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Using Google Local Services Ads for Your Small Business

If you’re looking for a new couch for your living room, you likely have time to search Google and browse furniture stores around the Twin Cities, or even order a couch from somewhere across the country. But if your toilet is overflowing and you need a plumber ASAP, you probably want to find a trusted solution in your own neighborhood—and quickly. Fortunately, you can still turn to Google for fast answers thanks to Local Services ads.

5 Tips for Using SEO to Boost Your Business

Many business owners have heard of search engine optimization (SEO)and know it can offer a variety of benefits. Some have even tried their hand on their own websites. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about SEO, especially as ranking factors have evolved over time and continue to change somewhat each year. Today, pulling off a successful SEO strategy involves much more than incorporating plenty of keywords in your website content.

How to Use Video to Enhance Customer Service

Professional videos are a great way to tell your company’s story, build trust with potential customers, and showcase your products or services. In fact, video marketing has become one of the top digital marketing strategies for promoting businesses and increasing sales. But what you may not realize is that video can also be used to boost your customer service efforts. Today, we’ll take a look at how video can solve and prevent problems with customer satisfaction and enhance your overall customer support strategy.

What’s the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Marketing?

Content marketing is currently one of the hottest terms in the digital landscape and one of the most powerful ways for a business to connect with its target audience. Still, many business owners don’t understand exactly what content marketing is or how to do it well, which means they could be falling behind their competitors. On top of that, there’s a lot of confusion between content marketing and copywriting—two terms that are related but not interchangeable. People assume they’re the same thing since they both involve writing content, but there are some key differences.

How to Best Use Landing Pages for Your Business

Landing pages offer many advantages to small businesses, but their main objective is to convert visitors into leads or sales. Whether you are selling products from your website, want customers to make an appointment or consultation, or are trying to drive people to your brick-and-mortar location for a sale, a landing page can help you entice customers to perform a specific action.

How to Use Landing Pages to Capture Leads

Want to capture quality leads and increase the conversion rates of your digital marketing or advertising campaign? Creating an effective landing page is one of the best ways to do just that while making the most of your budget. Today, we’ll go over what exactly a landing page is, when to use one, and how a landing page differs from a regular web page. We’ll also share the benefits of different types of landing pages and help guide you to the right strategy for your current needs.

How to Advertise on Google to Boost Your Small Business

Most small business owners have heard of Google Ads and know they should be using the platform but feel they simply don’t have the time to learn. While hiring a digital marketing agency to run your Google Ads for you is one solution, it’s still helpful to have somewhat of an understanding of how it all works.

Best Practices For Using Facebook To Grow Your Business

Social media platforms like Facebook provide businesses with unique opportunities to connect with current and potential customers in a more engaging way, but implementing a social media marketing strategy can prove somewhat challenging for small businesses. Finding the time and resources to plan out and create content, manage pages, and analyze performance isn’t always easy, especially if you’re working with a small staff or a limited budget.

How Inbound Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Reaching new customers is necessary if you want to grow your business, but attracting new business is often a major undertaking. Relying on outbound marketing techniques (such as cold calling, networking, and other similar methods) can be time-consuming and incredibly costly. Rather than investing a great deal of time and money into a risky outbound marketing strategy, you may want to consider using inbound marketing to connect with more prospects.

Why Your Business Needs A Video Marketing Strategy

Are you getting the most from your digital marketing presence? If you’re not sharing video content, you’re missing out on some major opportunities. Video content makes it possible for businesses to connect with current and potential customers in unique ways, and drive more meaningful engagement.