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Discovery Call FAQs

What Kind Of Questions Will Be Asked?

Our questions will be centered on getting to understand your business and your pain points. We want to know how and when you got started, as well as what makes your company unique in your market.

How Long Will It Take?

Discovery calls typically run 30-45 minutes.

What All Will We Go Over?

After our questions, we'll go over your current website and digital marketing. We'll present a digital scorecard of where we feel you're at compared to your competitors. Next we will go over our philosophies of how to improve your website and online marketing if you were to work with us.

What Will I Receive?

We will prepare our Digital Marketing Scorecard that analyzes your current website and marketing in comparison to your top competitors.

How we help:

We'd hate to brag... but we kinda kick a$$

Ok ok, we understand if you don't believe us yet so checkout some results from a few companies that actually do.

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