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Guide to Email Marketing for HVAC companies.

Just as oil is utilized as a fuel for the operation of many HVAC systems, data is utilized as an indicator of manufacturing a predictable email marketing strategy. Data collected from these marketing campaigns can allow businesses the ability to assess the needs, behaviors, and instincts of their consumers.

When you're capable of evaluating your consumer's preferences, you can contour your existing email marketing strategy to be more successful. You can enjoy the benefit of being able to attract new prospects for your HVAC company on-demand instead of just hoping that your online marketing strategy works. If you haven't invested resources in email marketing just yet, you're leaving a lot of untapped potential on the table.

Marketing through email allows your business to connect digitally with new and existing customers in a non-intrusive manner. With killer analytical tracking, you can better comprehend the needs and wants of your consumers. And, it doesn't hurt that marketing through email has one of the highest ROI rates out there when it comes to marketing tactics.

How Will Data Alter Your Email Advertising Strategies

One of the biggest struggles of any form of marketing or advertising is getting results in a timely manner. It's easy to run a marketing campaign and never go back to see how well it did because the results took months to come in. With email advertising, you can enjoy immediate and precise results that allow you to instantly determine your success rate.

Data from email advertising is broken down into the smallest details so that you can learn a plethora of information about your consumers and your marketing efforts. You can get answers to a variety of questions regarding your campaign, including:

  • What's the percentage of opened email messages?
  • What's the click-through percentages for the emails sent?
  • What's your overall ROI from the campaign?
  • What are your overall sales conversion and lead generation rates?
  • What time and day have the highest response rate?

When you're able to get answers to these questions through the detailed analytics and reports that marketing through email offers, you can better understand what marketing tactics work best for your target customers.

Proficient Testing and Analytical Tracking

Marketing through email also allows you the flexibility of working with focus groups to see how effective different email options are. In most cases, you can use your existing email subscriber base for your HVAC company and break them down into smaller focus groups. Think of these as your test groups.

You can change aspects of your email design, content, subject lines, templates, and so much more. Through detailed analytical tracking, you can determine what changes work best to get higher open and click-through rates from your focus group. Then, you can replicate those positive features to a marketing campaign for your entire subscriber group with confidence.

There are many details of email construct that you can play with to find successful strategies. Some of the most crucial to focus on include:

  • CTA buttons, contact forms, and links
  • Visuals, videos, graphic design elements
  • Headings and subject lines
  • Offers and deals
  • Formatting

As you test out changing different aspects of your email blasts, you'll receive instant feedback in the form of intricate data analytics. This allows you to discover areas where improvement is needed and areas that are turning customers into cash.

The data analytics that you can get from an email marketing strategy can seem endless. Some of the wide range of data that you receive include:

  • Website traffic
  • Bounce rates
  • Unique opens
  • Click-through rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Growth rates
  • Forwarding rates
  • Social media shares
  • Average ROI per campaign / subscriber

With so much information available from a simple marketing campaign using email, your business can work to strategically perfect its digital marketing strategy over time.

Implementing Contact Segmentation

As you send more information to your email subscribers, you can learn more about each subscriber based on their responses. This can allow you to divide up your subscriber base into specific demographics to make marketing-tailored content more feasible. This strategy is technically referred to as email contact segmentation. It allows you to create distinct classifications of subscribers such as:

  • New customers
  • HVAC repair vs. HVAC maintenance customers
  • Residential vs. commercial leads
  • First-time homeowners vs. old homeowners
  • Geographical regions
  • Quote inquiries
  • Referrals list
  • Single vs. family household

When you're capable of segmenting your email subscribers into more distinctive groups, you can more effectively tailor your content to them. This means addressing their current needs and boosting your click-through rates.

For example, new homeowners may not be overly aware of the fact that they need an HVAC tune-up. Creating an email campaign directed at only those new homeowner subscribers describing the importance of HVAC tune-ups and what they involve can enhance your click-through rate for tune-up calls.

On the other hand, tailoring an email that simply reminds old homeowners that it's time to schedule their annual fall maintenance can help to enhance your click-through rate for repeat tune-up calls. These older homeowners don't need to know what's involved in a tune-up because they already know. Just a simple reminder email can help to ensure that they read it and call you.

By tailoring content to each sub-group of email subscribers, you can improve your chances of getting those emails opened and clients to take action with them. The more data that you can collect on each email subscriber allows you to better personalize the content that you email them.

Email Advertising Solutions For Your HVAC Company

While having the advantage of so much analytical data to enhance your ability to market to your subscribers, it can seem like an amazing adventure at first. However, when the reality sets in that you'll have to comb through all of that analytical data to get the information that you're looking for and record it, you may feel in over your head.

Fortunately, you can rely on our team at Triton Commerce to enhance your email advertising strategy by combing through the data for you. Let our experts create custom marketing campaigns for your business. We'll work hard to enhance your online presence and provide you with more leads through the use of data-driven email advertising.

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