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How Window and Siding contractors can Rank High on Google

Search engines are one of the most useful inventions to supplement the internet, and Google has dominated this landscape since its launch in 1997 as just a simple search engine.

Google has shaped and molded the internet, almost growing alongside each other to form a conglomerate. The internet started as a place for curious people who were lucky enough to gain access to a desktop – now it influences every facet of our lives.

Google serves as the internet’s translator for the searchers who type their curiosity and question and find endless answers and explanations to these wonders. With over 13 BILLION search inquiries every single day, one would assume someone uses Google for a service-related question.

Well, your assumption would be right! Over 46% of all searches are of local intention, meaning a majority of Google searches inquire about local businesses or areas. This opens up the door for a new type of marketing--digital marketing.

You can’t get by with just traditional marketing tactics anymore – the relationship between your business and Google is inevitable if you want your business to succeed in this competitive online world.

It’s so competitive that 75% of searchers never click past the first page of Google. That’s some stiff competition if you want to see your website gain the traffic it deserves. Placing on the 3rd or even 4th page will mean your competition will win out every time.

Placing in the top three searches, however, comes with a substantial benefit. The top 3 search results garner 55% of ALL the clicks. That’s a mighty majority to obtain once you obtain that spot.

Your window and siding company attaining that top spot would kickstart your service inquiries, keeping you busy and in business! It’s easier said than done, however. You must acquire a balance of SEO practices and GMB optimization to blow past the competition.

Here’s how your business can dominate Google search results!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (or SEO for short) fine-tunes your window and siding company’s website to maximize its performance and its relationship with the Google algorithm.

Now, SEO doesn’t show you results instantaneously – it needs time and effort to grow to maintain a high spot in relevant searches. Once the groundwork is laid, however, you could be sitting on top of relevant search results for a long time.

To start SEO, you must establish your target keywords. Target keywords are the most important words for your website. Interspersed throughout your website’s content, these words sum up your business and what it provides.

Some examples of target keywords that go with a window & siding business would be:

  • 24/7 emergency siding repair
  • Window installation and replacement

Any other smaller, more specific service can also be used as a target keyword. Whatever your company can do, the more target keywords you have to choose from.

Now we know what target keywords are, let’s get into the six components of good SEO practices:

  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Reviews
  • Web Page Structure
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Google Ads

Content Marketing

Since content is all around us, there’s a way to use it for your company’s advantage.

Content marketing is the platform to share your knowledge of the window and siding trade to readers who are curious about its inner workings or need a hand in solving a problem. Content mostly comes in the form of blogs or service pages.

Not only is this content helpful to curious and frustrated readers, but it also gives your website more space to advertise itself! The more content you publish, the more opportunities to deliver a call to action for your service or make use of backlinks to keep the reader on the website.

Great content starts with the title. A great title is necessary for your content marketing strategy to work. A great title can pull readers in with just a few words. The potency must be backed up by the content itself, however, as clickbait that leads to below-average content will ruin your website’s credibility.

Some great titles for a window & siding business would be:

  • “5 Signs Your Cedar Shake Roofing Will Need Replacement Soon”
  • “What Are Triple Pane Windows and How Do They Help Your Home?”

Link Building

Link building is the second step to take after you start making content for your website. Link building acts as a bridge to other parts of your website that includes service pages and other blogs.

The most common words you will use when link building is your target keywords, as these links will take the reader to all the details of your services.

Not using any links on your website will cost you as 91% of all websites with no backlinks fail to attain any organic traffic.

There are two types of links you use for link building:

Internal links are the most common links you’ll use. Internal links take the reader right back to your website. Your keywords will come in handy here as any blogs or service pages you write will host many opportunities for you to link out to your other pages.

External links back up any information that may require fact-checking. For example, if your write an article about “How to Protect Your Windows From Severe Weather Damage,” then you may use severe weather statistics to reinforce the facts you stated.

Great examples of external links include:

  1. Case Studies
  2. Infographics
  3. Other Blogs

NEVER link out to a competitor, though! They may have good content, but the idea is to beat out their content to grab the top spot among the rankings. Linking out to them will them the upper hand.


Your siding & window business is the best around, right? Then have your satisfied customers show that off for you!

