5 Reasons You Need a Keyword Strategy for Content Marketing


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5 Reasons You Need a Keyword Strategy for Content Marketing

5 Reasons You Need a Keyword Strategy for Content Marketing

Want to play a fun game? What’s the last five things you’ve typed into a Google search bar?

Here, we’ll go first:

Best pizza in town

Best thin crust pizza in town

Best thin crust pepperoni pizza in town

Best thin crust pepperoni pizza in town that delivers

Best thin crust pepperoni pizza in town that’s within walking distance to me

Okay, that was truly revealing. But you know what? That thin crust pepperoni pizza really hit the spot – definitely up for “best in town” consideration!

The point of this game is to understand that what people type into Google relates to your business. Every word or phrase that’s typed into a search bar can ultimately lead to your website or online content; However, it takes strategic research on your end to ensure that relevant online searchers do wind up finding your products or services.

And that strategy is SEO keyword research!

Developing a successful keyword strategy is an essential component of any SEO-centered content marketing plan. Quality. high-ranking keywords are what can dictate your site’s ranking on relevant, local Google searches.

And taking the time to put in the necessary research to incorporate these valuable keywords into your website and online content is what can propel your business into “best in town” consideration!

Here are five reasons your business needs a thorough target keyword strategy to take your content marketing to the next level.

1. Discover the Interests of Your Target Audience

Performing successful target keyword research gives you pristine insight into what your target audience is actively searching for when it comes to your company’s services, products, or industry. Having more perspective from your prospective customers’ point of view will help you cater your content marketing to their consumer needs, as well as improve the online visibility of your content.

In addition to discovering more about what interests and motivates your target audience, keyword research will also enlighten you as to which target keywords your competitors are using. Seeing which keywords the competition is utilizing will allow you to determine which keywords rank well, or which keywords your content should avoid.

2. Optimize Your Website & Content

Once you’ve started to compile a list of the top keywords related to your business and industry, you can start to optimize the content of your website based on those keywords. When you start implementing these optimized keywords into all aspects of your online content, Google’s algorithms will assess the quality and consistency of these keywords, and ultimately incorporate them into their organic search engine result rankings.

The better your website is optimized for target keywords, the higher your website will continue to climb in relevant Google searches.

3. Appeal to Purchase-Ready Prospects

Perhaps the best part of performing keyword research and optimizing your content with it is knowing that you’re better appealing your business to purchase-ready prospective clients.

Research shows that 89% of customers begin their purchase process with a Google search, which means when they type in those industry-specific keywords into their search bar, they’re already looking to come out of their online searching session with a purchase. That’s why keyword research is so crucial to content marketing, so you can get more applicable eyes on your products or services.

4. Test, Track, & Adjust

The thing about target keywords is that they’re never permanent, which is why successful keyword research needs to be consistently performed, so you know which specific keywords are trending or still relevant to your consumers’ needs.

Keyword research grants you keen insight as to which keywords perform higher than others, so you can track their progress within your online content and adjust them accordingly if performance is not to your liking. Testing, tracking, and adjusting; three letters that will enable your target keywords to perform better and get your content to rank higher.

5. Maximize Your ROI

Successful content marketing requires stretching your digital marketing budget out as much as possible. When you perform proficient keyword research, you’re ensuring that you’re improving the online visibility of your content, which ultimately equates to higher lead conversion rates.

Quality keyword research is what helps businesses maximize the ROI of their content marketing efforts.

Custom Content Marketing Strategies From Triton Commerce

The key to any successful content marketing strategy is putting in the time and effort to conduct essential keyword research. At Triton Commerce, we put that energy and effort into providing your business with the industry-specific keywords that will instantly upgrade your content marketing efforts.

When you need a custom content marketing strategy that will enhance your online presence and draw more attention to your business, contact Triton Commerce today to schedule a consultation with our content marketing specialists!