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SEO Strategy for Window & Siding Companies

Gone are the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a business that performs the services that you need. Now, many people rely on the convenience of search engines like Google to connect them with the service providers that they need. As a business owner, this means that your business needs to adapt to utilizing digital marketing strategies.

If you're like many business owners, search engine optimization may seem like a foreign concept. Investing your hard-earned money in a concept you don't understand maybe something that you want to avoid. However, with Google reporting over 3.5 billion searches taking place every single day on their platform, search engine optimization is no longer something that you can ignore.

It's time to understand how you can utilize SEO tactics to allow your business to stand out from your competitors and to ultimately create more quality leads for your business.

Performing a Website Audit

An essential component of any successful digital marketing strategy is having an optimized website. When you perform a thorough audit on your website, you can determine what's working and what aspects you're missing. In fact, there are many advantages to performing an audit of your website. These include:

  • Identifying any broken links and internal 404 errors on your website
  • Ensuring that your content is compliant with the current Google algorithm practices
  • Seeing if you're utilizing target keywords in your headings, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • Being alerted if you have any duplicate or generic content on your website
  • Inspecting if your content is relevant and current

A great method for performing an audit of your website is called a website crawl. This is where a digital bot will visit your site and analyze it in a fashion similar to how a search engine would. This will provide you with insight into what areas of optimization need to have improvement to enhance your website's rankings.

Researching Target Keywords

For those who are unfamiliar, keywords are simply the search phrases that Google users utilize in the search box. To rank highly in the search engines, your website needs to include a variety of target keywords for the window and siding industry. These keywords signal to Google that you have relevant information for their searchers.

You can easily discover what the most popular keywords are for the window and siding industry by utilizing some free online tools. These include the Keyword Planner and Google Search Console. These amazing tools will provide you with analytical metrics and traffic data to highlight the most relevant Search keywords for your industry. Once you know these keywords, you can start including them in your website's headings, title tags, blog articles, meta descriptions, and so forth.

Below are some examples of incorporating industry relevant keywords into page titles:

  • New Windows Installer in Apple Valley
  • Minneapolis Residential Siding Contractor
  • Professional Siding Repair in St. Cloud
  • Window Replacement in St. Paul

As you've likely discovered, incorporating popular keywords in page titles is fairly simple to do once you understand what those keywords are.

Writing Authentic, Relevant, and Engaging Content For Your Site

Search engines like Google not only care about the keywords you utilize on your website, they care about the quality of content that you produce. This includes infographics, video tutorials, testimonials, and even blog articles. They want to see authentic and relevant content for your industry. If you simply copy content or provide "empty" writing, the search engine crawlers aren't going to give your website any ranking power.

You need to approach writing content for your website by determining how you want your company to come across in the tone, message, personality, and information that you release. When you have a clear perspective for how you should be writing, it makes it so much easier to create lots of valuable content for your website.

It helps to think of your website content as an outline for a book. Your target industry keywords should be the chapters. Then, your written content should be an in-depth explanation of those keywords. Having a plan for how to address your writing will make it much smoother to produce on a regular basis to grow your online presence.

Optimizing Off-Page

While your website is a big factor in your ability to rank, it's not the only one. There are some very important off-site optimization tactics that you'll need to utilize to ensure that your site takes over the top ranking positions for industry-relevant keywords.

There are four main off-page optimization strategies that you'll need to utilize, including:

  • Setting Up a Google My Business Profile
    Each business can set up a Google My Business profile that allows you to input accurate contact information about your business and receive reviews from past clients.
  • Creating Backlinks
    Getting links from websites that Google views as credible enhances your credibility and rankings in the search engines.
  • Obtaining Citations
    Whenever your business name is mentioned on local directories and similar sites, Google notices. The more mentions your business gets, the more trustworthy it becomes with the search engines.
  • Website Interlinking
    To enhance your visitors' experiences and help the search engines discover the various pages of your website, you should be interlinking. This is simply creating links on your website from one page to the next.

By utilizing all four of these tactics alongside optimizing your business's website, you can drastically increase your chances of showing up first in the search engines for relevant search terms.

SEO Strategy Masters For Window & Siding Companies

While it can be exciting to realize how to improve your website rankings and get more customers to your business, it can be daunting to think about implementing the whole process. Fortunately, Triton Commerce is here to make it much smoother. We'll handle all of the custom Search Engine Optimization solutions that you need while you spend your time running your window & siding company.

We have the experienced staff and tools to ensure your business's website generates more leads by ranking higher for industry-related search terms. Be sure to contact us today to get a free copy of our Digital Marketing Plan!

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