How General Contractors Can Improve PPC Campaigns


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How General Contractors Can Improve PPC Campaigns

How General Contractors Can Improve PPC Campaigns

For most people in need of specific home services, time is of the essence when it comes to hiring a local general contractor. The urgency of upgrading your home, let alone enlisting any services in general, is a contributing factor to why 75% of consumers don’t even read past the first page of any given Google search results.

Consumers seeking swift action and resolution make PPC campaigns a viable digital marketing tactic for general contractors. Pay-per-click advertising is the ultimate strategy for instantly increasing brand awareness, boosting lead generation, and routing more clicks to your general contractor website.

But just like any successful digital marketing strategy, there’s more to it than simply initiating a PPC campaign and crossing your fingers that more consumers come across your advertisements. A prosperous PPC campaign takes a little research, resources, and effort to sufficiently increase its potential, as well as your overall ROI.

So what’s the secret to successful PPC advertising?

Here’s what every general contractor needs to know when it comes to improving their PPC campaigns and getting found everywhere your prospective customers are looking.

Lock-In On Your Target Audience

You know there are people out there who are actively searching for general contractor services, so how do you help them find your business?

Narrowing down your target audience and service area is the first step toward perfecting your PPC campaign. For starters, incorporating demographic targeting into your PPC campaign will help your business lock in on your preferred customers by displaying your ads to people who best fit your ideal demographics, such as age, gender, location, income, and interests.

You should also be defining your service area(s) by basing your PPC campaign around the cities, zip codes, or other adjacent regions that your company is looking to service or target.

Whether you want to focus on one or two specific markets or 20 separate service areas, narrowing down these locations will maximize the efficiency of your PPC campaigns by directly catering to the needs and locations of your preferred target audience.

Implement and Update Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is an essential component to any successful PPC campaign, as it provides the path to finding active and relevant prospects who are specifically searching for the services your contractor company provides.

It’s the little differences in keywords, such as choosing between “kitchen remodeling contractors” and “Minneapolis kitchen remodeling contractor,” that makes an enormous difference when it comes to who is laying eyes on your paid advertisement.

By utilizing industry-specific keyword research, you’ll be able to identify which words or phrases your potential buyers are using when they are actively searching for the contractor services you have to offer.

From there, you can structure and organize your target keywords into the content of your PPC campaigns while also gauging keyword performance and making any necessary updates or replacements if you’re utilizing underperforming keywords.

The implementation and structuring of target keywords into your PPC ads is imperative to perfecting your PPC strategies.

Create and Optimize Landing Pages

Your PPC ads will show prospects the door to your general contractor services, but your landing pages enable them to walk through the door, so to speak.

For starters, your landing page design should reflect the branding, content, and tone of your advertising and official website. Any variation of logos, images, or colors can confuse or dissuade visitors.

In addition to consistent branding, you need to optimize every aspect of your landing page for converting leads. Enticing headlines, sleek design, clear and concise copy, localized keywords, mobile-friendly design, strategically placed call-to-action buttons; All of these optimization elements compel a visitor to enlist your company’s services.

Test and Track Your Results

Testing and tracking the performance of your PPC ads is the final step to ensuring optimal performance. Through A/B testing or other marketing reporting tactics, you’ll be able to overview a variety of real-time analytics of your PPC ads, such as click-through rates, lead conversions, SEO reports, marketing ROI, etc.

The more you’re able to test and track your PPC campaign results, the better you’ll be able to adjust accordingly to increase their reach, as well as conversion ratios.

Work With PPC Professionals

As a general contractor, you certainly have enough on your plate in addition to ensuring your PPC campaigns are performing up to par. That’s where working with a professional digital marketing company can come in handy, handling all aspects of your PPC campaigns while you stay focused on all your other contractor responsibilities.

At Triton Commerce, we specialize in helping general contractors get the most out of their digital marketing investments by offering custom PPC campaign solutions engineered to enhance their online presence. Contact us today to learn more about how a customized PPC campaign will do wonders for your contractor business!