5 Things Every Window & Siding Company's Website Needs


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5 Things Every Window & Siding Companys Website Needs

Glass was first invented by the Romans around 400 B.C. Its uses have a vast range that stretches to all walks of life. Glasses’ most common use is for windows as they give a home natural light and a view of the outside world. The term window came from Norse civilization meaning “wind’s eye.” This term evolved in “window” with the help of Great Britain.

The 17th century was the start of windows becoming commonplace for homes and, since then, their usefulness has remained solidly intact.

Siding is a relatively new aspect of home exteriors. However, with the invention of vinyl siding in the late 1950s, it has shaped and evolved tremendously since then.

Being the owner of a window and siding business, you may already know the details that pertain to the history of your profession, but do you know how to sell it? You’re a craftsman who takes pride in installing or repairing windows & siding for your customers, but when it comes to marketing, you’re in the dark.

The profession of window and siding contractors is relatively new, starting in the 1970s, but you feel decades ahead of the competition. Does the internet know that though? To get the message across of your superior work, you must adhere to the almighty power of the internet.

Digital marketing is the name of the game when it comes to successfully advertising your window & siding business to the masses. If your website is lacking in appearance and functionality, your business could be in trouble.

Gaining more traffic to your website to help it grow traffic and secure sales seems like a daunting task, but it’s a lot easier than you think. It takes a bit of elbow grease, but once you start, you will see results soon enough.

Here are five tips to help improve your website!

1. Distinctive Web Design

First impressions are everything, especially to a business. The margin between a good first impression and a bad one is slim at best. It takes the average internet surfer 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website, while 40% of them will stop engaging if it’s unattractive or barely functional. To achieve success and grow your sales, you must make your web design stand out above the rest.

Here are a few elements to make your web design work for you:

  • Reactive & Flexible: If something doesn’t work, people simply won’t use it. Be sure to make your window & siding website functional on all devices and platforms.
  • Unique Composition: When it comes to your website, don’t settle for the same website templates everyone uses. Go with something original and creative!
  • Conversion Optimized: For top-quality web design, be sure it encourages engagement with your potential customers and persuades them to contact your company.
  • Apparent Branding: Be sure to distinguish your company’s logo, mission statement, and tone from your competition.
  • Certifications & Credentials: Credentials and certifications such as an A+ rating with the BBB or a James Hardie certification should be visible on your web pages.
  • There are plenty of other facets of web design that can help your business, but these tips are more than a good start!

    2. Engaging Content

    It may seem silly to have “content” on a window and siding website. However, it is one of the most useful elements to make your website pop!

    Content that’s knowledgeable, engaging, and friendly helps secure a sense of trust with potential customers and establishes a healthy relationship with Google’s algorithm.

    Let's take a look at the finer details of truly engaging content.

    Conversational Tone

    You want the content of your website to mirror a real-life conversation between you and the reader. Show off your expertise and teach the reader about your industry. Confidence in your content goes a long way, but try and avoid coming off as overconfident and conceited!

    Define & Persuade Your Demographics

    Before you publish content on your website, be sure to target your demographic and tailor it to them!

    Visually Accessible Layout

    Keep long-winded, block paragraphs and complex sentences for your memoir. Be sure your content is easy to read for the average homeowner!

    Calls to Action

    Unique value propositions are your window and siding business’ elevator pitch to the internet world. Selling points unique to your business, such as “free estimates” or “storm damage repair,” should be at the top of your web pages.

    A strong call to action helps seal the deal. This is sometimes the final step for a customer to pull the trigger and enlist your services. Be sure to include CTAs in your content whenever you can!

    3. Search Engine Optimization

    The digital marketing world would look completely different without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This method is the keyway nowadays for businesses to dominate the top of Google searches and is the main reason how the most successful ones keep busy.

    SEO is grown over time and doesn’t show results overnight. However, when properly utilized, SEO will keep your website at the top of all relevant searches like “window & siding services near me.”

    There are many strategies when it comes to SEO, but let’s look at some elements to you can get started:

    • Link Building
    • Headings (H Tags)
    • Meta Descriptions & Title Tags
    • Local Optimization
    • Keyword Research & Optimization
    • Directory & Review Management

    Once you start to implement these elements of SEO in your content, you will see results soon enough!

    4. Reviews & Testimonials

    Advertising would be a drastically different game without word of mouth. Nothing says superior service is better than a satisfied customer. User-generated content, like reviews and testimonials, lets potential customers experience your superior window & siding services from a second-hand perspective.

    Sometimes, this second-hand perspective will lead potential customers to experience your service firsthand. So be sure to encourage a satisfied customer to leave a review on your website!

    5. Professional Video & Photography

    A picture is worth a thousand words, while a 30-second video is probably worth more. Engaging visuals are a great way to get the message of quality craftsmanship across to any potential customer contemplating choosing your service.

    Having professional videos made and high-quality photos on your website is the quickest way to boost the effectiveness of your website. Not only does it give customers a window (no pun intended) to your craftsmanship, but it also establishes even greater trust with Google’s algorithm.

    Keep in mind: Google’s algorithm craves original photos and video, so be sure to avoid stock images as much as you can!

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