Tips to Optimize Your Google Business Profile


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6 Tips to Optimize Your Google My Business

6 Tips to Optimize Your Google My Business

You just screwed up – big time.

You forgot your anniversary with your fiance, and now you’re scrambling to figure out how you can salvage the evening by catering to all of their cravings: sushi, rom coms, and late-night gelato.

So who do you turn to to find the best sushi in town? Where do you look for local showtimes of all the latest romantic comedies? How do you find out how late the nearest gelato spots are located?

Safe to assume you’re not using the phone book to figure all this out?

Let’s cut to the chase: Google is your go-to resource for plotting out a last minute anniversary date night, and it’s specifically through Google Business listings that you’re able to immediately obtain any and all information you need regarding local businesses you’re looking to utilize.

But what about your business? When previous customers or new prospects search for your small business online, are they getting the essential information they need to ultimately compel them to enlist your services or products?

To put this into perspective,84% of all Google searches are conducted to discover information on new businesses, as opposed to 16% being conducted for direct searches. This means people are constantly and actively searching for services and products pertaining to your business, but if your Google My Business listing isn’t fully optimized, you yourself could be missing out on some serious business.

Optimizing your GMB profile will do wonders for enhancing your online presence and visibility through a variety of factors, including:

  • Improving your company’s local SEO rankings
  • Showing up in relevant Google Maps searches
  • Displaying online reviews and testimonials
  • Establishing trust and credibility
  • Providing immediate access to essential information

So whether you’re trying to save some lucky soul’s date night or you’re simply trying to boost your online presence and generate more leads in the process, here are six essential tips to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your Google My Business listing.

Tip 1 | Emphasize the Essentials

When creating your GMB account, it’s important to be as meticulous as possible when it comes to filling out all the essential details and information regarding your business. The more accurate and complete your GMB listing is, the more often it will pop up in local, relevant Google searches, not to mention the more accessible to Google searchers it will be.

Here is the bare minimum of information you should include in your GMB profile:

  • Contact Information: Business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.
  • Website Links: Your company’s official website, social media profiles, etc.
  • Detailed Description: A clear and concise bio of what your company does and how it caters to your customers’ needs
  • Categories and Services: Narrow down all categories of the products or services (delivery, takeout, etc.) you provide

Fleshing out your GMB listing to the fullest extent possible is the first step toward successful optimization.

Tip 2 | Official Verification

This is a simple yet often forgotten or overlooked element to optimizing your GMB listing. Officially verifying your GMB account with Google proves to Google that your business is legitimate and gives your online presence the official stamp of approval it needs to appeal to the trust of prospective customers.

To complete this step, all you need to do is request a verification postcard from Google’s support team, which usually takes about 5-7 business days to receive.

Once you obtain the postcard, it will have a code on it that you’ll enter into your GMB account setup, and that will officially verify your GMB listing with Google.

You might also be eligible for a “Verify by Phone” option. If so, all you have to do is click a “Verify Now” link to receive an automated call from Google featuring a verification code for you to enter.

Tip 3 | Incorporate Target Keywords

Target keywords are the ingredients that allow for a “tastier” GMB listing in the eyes of Google’s search engine algorithms. Conducting thorough SEO keyword research is essential for just about all content you produce online, especially within your GMB profile.

Be sure to incorporate industry-specific target keywords and search phrases that pertain to your industry and target audience in the description of your GMB listing, as well as in every post you make through your GMB account.

Be careful, though, as you don’t want to overdo your profile with keywords – that will draw red flags from algorithms for keyword stuffing.

Tip 4 | Implement Custom Photos and Videos

Custom photos or videos that showcase your business are ideal for establishing trust and credibility with your GMB profile. Google itself has found that customers are 42% more likely to request directions to a business if its GMB profile has a solid variety of custom photos or videos and is 35% more likely to click through to its website.

Whether it’s a gallery of your store, office, or working environment, or on-site photos of your team working hard on any given project, custom photography and video helps a prospective client envision what it’s like to work with your business.

Tip 5 | Manage and Respond To Your Online Reviews

One of the best features visitors to your GMB listing can take advantage of? Immediate access to your online reviews and testimonials. Any online reviews (literally ANY) are better than no online reviews, especially when you think about it from a prospect’s perspective.

Would you choose to do business with a GMB profile that has a 4-star rating based on eight online reviews, or roll the dice on the GMB profile that has zero online reviews? Online review management is a key factor when it comes to determining your organic search result rankings and certainly factors into the visibility of your GMB listing.

The more online reviews you can generate and the more opportunities you present for clients to leave online reviews for your business, the more often your GMB profile will show up in local, relevant search results.

Tip 6 | Post and Engage with Your GMB Profile

Last but not least, a common mistake most businesses make with their GMB profiles is simply setting it up and leaving it there forever. Your GMB listing is essentially a more visible social media profile that serves as a virtual representation or pamphlet of your business.

The more you post and engage with your GMB profile, the more active you’ll look to Google’s algorithms that control how high your profile shows up in search results.

Promotional posts, event posts, testimonial posts; AnyGMB post will serve as free advertising for your business, especially if you optimize each post with relevant target keywords and compelling CTAs and website links.

Optimize Your Online Presence with Triton Commerce

Optimizing your online presence means leaving no stone unturned when it comes to allowing as many people as possible to come across your company’s GMB listing. At Triton Commerce, we work directly with businesses of all industries to enhance your online visibility in order to generate more leads and sales to your official website.

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