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In some places in the world, like the American southwest, it wouldn’t be possible to settle there without the use of air conditioning. Even harsh and cold climates like Minnesota are hard to sustain in the brutal winters without the use of modern heating elements.

The use of HVAC systems only dates back 120 years or so with the invention of the first air conditioner. With only so little time in modern history, HVAC systems have played a pivotal role in making our civilizations more acceptable to live in almost any climate.

Fast forward to the present, and you have your own HVAC company. You are proud to deliver quality HVAC service and keep your customer’s homes at the right temperature. However, you may be finding it difficult to grow leads on new customers.

If your HVAC business’ website isn’t optimized and working for you, you are surely missing out on a great number of leads. Your lack of business may show how other HVAC company’s websites are performing.

On the bright side, optimizing the performance of your website isn’t too difficult.

Here are five essential things your HVAC company’s website needs to grow more sales!

1. Detailed Web Design

For an effective website presence, appearance is priority number one. First appearances happen faster than you might expect. It takes someone 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion on your website. With so little time, there is none to waste as 40% of people stop engaging with a website if they find it unattractive.

In this day and age, having beautiful, sleek, and efficient web design is the difference between great success and utter failure for your HVAC company. You may have the best service around, but no one knows that unless you show it off properly.

Here are some specific ways you can create that distinctive web design:

  • Unique Composition: Try to pick a website template that’s unique compared to other HVAC websites and other websites in general.
  • Flexibility: Your website should harbor peak performance on all platforms and devices, especially mobile devices.
  • Optimized Engagement: Encourage customer engagement and influence readers to schedule service with you.
  • Clear Branding: Your company’s message, tone, logo, and overall mission statement should be clear and easy to find.
  • Certifications & Credentials: Certifications like an A+ BBB rating or 5-star Google review rating should be easy to spot on your website to ensure credibility.

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2. Engaging Content

It may seem silly to think your website needs quality and engaging website content about HVAC services and the HVAC world in general. However, the weight engaging content poses for success in growing sales.

Content writing is one of the biggest factors for readers of your website to enlist your services while, at the same time, important in establishing a relationship with Google’s algorithm.

Let’s take a look at the basics of making your website’s content as effective as possible!

Conversational Conviction

You will want your content to show the utmost confidence that shows the reader just how committed of a craftsman you are without showing an inflated ego. Try and teach the reader about your craft, but don’t go into finer details and jargon as it may alienate them from the topic.

Define & Persuade Your Demographics

Depending on where your company is and what areas it services, you must define your key demographic and be prepared to answer all their questions with confidence.

Most importantly, put some thought into how you will entice your demographic to schedule service.

Accessible Layout

Large paragraph blocks should be left for novels. Keep the content of your website clean and free of clutter while utilizing various fonts and bullet points to offer maximum accessibility!

Calls to Action

If you had to describe what makes your HVAC business stand out from the rest, you would be creating your company’s unique value propositions. These selling points should be displayed on the top of every one of your web pages to give your customers an outline of your superior service.

On the other hand, your calls to action (CTAs) should be apparent and accessible throughout every web page as they will compel a reader to schedule services more frequently than if you didn’t have them!

3. SEO Strategies

One of the most important aspects of a website that works to help you grow sales naturally is called search engine optimization (SEO.) This tactic deals with optimizing the content on your website to help it rank higher on relevant Google searches and to establish a healthy relationship with Google’s algorithm.

Successful built-in SEO strategy working on your website is the difference between ranking on the first page of searches such as “HVAC services near me” or appearing on the second or third page, which won’t do your website any favors.

To establish a healthy relationship with Google’s algorithm, the following components are recommended:

  • Link Building
  • Meta Descriptions & Title Tags
  • Local Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Headings (H Tags)
  • Directory & Review Management

4. Reviews & Testimonials

Word of mouth has been one of the most important aspects of marketing since the first product or service was ever sold. Reviews and testimonials have grown and formed throughout the centuries all the way up to the present.

User generated content like reviews and testimonials sheds a positive light on your services by previous and repeat customers while establishing a strong trust with potential customers. Additionally, these reviews will be worthy of a better ranking with Google’s algorithm!

5. Professional Photography & Video

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Even though that saying is cliche, it still stands true today. Showing customers professional high-quality video with engaging visuals and of tremendous HVAC services and content with growing at unique and strong trust with potential customers.

High quality images are a great way to get the top-notch HVAC service you provide across to anyone who may stumble onto your website. Be sure to take original pictures and not rely on stock photos!

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