How Moving Companies Can Dominate the First Page of Google


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How Moving Companies Can Dominate the First Page of Google

In 1998, Google first appeared on the then-primitive internet. As time went on, the search engine’s power has consistently reached higher and higher levels.

Coming into its third decade of domination, Google is essentially the gatekeeper – almost all of the traffic on the internet first goes through Google.

In some cases, we spend more of our time on the internet than we do in real life. And in a world where most interactions take place on the internet, your Digital Marketing has to evolve right along with it.

For your moving company to survive and turn a profit in the modern day, your brand must have a positive and engaging online presence. Without any plan to sell your business to active internet searchers looking for services like yours online right now, your company could easily fall to the second, third, or even fourth page of Google.

And with 70% of people never even venturing past the first page, it’s safe to say your website will be far from relevant searches.

Here are some other eye-opening statistics about Google’s power:

  • 46% of all-time searches are local
  • Google receives 13 billion inquires every day
  • 86% of all consumers use search engines to find local business
  • Google accounts for 70% of all desktop search traffic globally
  • The first three search results get over half of the clicks

There are pages upon pages of statistics to show how dominant Google is in our everyday lives, so let’s focus on how you and your business can dominate its front page.

SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization is one of the fastest growing and most popular methods of attaining search relevance with Google’s algorithm. It involves optimizing your digital marketing content to provide a good user experience.

SEO is often labeled as an “organic” method of growing your search presence; It won’t garner peak results overnight. However, if properly maintained and taken care of, your SEO practices will have you landing on every relevant search indefinitely.

Target keywords are your first step in SEO. Think of target keywords as words that best describe your website. For example, sum up what your business does and how well you do it in 10 words. These 10 words are the best examples of what your target keywords should be. They should describe exactly what your moving company is best for certain situations.

For example: If your moving company does a lot of work moving businesses, a keyword phrase like “commercial moving services” would be great.

There are six other priority components of SEO:

  • Content Marketing
  • Reviews
  • Web Page Structure
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Google Ads

Content Marketing

Content can be found in every crevice of our modern day lives. You can find content on literally any subject you can think of. No matter how obscure the subject is, you will find at least a small group of people dedicated to the knowledge and discussion of that subject.

With so much content out there, you know there’s a way to promote your business from it, which is called content marketing.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to content marketing. Keeping up with monthly or weekly blogs and pages helps Google recognize that you’re not only a moving business, but that your team also shares valuable knowledge to potential customers, making their moving experiences significantly less stressful.


Word of mouth is a powerful tool in marketing a product in general. In the realm of digital marketing, word of mouth is a whole different beast. With anyone having the chance to voice their opinion online on any matter they choose, this gives your customers a great power to influence your business’s lead generation.

When a satisfied customer leaves a great review about your services, it assures a potential customer that your moving business is the best decision for moving in the area. Google’s algorithm also picks up on the positive word of mouth and will continue to bump your website in the rankings.

Web Page Structure

You may think that Google rates your entire website based on an aggregate score of all your individual web pages, but it’s quite the opposite. Each one of your web pages is scored individually, so paying attention to certain pages and neglecting the others won’t do you any favors.

Quality on every page is a must. Images, useful information on your products or services, and keywords on all of your web pages will boost their rank, allowing you to land on more and more relevant searches.

Link Building

One way for keywords to make a map of your website is by way of link building. This SEO practice is probably one of the most important facets you can utilize. Link building creates a road map from one of your web pages to the next.

Internal links and external links are two types of links you can use. Internal links are links that double back to any other page on your website.

External links are any source you want to cite for fact checking or associate your brand with, such as a business partner. Always keep in mind to never link out to a competitor!

Mobile Responsiveness

Smartphones are part of our everyday lives now more than ever. Over half of all internet searches are done through mobile devices, and that number is expected to increase to 73% by the year 2025. What this means for your business is that a mobile friendly website is much more important than one with a bunch of beautiful photos that take forever to load.

You can start making your website mobile friendly by compressing the photos. After that, levy your website’s cache and consider using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

Google Ads

Paid ads are a great way to sharply increase your search relevance almost instantly. Paid Ads are a low-risk, high-ceiling investment, as they are pay per click (PPC). So if an ad does well for you, you’ll have to pay more.

On the flip side, if an ad doesn’t work well (like it goes live and no one clicks on it to learn more), you don’t have to pay an outrageous price for something that isn’t effective – like a billboard.

GMB Optimization

A Google My Business account should be a priority to optimize. A GMB account is free and there may already be one set up for you! Once you verify your account, you’ll be able to gain access.

Once access is gained, it’s time to start optimizing:

  1. Add pictures of your business
  2. Link our to your original website
  3. Enable Google Reviews
  4. Add your business information (service hours, location, phone number, etc.)

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