Reviews are a great way to prove that your service lives up to the hype. Additionally, another component of the Google algorithm is searching for the author’s intent. Not only do you have an authorship score, but your customers do as well!

Positive reviews from real customers will spread your business word of mouth as well as boost your SEO as Google will pick up on these positive reviews and trust your business upholds its great service.

Web Page Structure

As you may know, a good window lets you see the beauty that shines through it; the same could be said for your web pages. Your web pages open up a view of what your potential customer can expect from your business, and it’s not only the view from the main window you have to worry about!

Google doesn’t rank your website as its whole rather than individual pages. That means a web page on your website can rank on a search result without your main web page appearing.

You must optimize every page on your website to allow SEO to work for you. Internal links are a great way to sure up your web page structure that creates a support system for each unique page on your website.

Mobile Friendliness

Phones are everywhere in our present time. It’s hard to go a day without seeing a mobile device, let alone not using one. Smartphones and mobile devices have become a swiss army knife for our society as we can browse the internet, make calls or texts, check email, use it as a flashlight, etc.

It probably won’t shock you that 55% of all internet searches are done through a mobile device. It is predicted that 73% of all internet searches will be done on a mobile device by the year 2025. This number will surely rise past the year 2025 as smartphones become more accessible to lesser developed countries.

With this ever-increasing dependence on mobile devices, your window & siding business needs to adapt to this mobile-friendly world. Not adapt to mobile devices can spell complications for your business down the road.

For instance, let’s say a homeowner notices their vinyl siding has reached the end of its lifespan. During their lunch break at work, they begin to inquire about different window and siding services in their area.

Hooray! Your business pops up on their search. They click on your website, but it takes FOREVER to load and, when it does, the images and texts are disproportionate and hard to read. This will ultimately lead this reader to go straight to your competition who may have a more mobile-friendly website.

There are simple ways to make your website more mobile-friendly. First, start by compressing the images on your website to better allow mobile devices to load more efficiently. Next, it’s best to levy your website’s cache and trying using Accelerated Mobile Pages as your HTML.

Google Ads

SEO is about steady growth, but paid ads will provide a sharp increase quickly!

These ads will increase your chances of landing on a search result, even if it’s not service-related. So, even if a reader isn’t looking for service, you will still appear. This will give you more chances that the reader will click on your website when they inquire about your service.

For example, if a homeowner searches for the most “most popular siding styles,” your business will have a better chance of appearing on that search – especially if you have a blog closely related to that topic!

These advertisements are on a PPC (or pay per click) system. This means the more successful these ads are at generating traffic to your website, the more you’ll have to pay. If it doesn’t succeed, however, then you won’t have to pay a higher price.

In short, if you have the extra cash, Google Ads are low risk with a high ceiling investment.

GMB Optimization

The most effective way to establish a relationship with the Google algorithm has been right under your nose this whole time! Google My Business (GMB) is a free account a company like yours can take advantage of. The best part about GMB is that there’s probably an account already set up for you!

To gain access to this account, all you will need to do is verify that it’s your business. When you finally have access to this account, then comes the optimization!

You can start optimizing your GMB page by adding photos of your service. Photos, especially originals, boost credibility with Google. Next, you’re going to want to add links to your website along with your business address, phone number, and service hours.

Don’t forget to enable reviews on your business too!

Local Service Ads and Google Ads

As you know by now, over half of all online searches are of local intent. Local service ads can help with hitting on those related searches. When someone locally searches for window and siding services, your business can appear at the top of the search with a “verified” checkmark.

This checkmark represents the “Google-Guaranteed Provider,” which Google backs up your business as legitimate and trustworthy.

Google Ads is a way for your target keywords to stand out on searches. Your target keywords receive a large boost on searches related to your business, even if these searches are not service intended.

Choose Triton for Your Digital Marketing

As long as businesses have been around, marketing has been right next to it. For great services to be known to the masses, one must spread the word as far as possible. The way we market our business is ever-changing and evolving, especially in today’s digital world.

You provide an excellent window & siding service, so should you spend a large portion of your service on growing SEO? Of course not! You need to focus on providing the best service for your customers.

Triton is passionate about helping small businesses grow their SEO and increase their online presence. We are here to help you DOMINATE the first page of Google.

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