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Do HVAC Companies Need Social Media?

You may be familiar with social media as a way to share photos and vent about current politics. However, it can be a great outlet to connect with customers and expand your landscaping company. Social Media Marketing is a way to connect with the many people that interact with social media sites on a daily basis.

There are tons of social media sites, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn that people utilize on a daily basis. In fact, the number of people posting photos and celebrating miles is up into the billions. Yes, that's right! There are billions of users on social media sites.

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It's been estimated that 54 percent of all social media site users actively search for products and services on social media sites. This makes these sites the perfect place to connect with prospective customers who are looking for the landscaping services that your company offers.

If you're not currently trying to connect with prospects on these sites, it's highly likely that your competitors already are. You need to be using social media marketing to meet your landscaping company's goals, such as:

  • Bringing more traffic to your landscaping website
  • Boosting your brand awareness and becoming more searchable online
  • Managing and monitoring your online reputation
  • Engaging and growing your online following

Marketing via social media sites can greatly benefit your landscaping business. If you're still not convinced that your landscaping business needs social media sites, let's dive deeper into this concept of why it actually does.

Thickening Your Brand Awareness

There's no denying the fact that the landscaping industry is a very competitive one. For this reason, it's crucial that you thicken your brand's virtual awareness to connect with customers. You want to come across as a reliable, credible, and experienced business that consumers can trust.

But, how do you create this online reputation?

Social media provides the perfect platform for reestablishing the online brand presence that you desire. Not only can social media sites allow your customers to better understand your landscaping business, but they can also provide you with the ideal medium for showcasing why your business is better than the rest.

You can easily expand your brand awareness and stay active with your customers by:

  • Publishing content that can be shared with your followers' followers
  • Allowing your company to be more searchable and rank higher in search engine results
  • Captivate your customers through reviews, direct messaging, feedback, etc.
  • Engage customers on a personal level
  • Being capable of responding instantly to comments, questions, and concerns

When you're active with your social media profiles, more people become engaged, interested, and aware of your brand.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer Base

One of the biggest advantages of using social media sites is that you can instantly connect with your target demographics. Facebook, for example, allows you to choose from a number of distinct demographics, interests, and locations so that you can choose your target market.

You can get keen insight into what your prospective consumers' needs and expectations are. The analytics that these social media sites offer can allow your landscaping business to better understand and connect with relevant prospects.

Paid Advertising on Top Social Media Sites

With over half of all social media site users specifically searching for products and services on their favorite social sites, it makes sense to target these searchers with paid advertising campaigns. You can actively promote your business to these customers from the moment that they login to their social media sites.

Not only can you connect with prospective customers by releasing unique and relevant content to your social profiles. You can also market to these prospects by using paid advertisements on social media sites. Now, you have more ways than ever before to connect with prospective customers to grow your client base. Social media sites have instantly unlocked endless marketing possibilities for your landscaping business.

While paid advertisements on these social media sites can allow you to successfully target both old and new customers alike, they can also help your social profiles to:

  • Boost your website traffic and enhance your lead conversions
  • Outlay your information about promotions and exclusive deals
  • Grow your social presence and number of followers
  • Reconnect with previous visitors to your social profiles and landscaping website

With social media analytics, you can easily generate leads by catering specifically to your target audience via effective advertisements.

Opportunities For Online Reviews

One key element to make your landscaping business look legitimate is to have a plethora of online reviews. These help to make your business look credible and desirable in the eyes of consumers. Social media sites make it easier for your landscaping business to get those crucial online reviews as you can directly connect with your customers.

One great benefit of being present on social media sites is that you can easily connect with past customers. This allows you the ability to request feedback about services that you performed and helps to boost the number of online reviews that your business gets. Asking for online reviews is much easier through social media sites than constantly calling customers or emailing them to request their review of your business.

Networking On A Professional Level

While social media is a great way to expand your online presence and customer base, it's also a great opportunity to boost your professional network. You can easily establish your brand as an active member in your local community by using social media sites.

For example, LinkedIn allows users to be references for businesses that they purchase products and services from. When you can have various businesses being your references, it can go a long way in promoting your business's products and services to new customers in your local area.

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

While you know that your business is trustworthy and reliable, that doesn't mean that prospective customers do. You need to show these prospects that you are indeed a great business to purchase products and services from.

Social media sites provide an easy way for your business to manage and monitor your online reputation. Any feedback and reviews that are posted to your business are vital pieces of information that users need to provide your business to establish credibility. When you monitor this feedback, you can easily:

  • Leverage those positive reviews
  • Quickly settle your customer's complaints
  • Immediately answer both negative and positive reviews
  • Employ social listening tools to get real-time insight on what people are saying about your business

It's essential to realize that many prospects judge a business on their online reviews. You want to do everything possible to ensure that your online reviews are the best possible.

Social Marketing Solutions For Your Landscaping Business

While the concept of employing Social Media to grow your business may seem intimidating or overwhelming, they don't have to. Rather, Triton Commerce can take care of your social media advertisements and posting routine to ensure that you get the most prospects possible online.

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