’re unconvinced, however, let’s take a look at some statistics on Google’s power:

  • 86% of all consumers use search engines to find local business
  • 46% of all-time searches are local
  • Google currently accounts for 70% of all desktop search traffic globally
  • The first three search results get over HALF the clicks

This is just a drop in the bucket in terms of Google’s power. But wherever there’s power, there comes strategy.

Let’s look at the ways you can dominate your competition on Google searches.

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SEO Practices

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Think of this way as “organic” in the sense that it’s the output you produce and how it’s put together that plays a pivotal role in increasing your presence on search engines.

While this may be pretty straightforward, and for the most part, it is. But there are challenges along with these practices.

First off, Search Engine Optimization may not get you instant results. SEO is essential to the long game. That’s the main reason why you always hear “growing organic traffic” because you are growing your online presence piece by piece.

And let me tell you, it bears sweet fruit.

Knowing what Google searchers search around you is your water, feeding the growth of your business by giving you a cheat sheet of what target keywords your potential customers look for when they find goods or services.

An example of target keywords can be “24/7 Emergency AC Repair Fridley.”

Bear in mind: This does take time on top of the digital marketing strategy, and being correctly implemented is a must for success. If done right, your credibility with the Google crawlers will generate an abundance of business.

There are six components of SEO. Let’s make a list and go over each one:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Link Building
  3. Reviews
  4. Web Page Structure
  5. Mobile-Friendly Experience
  6. Google Ads

Content Marketing

There’s so much content in the world. Fortunately, the more content you have, the better!

Content marketing creates a perfect platform for target keyword placement and overall SEO growth. Creating monthly blogs that highlight your company’s services – along with the ins and outs of those services – helps you to build your business’s relationship with Google’s search engine.

Additionally, you’ll be able to express your expansive knowledge of your company’s HVAC experience, showing that you’re just the people for the job.

Creating content for content marketing starts right at the title. If you have an eye-catching title, you’re already set for people to click.

A couple of examples of solid titles are:

  • 8 Warning Signs Your A/C is in Need of Repair
  • 5 Best Methods to Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

Link Building

Now you’ve probably noticed in this article and many others that some words or phrases are highlighted and underlined. Well, it’s actually a useful SEO tactic called Link building. The more your website links out to quality and credible information over the internet, the better credibility you will score with Google’s algorithm.

There are two types of links you can use:

  1. External Links
  2. Internal Links

External links are any links you use outside of your website’s existence. You can use external links to reinforce the information you provide on a blog post or a video ad.

Good examples of external links would be:

  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Other blogs

Just keep in mind, though, never link out to blogs made by a competitor. You are almost guaranteed to lose business to them!

Internal links can be your bread and butter when it comes to link building, and they’re homemade too! Any content that is on your website is an opportunity to connect to other pages of your services. The more pathways back to your website you have, the better chance the reader has of staying on your website.

The longer the reader stays on your website… Well, the better chance that the reader becomes a valued HVAC customer!

Web Page Structure

Your website doesn’t get ranked with an aggregated score of all your pages – each page from your website is ranked individually!

Using internal links continuously on your pages will build a net that the Google Algorithm will identify, increasing the overall strength of each page.

Further, increase the overall visibility of your website by using keywords whenever applicable!

Become Mobile Friendly

It probably won’t come as a shock to you that over 55% of all internet searches are conducted on a mobile device. There’s probably a smartphone in your pocket right now, or you might even be using it to read this article!

With the prevalence of mobile devices comes advantages to your HVAC company’s marketing strategy. If you fail to play the game, however, it’s going to cost you!

Let’s say a couple in their 70s just have simple smartphones at home and no computer. Their A/C breaks down on one of the hottest days of the year. Thankfully, their grandkids showed them how to use their smartphones to conduct searches on the internet.

They come across your webpage, but once they click, it takes forever to load, or the format of the page is hard to read on a small device. Since it’s so hot and they need immediate results, they abandon the inquiry to your business in search of your competitor’s website.

There are a few ways to combat your not-so-friendly mobile website design and turn it into an efficient page.

The first step is to compress all of the images on your website correctly, allowing less information to be needed to register them on screen. The next step would be to levy your website’s cache and consider using Accelerated Mobile Pages as your HTML.


Online Reviews are the most honest and trustworthy way to grow your credibility on the internet’s search engines.

It makes sense when you consider Google’s main objective now is to find the writer’s intent. Having your customers satisfied with your HVAC services will hopefully prompt them to leave a glowing review online.

These reviews will show Google the number of satisfied customers you have and will rank you higher on that basis.

Google Paid Ads

The previous five components of SEO strategies require time to develop and are relatively cost-effective. However, if you have a little bit of extra money to spend, you may want to consider acquiring some google paid ads.

Local service ads will always appear first when a searcher Googles “furnace repair near me” or “A/C repair near me.” Since the business shelled out the extra couple bucks for the Paid Ads , they get first helpings on potential customers.

It may not be a fair fight compared to the work that goes into SEO, but money sure does talk!

And the money talks in the form of pay-per-click (PPC.) This means that, if you do decide to use Google Ads, then you will only be charged on the number of searchers who click on your website. On top of that, your businesses’ website will appear on any HVAC-related searches – even if they are not trying to find the service.

Having your presence constantly on top of searches will pay off almost instantaneously.

GMB Optimization

If you need to find a service in your vicinity right this moment, you probably have added “near me” to the tail end of your search. This is not an uncommon occurrence as 50% of all Google searches are locally intended.

The reliance on Google to find out information about local businesses has increased by 200% in recent years, so it is of growing importance that you consider a Google My Business account.

Creating a GMB will upgrade your visibility substantially on all localized searches. This allows searchers who research information on local HVAC companies to see your pages first. They will also get instant access to your specific services along with your business hours.

You may think this costs an arm and a leg, but it’s free! And if you don’t think you have a GMB account, then think again! There may be an account already created for your business. If there is, all you have to do is verify it.

Once you verify your GMB account, including all of the right info will only boost your visibility on Google’s search engines!

Google Maps

It’s safe to say that most of us spend plenty of time on Google Maps. We can find the route to any destination on the planet! With so many destinations to choose from, make sure your business appears there as well.

When you get your GMB account running with all the right information, your visibility on Google Maps improves as well. When a potential customer searches for “HVAC services near me,” your business will show up more frequently than you would if you didn’t have an account.

If your GMB account has efficient keywords, photos, real reviews of customers, and is organized correctly, then you should be on your way to Google Maps optimization!

HVAC Companies’ Best Route to Google Domination

What it all boils down to is, there are two ways to grow your digital marketing: quickly and slowly.

  • Quick: Paid Ads with access and optimization of GMB (Google My Business) will give you fast results in terms of traffic to your website.
  • Slow: Implementing consistent and organic SEO practices will take time but will provide your business with a solid foundation with local searches.

Each way of HVAC Digital Marketing contrasts the other. The simple fact is, however, each strategy is necessary for optimized growth within the vast and powerful confines of Google’s search engine algorithm.

As you may realize by this point, marketing your business to your fullest potential is a job within itself. You already have the role of keeping your business intact day in and day out. Landing success for your HVAC companies website to appear on Google may not be on your list of concerns, but its importance is growing every day.

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