How Exterior Contractors Can Use Social Media to Attract New Leads


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How To Use Social Media to Attract New Leads

When it comes to using social media sites, they're great for connecting with people, sharing your opinions, and putting your content out there for the world to read. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have created a new primary marketing method for all different types of businesses.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of social media sites or not, they have become an ingrained part of today's culture. As a business owner, it's always advisable to learn about new marketing methods that can bring more leads into your window & siding business. Social Media Marketing is one of these methods that has become so valuable over the recent decades that more and more companies are investing a larger portion of their marketing funds in this type of advertising.

If you're not active on social media sites, it's perfectly natural to be skeptical of advertising your business through these platforms. However, we encourage you to think about social media marketing as a means to an end. This type of advertising has been proven to increase conversion rates and boost the number of leads that businesses get.

The most important consideration is that you can no longer afford to miss out on this type of marketing. Every day that goes by is another day that your competitors continue to get customers from social media sites. These are customers that you're not even getting a chance to meet because your competitors are swooping in and taking them right in front of your eyes.

You owe it to your business to learn more about social media marketing and implement it into your regular marketing strategies to grow your business in the future.

Optimizing Your Social media Profiles

One of the most effective ways to put out content that allows you to connect with your customers for free is on social media profile pages. You'll want to set these up in an optimized fashion that allows users to be able to readily search for the services that you provide. Just as your window & siding company has utilized optimization to set up your website, that same idea needs to be used when setting up these social profiles.

When you have an optimized social media profiles, it can help to promote your brand in many different ways, including:

  • Authorizing your followers to share your content with their followers
  • Boosting your email subscriber list and your followers
  • Enhancing and strengthening your brand presence
  • Increasing your lead generation and driving more traffic to your website

When crafting these social media profiles, it's important that you keep all of your information up-to-date and clearly readable. You want to make it as easy as possible for followers to connect with your business if they feel so inclined to do so.

When it comes to optimizing your social profiles, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Put a trackable hyperlink to the website for your window & siding company
  • Have the entire resources section filled out with accurate contact information
  • Utilize keyword research when putting out new content to your profiles
  • Build brand recognition by putting your logo in your profile and banner photos
  • Use similar usernames and account handles on all social media platforms
  • Insert call-to-action buttons throughout your social profiles

The more you're able to effectively optimize your social media profiles, the more you can increase your brand awareness and the number of prospects that your window & siding company receives.

Producing Engaging Content

You don't want to just produce content for your social media platforms all willy-nilly. Rather, you want to produce content that is original, engaging, and personalized. This content needs to be produced on a regular basis to constantly interact with your existing followers and to gain new ones.

There are a few different things that you want to consider when writing your engaging content for your social media profile pages. These include:

  • Shareable
    Every piece of information that you published on your social media profiles should be done with the overall goal of making it as shareable as possible. Not only are you publishing content on these profile sites to engage your current followers, but you're publishing it with the intent of getting more followers. This means that it needs to be content that your current followers view as very important, and it must compel them to share that information with their followers.
  • Relevant
    All of the content that you produce on your social media profiles should be based on your industry knowledge. You should not jump around publishing content about different subjects. You want to stick to your industry as that's what people connect your business with being an authority of.
  • Unique
    Having unique content with unique imagery is a must. You don't want to utilize any sort of stock images or videos from other businesses, as this can drastically reduce your perceived authority with other users who have seen the same images or videos on other businesses' social media profiles.
  • Consistent
    Consistency is the ultimate key to making your social media advertising campaigns work. While you don't need to be posting relevant content every day of the week, you do need to be releasing content on a consistent schedule. That schedule maybe every Monday, or it may be every Tuesday and Thursday. Just stick to whatever schedule you pick because your followers are going to be relying on that consistency every week.
  • Personalized
    The more personal that you can make the content that you post, the more engaging it's going to be for your followers. There are a few different tactics you can employ to make your content more personalized for your followers. One great one is posting customer testimonials on your profile pages.

Paid Advertising Campaigns to Engage With Your Target Market

In addition to putting out content on your social media profiles, you also want to consider using paid social media advertising campaigns. These campaigns are available on the most popular social media sites, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

While you may be skeptical at first when it comes to paying for advertising campaigns in a medium that you're not overly familiar with, it's essential to look at the facts. It's been estimated that in 2021, American businesses will be spending just under $48 billion on social media campaigns. This clearly shows that paid advertisements on social media sites are a very valuable marketing method for any business.

There are many different benefits that your business can gain from utilizing paid social advertising campaigns. These include:

  • Targeting specific demographics by age, income, location, etc.
  • Boosting your online social presence and getting more qualified prospects
  • Increasing your website traffic and conversion rates
  • Actively targeting both existing and new customers
  • Tracking your success rate in real-time

As a successful business, you should be targeting both aspects of Social Media Marketing. These include putting out engaging and personalized content on a regular basis and utilizing paid social advertising campaigns. You may just be surprised to see how many prospects come running for your door on a routine basis once you start these types of marketing campaigns.

Boost Your Prospects With the Assistance of Triton Commerce

If you're like most business owners, you don't have a whole lot of time on your hands to explore new marketing routes. However, as you've likely come to discover, marketing on social medias is an absolute must for your business in the future.

Let the experts at Triton Commerce take care of creating your social media advertising campaigns for you. We have experience working with window & siding companies to enhance their online reputation and increase the number of prospects that they receive daily.

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