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Does Your Website Need a New Design in the New Year?

And just like that, the year is over. What better way to start the new year than with a freshly updated web design? As a business owner, your website is your most important marketing tool, and you should never stop making adjustments to improve it.

Is Your Business Set for Voice Search?

Over the last few years, smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod have become incredibly popular not only for personal entertainment but increasingly for performing web searches. Can customers who use voice search find your business? Here’s the rundown on how to get your company set up for voice search.

Organic Leads vs Paid Leads: Which Should Your Business Invest In?

If you’re trying to increase leads for your business, you probably know you’ll need to produce more online content to drive potential customers to your website. We live in a digital world – especially lately with COVID-19 restrictions – and most business owners are aware they need to step up their online game to stay competitive.

How to Make a Big Impact With a Small PPC Budget

Every time you’re online, you see ads everywhere. They’re all over Google and every other website you visit, in between your friends’ and family members’ posts on social media, inside of emails, even sometimes popping up inside Facebook Messenger. It must be hard for all of those companies to compete with each other with all that noise, right? Not necessarily!

Introduce Your Team With Bio Videos

In today’s digital world – especially over the course of the past few years – most of us are interacting with other people in person less and less often. Consumers were already doing much of their shopping online pre-pandemic, and while we’ve been in lockdown, the e-commerce world has grown exponentially.

6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

From a deadly virus and socio-political turmoil to the cooling economy, unprecedented changes and uncertainty kept us all scrambling to keep up this year. Here are some digital marketing tools, that can help you stay ahead.

Top 5 Podcasts to Influence Your Business

Whether you’re the head of a family business that’s endured for decades or an entrepreneur who recently launched a startup, there’s always more to learn about running a successful business. Knowledge is power!

Using CRM to Increase Tracking, Conversions, and Sales

Running a business means constantly acquiring new data. Every time someone on your team interacts with a potential or existing customer, your company receives new information that can be used to provide better customer service, increase sales and customer retention, and even improve your business.

The Importance of Digital Marketing During and After COVID-19

Business owners are used to compromising and problem solving on the reg, but we can probably all agree that COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges. Bbusinesses all over the country and across nearly every industry has been affected by the virus in many ways, from economic losses and disruptions in supply chains to the ongoing challenge of conducting operations mostly – and for some businesses completely – online.