4 Things to Consider for Your Website Redesign


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4 Things to Consider for Your Website Redesign

4 Things to Consider for Your Website Redesign

What truly makes a website stand out for you? Is it lightning-fast loading time? Sleek, attention-grabbing visuals? Simple, easy-to-use navigation? All of the above?

Whatever web design qualities stand out the most to you, there’s no denying that consumers have higher standards and expectations than ever when it comes to your website’s feel, appearance, and performance.

In fact, recent research shows a number of factors that contribute to any given person leaving a website in favor of another, including:

  • 88.5% of website visitors leave a website due to slow loading times
  • 73.1% of website visitors leave a website due to non-responsive web design
  • 61.5% of website visitors leave a website due to poor navigation and accessibility
  • 38.5% of website visitors leave a website due to outdated design and appearance

As you can see, there are several reasons why an average customer will choose not to do business with a company simply because of inefficient website design.

So with that in mind, the question that begs to be answered is: Is your website in need of a redesign?

Signs Your Website Could Use a Refresh

There’s never really a wrong time to assess the quality and performance of your website design.

Ask yourself these questions to decide if it’s time for a revamp:

  • Does your website look dated or lack pizzazz?
  • Has there been a decline in website traffic, lead generation, or sales conversion?
  • Do your web pages take longer than expected to load?
  • Have your digital marketing goals changed in recent years?
  • Has your industry or competition evolved since you launched your website?

Whatever your reasons for redesigning your website, it’s important to know what design elements to incorporate or what tools and features to implement to nail the redesign.

When the time comes to give your website another go-around, here are four things you should consider before redesigning your website.

1 | Define Your Digital Marketing Goals

It might seem obvious that the primary reason to redesign a website is for performance or aesthetics. But a big thing to keep in mind is that this is an opportunity for your business to reevaluate and better commit to its digital marketing goals.

Much of what factors into a website redesign has a direct impact on specific key performance indicators (KPIs) – objectives that can range from boosting lead generation to increasing online sales. By defining your specific digital marketing goals, you can focus on what aspects of your website redesign will cater to those objectives.

For example: If improving lead conversion is one of your top priorities, you can upgrade your call to action (CTA) strategy. Try updating your contact forms, strategically placing or emphasizing CTA buttons in appropriate places, or highlighting unique value propositions.

Your marketing goals can also pertain to incorporating more consistent branding across your website. This can pertain to everything from updating logos to improving color coordination to tweaking the message and tone of your content to ensure that your redesigned website is on par with your company’s aesthetic and image.

2 | Mobile Responsive Design

People are accessing the internet with their smartphones or mobile devices more than ever before, and that’s only going to continue to increase as we advance into the future.

Mobile devices generate over 54% of global website traffic, so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your bounce rates will continue to climb through the roof.

A mobile-responsive web design is an essential component of any successful redesign. It means your website will adapt to any digital screen it’s accessed with and will perform with the same quality and speed as it would on any laptop or desktop computer.

Failing to consider a mobile-responsive design will only create cause for plotting another redesign sooner than you would’ve otherwise.

3 | Built in SEO

Successful SEO offers many benefits for your website. Optimizing your site can lead to everything from outranking competitors to generating more organic traffic to improving long-term ROI and so much more.

Built-in SEO will cover all your SEO-related bases regarding your new and improved website, enhancing its online presence while improving your website’s rankings among relevant, local search engine results.

A few components of a successful SEO campaign include:

  • Conducting target keyword research and inserting quality keywords into website content
  • Creating proper meta and title tags for all your web pages
  • Publishing and sharing keyword-rich, industry-relevant content to share across your website and social media channels
  • Implementing link-building strategies to increase brand awareness
  • Incorporating local optimization strategies to increase brand exposure in your community

4 | Tracking Perfomance & Results

One of the most common mistakes with any website redesign is failing to implement more analytics-driven performance measures that allow you to better assess website performance, as well as make any necessary adjustments.

At the least, you can set up free analytic resources, such as Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. But utilizing professional reporting services will enlighten you to a number of real-time analytics, including website traffic, session lengths, bounce rates, conversion rates, and so much more.

Having all these analytic tools at your fingertips gives you more opportunities to make appropriate changes to your digital marketing strategies. When you see the ROI numbers of your website redesign firsthand, you can rest assured that your redesign investment did not go to waste.

Redesign Your Website with Triton Commerce!

In the end, how do you successfully nail your website redesign? You work with a professional who has vast experience and proven success in redesigning websites!

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