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Lead Generation Strategies for Moving Companies

Having trained staff members, necessary equipment, and the heavy-duty trucks to transport your customer's valuables is only the start. You need to have an effective lead generation strategy to ensure that you have consistent customers contacting your business for moving services.

With so many moving companies available, it can be an uphill battle to differentiate your business from the rest. Growing your online presence is a vital lead generation strategy that can allow you to scoop up many hot leads without having to solely rely on word-of-mouth advertising and personal referrals.

If you're not yet investing your time and money in Digital Marketing strategies, your business is not growing. You need to have an online presence for your business to thrive in today's market. Your lead generation tactics should include an optimized website, wide online presence, and effective pay-per-click advertising.

Enhancing Your Website Optimization

Just as your clients need a trustworthy moving company to assist with their upcoming move, your business needs an optimized website to bring in a consistent flow of new clients. Think of your website as a visual representation of your entire moving business. You want visitors to understand the services that you offer and contact your business.

Optimizing your website starts with using specific web design components that enhance your website's ability to show up high in the organic search results. This will, ultimately, get visitors to convert to be your newest clients.

There are several different components that an optimized website has. These include:

  • Calls To Action
    While getting visitors to your website is a start, converting those visitors to leads requires effective calls to action or CTAs. These CTAs can be in the form of buttons or prompts on your website that encourage visitors to take action and contact your company for the moving services that they need to hire.
  • Responsive Format
    Traditionally, websites were formatted for desktop visitors only. Whenever mobile visitors entered a website with a non-responsive design, the text was broken, and the pictures wouldn't display correctly. Having a responsive website format is necessary to ensure that all of your visitors, those using desktops and those using mobile devices, can view your website effectively.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Another key aspect of an optimized website is one that has undergone search engine optimization. This allows your website to rank highly in the organic search results for terms related to the services that your business offers. In addition, search engine optimization works to enhance your business's online presence.
  • Reflexive Website Maintenance
    To ensure that your website is constantly bringing in new quality leads for your business, you need to have reflexive website maintenance. This means altering your website design based on new effective SEO tactics and past visitor analytics.

The above are just some of the must-have elements for any optimized website to gain and convert leads into paying customers.

Using Paid Advertising Campaigns To Grow Your Business

Paid advertising is another lead generation strategy that can be utilized to exponentially grown your website traffic. When you're competing with many other movers in your area, it's vital that you utilize an effective PPC strategy, also known as Google Ads.

These paid advertising campaigns will allow your business information and website to show up above the organic search results for terms relevant to your business. This puts your business's website in front of prospects that are actively searching for the services that your business offers.

When you are running an effective paid advertising strategy, it can provide many advantages for your business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Instant traffic to your business's website
  • Real-time analytics to access your marketing strategies
  • The ability to reach targeted demographics
  • Boosted return on investment as you're only paying for active website clicks
  • The ability to retarget your past website visitors for higher conversions

While having an exquisitely designed website that is well optimized is a great long-term strategy for your overall business success, those are not the only aspects to a successful future for your business. There are other lead generation strategies that you need to implement to effectively reach your targeted consumers.

Retargeting Campaigns For Past Website Visitors

When visitors land on your website and don't convert to paying clients, it can be a bit frustrating. However, you should never look at these visitors as lost. Rather, you can retarget them via Google and social media networks to get them to come back to your business's website.

Retargeting campaigns are an effective strategy that allows you to essentially follow past website visitors to establish yourself as an authority and get them to purchase your moving services. These campaigns use cookie-based technology with Javascript code tracking that provides the ability to anonymously track your past website visitors on the web.

You can have your advertisements pop up when these past visitors are searching on Google or are active on their social media accounts. The more they see your business, the more likely they are to contact you for moving services.

Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be an effective marketing strategy for new and past customers for your business. With over 80 percent of Americans checking their email messages at least once every day, you can have a direct line of communication when you email them.

Email marketing allows you the capability of enhancing your relationships with clients by:

  • Sending them customized content
  • Boosting your brand awareness and loyalty
  • Giving weekly updates about company news, new services, and exclusive offers
  • Enhancing your website traffic
  • Providing measurable results for tracking your marketing efficiency

When you can get customers or prospective visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, you open up a new line of direct communication to get them to request your business's moving services.

Boost Your Online Presence

Being credible is a necessity to enhance your customer base. When customers see your business in various places online, they start to perceive your business as having more credibility than others. You want to grow your online presence so that visitors are more likely to contact your moving company over others that they haven't seen before.

One great way to grow your online presence is to get more online reviews. Many prospective customers looking for your particular services will take the time to compare your online reviews to reviews for other moving businesses. If you clearly have more positive reviews, they're more likely to contact you than your industry competitors.

Our review management service can work to enhance your Google My Business reviews and ranking. When your ranking is higher, you can enjoy showing up more often for searches related to moving in your area. The more often your business shows up in front of these qualified searchers, the more traffic you're going to get to your business's website.

Many American businesses report that over 25 percent of their website visitors come from Google Maps results. When your business has a high Google My Business ranking, it's more likely to show up in the Google Maps results. This can lead to more visitors to your moving website which could end up in more long-lasting clients for your business.

Physical Branding Still Matters

While online marketing strategies are a must to generate more leads to your website and, ultimately, grow your customer base, they're only part of an effective business. You still need to have physical branding that assists in showcasing your business as a professional and an industry leader.

Having your company logo on your uniforms, vehicles, and business cards is a necessary component of physical branding that can ensure your business retains its newfound industry-leading presence with your new customers. Having a large online presence is only the start. You need to maintain that presence in the real world with physical branding for your business.

Get More Leads That Convert With Triton Commerce

You've spent a lot of effort on growing your business. To continue growing into the future, you need to have a consistent stream of leads that you can rely on to convert to long-lasting customers. Fortunately, Triton Commerce is here to assist you with all of your lead-generating tactics.

We offer a free Digital Marketing Plan to give you insight into our online marketing strategies. If you're ready to enlist the help of an experienced company that can provide you with the consistent leads that you need to grow your business, then it's time to contact Triton Commerce today!

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