4 Benefits of Using a Review Management Software


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4 Benefits of Using a Review Management Software

4 Benefits of Using a Review Management Software

Sloppy eater, annoying laugher, obnoxious coworker, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a reputation amongst our peers that, for better or worse, dictates people’s opinions about us. The same goes for businesses, and in the “everyone's a critic” world of today, your online reputation is just as, if not more, important than your overall standing with customers.

Like it or not, online reviews are a significant factor into how consumers go about choosing who they wish to do business with.

Here are just a few online review statistics that stress their importance:

  • Around 90% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product or service
  • 72% of customers say they utilize online reviews for finding new businesses
  • Businesses that have a minimum of 200 online reviews generate twice as much revenue, on average
  • 94% of consumers admit to avoiding a business due to negative reviews
  • Consumers spend up to 31% more on businesses with high-rating reviews

As you can see, there’s certainly a lot riding on the quality and quantity of online reviews your business is generating. So how do you ensure that you’re consistently receiving positive reviews to keep your online reputation intact?

Review Management Software offers businesses a golden ticket when it comes to tracking, generating, and responding to online reviews. By utilizing this technology, companies in any industry can proficiently manage their online reputation by better analyzing their customers’ feedback.

Review notifications, analytic reports, enhanced response opportunities; all of these review management software tools help owners assess their customers’ needs and maintain a positive image on local, relevant Google searches.

Still not convinced your business should utilize review management software? Check out these four benefits every company can take advantage of with innovative review management software.

Benefit #1 | Improve Trust & Credibility

It’s important to think of online reviews as essentially a digital and visual representation of how previous customers have assessed and evaluated their experience with your company. So when your average consumer comes across your website and a competitor’s website and ultimately sees that your company’s average online review rating is lower than the competition, which option do you think they’ll ultimately choose?

Review management software helps earn more trust from leads and prospects by actively monitoring your online reputation, which in turn does wonders for your company’s credibility. These software platforms also work toward increasing the amount of online reviews your website is generating, so when the number of positive reviews starts to multiply, you can rest assured your reputation will only grow more trustworthy as time moves forward

Benefit #2 | Achieve SEO Success

One of the more overlooked benefits of review management software is how much it helps improve your company’s SEO strategy. Google’s algorithms are always taking online reviews into account when it comes to assessing how they rank businesses in local, relevant searches.

The more positive reviews your business can accumulate, the better it will appear in the eyes of Google, which ultimately makes it rank higher when prospects search for your company’s products or services.

Benefit #3 | Manage Your Negative Reviews

It’s inevitable that your company will inherit a negative review once in a while–nobody’s perfect! That being said, when you do come across the occasional negative review, having professional review management software will help you respond and handle any criticism before it evolves into something more noticeable or damaging.

Review management software will instantly notify you when someone posts a negative online review about your company. This way, you can swiftly respond to any criticism, establish why that person had a negative experience with your business, reach a resolution, and ultimately straighten out the situation.

Publicly responding to negative reviews also provides consumers with more transparency as to how much your reputation means to your company, another trust-building quality.

Benefit #4 | Save Your Company Time

As a small business owner, you probably already have enough on your plate when it comes to overseeing every aspect of your business operations. So why add one more chore to your already demanding to-do list?

Review management software allows you to automate all your online review responsibilities, giving you plenty of spare time to adhere to all of your other tasks. Rather than spending hours sifting through online reviews, responding to negative reviews, and implementing reviews into your web design, you can save your company precious time by choosing to work with a reputable review management software.

Gain More Positive Reviews With Triton Commerce

Your company’s online reputation is imperative to generating more leads and maintaining a positive digital presence. At Triton Commerce, our review management services can equip your business with innovative review management software that will work toward preserving and improving your online reputation.

Contact Triton Commerce today to learn how you can take advantage of innovative review management software!