How Your HVAC Company Can Target Customers During a Heatwave

Targeting A/C Customers During a Heatwave

Let’s face it: It’s not getting any cooler out there.

Summers just keep getting hotter and hotter. In fact, July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded in human history. In the event of extreme heat such as this, people rely on their air conditioners to keep their house at a safe and comfortable temperature.

Like all machines, however, air conditioners have a limited lifespan before they need to be repaired or replaced. When an A/C breaks down on a hot summer day, the homeowners are likely to pick up their phone and… Google a solution!

If your HVAC Company has a specialty in 24/7 emergency HVAC repair, by all means, let the internet know! You may have the best emergency HVAC repair service around, but that doesn’t mean anybody knows that.

When some Google’s “emergency HVAC repair” and your business’ website fails to show up, it could be costing dozens upon dozens of potential clients during a heatwave like this.

As you may know, Google is one of the most dominant aspects of our lives as it receives over 13 billion inquiries per day, while almost half of those are for local business. Implementing a digital marketing strategy for your HVAC company can be the difference between keeping your whole crew busy or laying them off.

When customers around your area depend on a reliable service when their A/C breaks down, you know you’re ready for the task. But to even get to that point, you must complete the task of the homeowner knowing and trusting your service by appearing on the top pages of services.

Here’s how to target potential customers during a heatwave.

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Retarget Customers

When someone’s AC breaks down, it can be difficult for a homeowner to pick and choose which A/C repair service they want to choose while baking in their sweltering hot home.

For your HVAC company to land this client, you should already be swimming around their mind with a retargeting ad campaign!

Implementing one of these campaigns will keep you floating around the back of customers’ minds. When the time finally comes to fix their A/C immediately, you’ll shoot from the back of the mind to the very front!

There are a couple of elements to a successful retargeting ad campaign:

  • Personalized advertisements that appeal to your specific products and services
  • Engaging headlines that catch the eye and grow trust within a customer
  • Creative, enriching, and compelling content with a call to action at the end
  • Utilize your CTA by making them buttons to contact on content

Retargeting ad campaigns keep your HVAC company in the running for someone’s service request, but in a less aggressive way. To keep potential and current clients knowing who’s the best in town for emergency A/C repair, keep letting them know!

Use Email Marketing to Connect With Customers

The act of expanding your email database for your HVAC business is crucial for maximum outreach. Email marketing campaigns help you establish a direct line of communication with previous customers while possibly providing a potential list of future customers who may need their A/C repaired in this unforgiving heat.

Here are some steps to help you build your email database:

  • Require email signatures on your website’s contact forms
  • Collect email address through Google or Facebook
  • Add an email newsletter subscription bar on your website
  • Promote email sign-ups on social media
  • Cut exclusive deals when someone contacts you through email
  • Encourage customers to share emails through social media

Once you’ve collected a healthy database of emails, you can begin to reach out at certain times of the year for the services you provide.

If it’s starting to get cold, you can send out an email campaign advertising your heating services, and in the summer you can most certainly go with your emergency A/C repair!

Dominate Your Local Searches

Email marketing and retargeting customers will help you gain repeat customers, but dominating local search results will have you acquiring new leads consistently. However, it takes some amount of work to get the attention of potential customers whose AC has just broken down.

Here are the three strategies to help dominate your local search results:

  1. Optimize your Google My Business Account
  2. Invest in paid ads
  3. Optimize your Google Maps Listing
  4. Invest in Search Engine Optimization for HVAC companies

First off, if your HVAC company hasn’t set up a GMB account, what are you waiting for? A GMB account is free to set up! Furthermore, there may be an account already set up for your company's website!

Once you verify your account, now it’s time for optimization.

Add photos of your services to your account page. Images can convey more of a message than text does at times. Next, you’ll want to add the finer details of your business like service hours, location, and contact information.

Investing in paid ads with Google is a great way to boost your local search rankings quickly. Google Ads will increase your chances of appearing on searches not directly related to HVAC services.

It is a paid ad, but it’s on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This means if the ad does well, you will have to pay a fair amount, but if it doesn’t succeed in gaining clicks, you won’t have to pay an inflated price.

To Optimize your Google Map listing, start by keeping your GMB account fresh and up to date. Next, consider embedding your Google Maps listing on your company’s website, preferably in the contact section. Keeping these accounts updated establishes more trust within potential customers and Google’s algorithm.

Implement a Call To Action (CTA)

One of the most important components of selling a business is its call to action. Conversion rate’s success or failure can be seen through the use of CTAs. Without a CTA, your customer may not be compelled to contact you. Sometimes you must plant the action within their attention to motivate them.

To optimize your CTA, you must have a clean and efficient website to do so. Make sure your CTA’s have a link embedded to direct customers to your contact page. Display your unique value propositions clearly and consistently.

Target Your Customers Effectively With Triton

In the era of digital marketing, it can be hard to keep up with optimizing your website and targeting customers seasonally while trying to provide outstanding HVAC service.

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