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Website Tips to Convert More Window & Siding Leads

Have you thought about your website recently? Sure, everyone was hopping on the business website bandwagon ten or so years ago, and you did too, but you haven’t really noticed a difference in your window and siding business.

In fact, you may have even noticed a decline in the number of sales the past half-decade or so. To be honest, it makes you think that your website might be to blame for the declining sales.

And the short answer is: Yes. The long answer? It’s a bit more complicated.

In today’s modern era, the internet is king. Since the mid-90s, the internet and search engine Google have grown together to form a mega-giant of a conglomerate. Our daily lives wouldn’t be the same without it as most use it for work, leisure, and shopping, to name a few.

What this means is your website may be to blame for your decline or disappointing sales but, simply creating a website and not touching after is a failure from the start. If your window & siding business wants to increase sales and grow your client base, your website needs a little TLC.

Quality, design, and performance all play a great factor in the success your website has in landing your sales. If your website isn’t up to par with your competitions, you will be losing a lot of potential clients to them.

Here’s a couple of statistics to drive that point home:

  • 38% of website visitors will leave a website if the content or design is unattractive or clunky.
  • 88% of website visitors are less likely to return to a website after a poor user experience.
  • 48% of consumers online say the design of a website is the main factor in deciding the credibility of a business.
  • 89% of website visitors will go straight to your competition if your website doesn’t run properly.

With the margin of customers choosing between you and your competition over small details of your website being razor-thin, it’s imperative to take a good hard look at your design and its overall efficiency.

Luckily, you can get started right now. Here are some tips to spruce up your website!

Beautiful & Efficient Web Design

First impressions can make or break any kind of relationship. When it comes to your window and siding company’s website, you want it to impress visitors within mere milliseconds. This may seem like a daunting task but, when you put some real thought into it, it let’s explore your creative side!

Here are some components of professional web design:

  • Content that’s original, engaging, and enriching to the reader’s experience.
  • Call to action prompts and buttons shown clearly on your web pages.
  • Custom branding and website design to stand out from your competition.
  • Fast loading times, accessible navigation, and a mobile-friendly performance.

The first step to your website’s success is its look. When your website’s design is original, creative, and welcoming, it will pique potential customers’ interest and put their minds at ease when exploring your website for window or siding repair.

SEO Content

Now that we’ve got the appearance aspect of successful website structure, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty: Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

SEO tactics are an organic way to grow traffic to your website by following a formula that adheres to the Google algorithm’s liking. SEO takes time to build, but once your website has a foothold, you will appear on relevant and local searches, keeping you at potential customers’ fingertips more often.

Here are some specific SEO strategies.

Keyword Research

Keyword research works by implementing specific and relevant words and phrases from the window and siding industry and strategically uses them in the content of your roofing website. Generally, these words are what potential customers use when searching for a widow and siding service.

Efficient Link Building

The internet is just a giant web of pages, hence the name web page. To strengthen your pages within your website as a whole, you will want to focus on the number of inbound links on your content to keep readers locked in on your services.

On-Site Optimization

When it comes to updating your website, you should consider doing it early and often. Every aspect of your website is judged within Google’s algorithm. So the more you focus on improving your website little by little consistently, you will naturally generate more traffic to it. This is done through mobile-friendly design, meta descriptions and title tags, and engaging content.

Local SEO Strategies

Expand your brand awareness on a regional level by optimizing your Google My Business account, your Google Maps listing, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave a review on your website.

Custom Landing Page Design

To target a specific area, you should consider using custom landing pages that emphasize a well-defined message and objective to attract some potential customers in certain areas.

As previously said, SEO tactics don’t show results overnight, and starting them takes a bit of elbow grease. But rest assured, once you get these SEO tactics working on your website, your window and siding business will dominate relevant searches for years to come.

Conversion Rate

Now that you have the looks and the brain of your website polished up, let’s talk about the final step: landing the sale!

Conversion rate is the ratio of total website visitors against how many of those visitors reached out and requested service. When your window & siding business is specifically designed to convert readers into customers, your conversion rate will increase every year!

Here are some ways to maximize your window & siding website’s conversion rate:

  • Call to action prompts in the form of text, links, buttons, images, animations, or video.
  • Efficient content that’s designed to turn a curious reader into an excited customer.
  • Easy to navigate website functionality.
  • Custom performance reporting that gives you access to details that show you the most successful web design elements and digital marketing strategies.

Convert More Leads With Triton’s Custom Web Design

When your window & siding business needs assistance with landing customers online, call on Triton Commerce! Our team of marketing experts is highly trained in the art of web design and digital marketing strategies.

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